Turbo C/C++ For Windows 7|Windows 8|8.1[32bit/64bit] FullScreen Single Installer Updated

Hello Friends In my last article , I had Published Tasm or Turbo Assembler For Windows 7 / Windows 8, Full Screen 64bit, then after that I received many requests from our Users to Prepare an installer for TurboC/C++ too on that algorithm, so here it is.. TurboC/C++ By Borland is a Popular C/C++ Compiler,but finding its installer is a headache plus it doesn’t directly work on Windows 7/Windows 8 64 bit..so here is the Modified TurboC/C++ 4.0 Installer For All Windows Versions Its Salient Features are

  • World’s most preferred Simple C/C++ Language Compiler..that too on a single click installer !!
  • Works On All Versions of Windows, Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows 7 [64 bit as well as 32 bit] As Well as Windows 8,8.1 and Windows 10 too [both 64bit and 32 bit]
  • Works Full-screen even on Windows 7 ,8 and Windows 10..!!
  • C/C++ Graphics[graphics.h] supported .. even on Windows 7 and Windows 8 again fullscreen..!! 😀
  • Header files Snap.h and dos.h also supported for Screen-capture and Delay timer,again full screen.. 😉
  • Single installer,no Need of Configuring anything.. even a single line 😛
  • No Need Of Mounting anything on DosBoX , everything is already mounted 😀
  • Alt+F9 Key For Compilation and Ctrl +F9 Key for execution both Combinations Supported,No other DosBox Turbo C++ supports this..!!
  • Very Much Stable Operation.. Same installer works for all Windows OS’s 32 bit as well as 64 bit

You can Download it from here

Updated : Click here To Download Turbo C/C++ 4.0 For Windows XP/7/8.1/10 [64bit/32bit] Fullscreen Single Installer

Mirror Link # 1 Click here To Download Turbo C/C++ 4.0 For Windows XP/7/8.1/10 [64bit/32bit] Fullscreen Single Installer Updated..

Installation Guide Its rather pretty simple,Just Open the installer and simply keep on clicking Next.

Just Don’t change the default installation
directory “c:\TurboC4\”


Screenshots – >

Successfull Compilation using the alt + f9 key combination Successful Use of Graphics- Graphics.h and ScreenCapture – > snap.h in TurboC

Support –

  • Double click the Turbo C/C++ icon on the Desktop for Execution
  • If it Doesn’t run Full-screen simply give the commandAlt + Enter” To Open in Full-screen

Mirror Link No2- > Click here to Download from Mirror : TurboC/C++ For Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8 64bit-32bit Edition Updated 4.0


  1. says

    download not work after 900kb
    say Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

    The resource cannot be found.

    Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

    Requested URL: /x/$e1unmTkkpbu0jGD_c2qoWZUHteC3uMhf/JML5G4NNB7/Turbo C++ 3.0 Windows 7-Windows 8 64bit.exe

    Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.0.30319.272

  2. Emmanuel Kangwa says

    Please help me, after installing the C++ everything seem to be fine except the following keys are not working;
    { , [ ,” , ‘ , + , and =. Total of 6 characters not working.

  3. Sushammu says

    I was in search of c/c++ compiler that would work in win8 for long time and I am lucky to find this page. Thank you :)

  4. kashif says

    how can i comile and execute a c programm in windows 8 with command(from cmd) using your compiler.”TurboC/C++ 4.0 For Windows XP/7/8 [64bit/32bit] “

  5. harshika says

    thank u so much.
    but when i try to open any application files from bin it does not open and sows that this app can’t run on my pc.
    what should i do?

    • says

      you’re welcome harshika
      Actually they won’t run directly :(
      you need to Run it through the Dos Shell Present in the Turbo C itself by typing the application name in the DOS Shell , To open Dos Shell Go to File > Dos Shell/Prompt through the Turbo C. Thanks

  6. Dinesh says

    Thank you very much. I just getting bored and stretch my eyes to work in smaller screen.
    Thank you once again

  7. Usha says

    hey…how to compile using shortcut keys…its not working..and its becoming quite difficult to compile and un

  8. Laurel says

    Hey this “” wont work
    and the brace {} whenever i have to use them you need to press another key and see if it’s there. it’s like they’re misplaced or something

    • says

      Hello kumarisurya,
      Sure, i can help you , for proper understanding and solution can you elaborate the error.? It would be really better if you can upload the code on pastebin and share its link :)

  9. says

    It is running well
    But there is some problem in graphics programs.
    when I am trying to execute the graphics programs, at the starting and ending of execution some small small squares are showing in output screen.
    please help..!

    I can give you screenshots also..

  10. aishwarya says

    it compiles but doesnt run very wel. i have to run it once and when i type in the input it comes back to the program screen, i have to run it again to see the output…
    and my program was a simple enter an integer program

    • says

      Okay, Can you try using it in Administrator mode by right clicking on the icon and selecting Run as Administrator” does opening the dosbox.exe from the C:\TurboC4\TechApple.net opens dosbox window ?

    • says

      Right click on the techapple icon -> click on properties -> go to compatibilty tab -> checkmark and select the option run in compatibilty mode of windows xp(service pack 3) also please diisable the touch screen if you are using it and enable the gaming mode in anti virus so that it can work full screen :)

    • says

      okay, so you will manually need to mount dosbox.. go to c:\turboc4\tc\bin\ now drag the tc.exe file onto the dosbox.exe icon present in the c:\turboc4\techapple.net\ folder :)

  11. guduru vijayalakshmi says

    having compiling problem.it is not displaying the output…pls help me..
    my os is windows 8.1..
    when i gave for run it is not displaying the result

  12. says

    Please help..!!!
    the installnation went well but im not able to do any programs as this error is shown while compilation or running……

    Fatal ..\INCLUDE\IOSTREAM.H 19: Error directive : Must use C++ for the type iostream.

  13. pragna says

    its not working on my windows 8.1 laptop i hav done the instalation but its not getting opened jst a bblink of dosbox status window is appearing and going

  14. Aparna says

    I have done a simple program first it worked well and later it stopped working.i was not able to select any options like file compile run.. please help me

  15. Ash says

    heeyy,iam a student,i downloaded successfully,buh as iam using foh school,iam not able to use with the headerfiles iostream.h,conio.h,and stdio.h!
    a solution please?
    as fast as possible?

  16. Ash says

    Heyy,as i checked your older comments,i saw that you told one of them to save with “.CPP”
    and its fixed nowww! :)
    thankkss a Toon! 😀

  17. Adham says

    Thank you very much.
    How can I make it works but not in full screen mode?
    Do you except any conflicts if I downloaded and installed DosBoX to use it for any other software?
    Best regards 😀

    • says

      You can simply press “Alt + Enter” to enter/exit the fullscreen mode.
      No there won’t be any conflict if you use dosbox for any other software, infact this turbo c was designed itself keeping in mind the dosbox will be used for multiple softwares :)

  18. firozalam says

    bro i am using lenovo e431 think pad,while coding the editor freez,i have to close it and start again it too sad.
    is there any way to fix it

    • says

      Hello Ashish, it seems that you’re using some laptop keyboard, we recommend saving the program and opening it in notepad from the directory “c:\turboc4\tc\bin” and adding them through notepad and saving them, once you have those in program you can use copy-paste option in turbo c to use them.. since configuring the complete keyboard may take some time.

    • says

      You’re welcome Ashish, you can save it to a file by using “fprintf” functions and file handling, alternatively you can go in non-fullscreen mode and use the PrintScreen key directly.. and pasting the image in paint.

  19. Srinivas Ganta says

    its working buddy…….really I am very happy with this solution…….I downloaded turboc++4 for windows 7 32 bit. its working perfectly….

  20. Akhila says

    Uhm..Hey, I downloaded this on windows 7(32 bit) but its kinda slow.. Do you have any idea how to make it fast? I really need this to work for my practicals which is a week away.

  21. Akshay says

    Hey it installed perfectly and it works fine. Just wanted to know if the usual header files i.e. and using namespace std would work on it. I am used to eclipse so.. and i get error for clrscr().. shows that i need a prototype. Could you help me with that? Thanks in advance!

    • says

      Hello Akshay, thank you for using the software. Well using names pace won’t work :(.
      But you can use clrscr function if you include the header files conio.h and stdio.h :)

  22. Akshay says

    Yes it worked.. In that case will overloading concept work ? I had operator and function overloading in the syllabus.

  23. neha says

    hey…I hav installed it on os windows 8.1..but its getting closed automatically..
    I’ve tried to run c:/turboc4/techapple.net/dosbox.exe..but it is too getting closed automatically..plz help..

  24. sanjay kumar says

    I am nt able to open this program….it installed properly bt when i open it a small black box appears and dissappears….but program is not responding……..i am using windows 8.1 pro……plz reply soon…

  25. BASKAR says

    Hello Mr.Chaithanya,

    I couldn’t run dos box or cpp.exe filesin my laptop which runs on Windows 8.1 – touch screen version

    Could you support in this regard?

  26. vidyadharan says

    first i download the turbo c .it works properly.but happen all the turbo c files deleted.then i try to download the turbo c. the download couldn’t work properly. and it doesn’t open. there is no files like bin,bgi etc. please help me. its a request. or please send a another link to download turbo c

  27. says

    hi , I am kapil.
    I recently downloaded turbo c++ from your site , but after installation when I tried to start it,screen saying full sreen checkbox and run turbo c appeared but on clicking on run turbo c a cblack screen appeared and vanished ,I could even read what was the problem as it was too fast. I tried running it as administration ,changing compatibilty to xp (3) .I even also tried to mount tc.exe on dosbox.exe but same thing happened again. same thing happens when I try to run dosbox.exe . I even installed copy of turbo c++ from other sites but same thing occured .I am using windows8.1 64 bit (genuine).I think may be some file is missing or maybe be it get quarantined. what you think?
    Please help its urgent.

  28. Swapnil says

    Doesnt start, following error occurs:
    “Exit to error: Can’t init SDL DirectInputDevice:: SetDataFormat: Invalid Parameters”

    I am using windows 8.1 64bit

  29. Swapna says

    hai ,, i am using windows 8.1 64bit …I installed ur exe,
    but it is just blinking whether to install or not and disappearng..
    can u help me to run c in my laptop.. plzz

  30. sabiya says

    when i m running my program then output is not displayed anywhere..windows 7/32 bit..how to get the output..do i need to make changes in settings

  31. diljeet says

    i intall turbo in windos 8.1 but when i double click its shortcut i does not show sacreen plz help

    • says

      Hello Diljeet , can you try opening the dos box.exe executive present in the c:\\turboc4\\techapple.net\\dos box folder and tell me the error

  32. jibran says

    ìts not working on 8.1 i have installed it but when i open it with in a micro second it vanished please help me

  33. devesh says

    Turbo c4 not running on my laptop.I am running windows8.1 pro. It giving error ” memory above 31 mb and above is not recommended”.

  34. SNEHA says

    hey its working i have tried in many websites but its not working atlast it has worked in this website for windows 8.1

  35. Ebby Sharma says

    hey, i am in a huge trouble of installing turbo c 4.5 in windows 8.1 64 bits.
    plzzzzz tell me the easy way of installing best turbo c compiler which should be compatible with my operating system plzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me fast itssss too much important

  36. db says

    hey, some of the keys {,} ,” are either shifted i means when i press shift +[ nothing happens, to type ‘{ ‘ I have to type shift +] , and shift +\ to get } .right shift key is not working in this. also I am unable to type ” .so i could not write a single program .please help.

    • says

      Hello dB it seems you’re using some odd version of a laptop or desktop keyboard, we will need to re configure the keyboard mapper of dos box for solving your problem, can you tell us the keyboard model so that we can assist you better :)?

        • says

          Hello dB, sorry for my late reply.. So you need to execute Reset Key Mapper.bat file on your laptop, you can find this file inside techapple.net directory inside turboc4 folder on your c drive :)

          • db says

            how to execute that ? I clicked on Reset key mapper.bat file , a new window opened and then disappeared. Then I opened Turbo C++ but same problem is there. I even restarted my windows but nothing new happened.

          • says

            Hello dB, you can execute the above file through command prompt to reset key mapping else you can edit the tc auto.conf file to map keys. :)

          • db says

            i tried running it in command prompt but it says it is not recognised as internal or external command, operable program or batch file. i had typed

            i tried opening tc auto. conf but it is not opening , windows can’topen thus file such a message appears

    • Ananthan says

      Hi chaitanya
      turboc4 version is not working in windows 8.1 ; the screen vanishes as soon as the icon is clicked
      pl let us know what to be done

  37. Abhinav says

    Hey I installed in Window 7 Home Basic but its not working. But its working on my Desktop 8.1 pro. Can you please suggest how to proceed further.

  38. Julia says

    Thank you for Turbo C ))

    Is there additional configuration required?
    I wrote a simple prog that receives as input 2 integers and as output gives the sum of these numbers.
    When it’s big numbers, the result is a random number.
    How is it?

    Thanks in advance!

  39. Sug says

    Thank you so much! I tried a lot to get my another compiler working, mounting on dosbox and what not.. But no need of doing that now! THANK YOU!

  40. pops says

    mouse cursor will not work after compiling a program …and i cant even save the program if it happens like this please help.

  41. arpit chauhan says

    It show error like this ” dosbox has stopped working” when i open it .
    I try all ways which you mentioned for previous comment but i still have same problem can you plz help me.

  42. Snehit says

    HI, I am not able to change the directory…and the directory that is already there doesnt even exist….when i change the directory it says invalid drive or directory….please help me

  43. Om Adhyaru says

    please soneone solve problem

    I download program properly, but when i start this program it can’t open…….
    when i open that program it opens and disappears……

    I have windows 8.1 version

  44. Shivam says

    Hey chaitanya bro you are simply amazing btw can you please send that program which you have made above(that game: please :) ) and secondly where do the image of snap.h are saved please help

  45. ARYA.S.NAIR says

    help me please!!
    as a test program i executed a simple hello program… after 1st execution when i tried to do another program, also a simple one, then the mouse doesn’t click at all!!! please help

  46. Glenn says

    getchar() helps to stabilize the output window, indeed.
    But I find that’s not a very elegant solution.
    Isn’t there another way?
    Greeting from Kiel/Northern Germany

  47. Shreedhar says

    After compiling and running any program at least 2 times, the top menu option doesn’t work.Please tell me the solution

  48. san says

    The second variable input values either directly assigned to variable or through scanf is taken as 0 (printf shows second variable value is 0)…how to eliminate this

  49. Salai Dhiraviyam says

    Hi I need a turbo c for my windows 8.1 64 bit. And I want to configure with edit plus. Please help me to download and give configuration procedure.

  50. says

    Hi There,

    1. I downloaded, successfully compiled your Rainbow source, but it will not run … gives me the message:

    “This app can’t run on your PC … ”

    2. My PC specs are as follows:

    OS :Windows 8.1 Single Language with Bing
    Processor :Intel Celeron CPUN2380 @ 2.16GHz
    System Type :64 bit Operating System, x64-based processor

    Any ideas … ?


  51. aravind says

    i can open the appication after installing it…some comes wriiten in a black screen and disappears in a nanosecond ..plzz help

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