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Many Times you must have been left in Situations like u have a file on a Pendrive or on yout hard-disk’s partition but infected with an autorun virus and you want to show a document/photo in quick time to someone and there is no time for scanning/removing the virus…

So what can you do in such situations .. ??

The Solution is really very simple

Open A Web Browser Such As Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome/K-Meleon/Maxthon any of which u use

Remove the http:// command present in the url/address bar and type “file:///c:/” [Type “file:///c:/” Without Quotes type only file:///c:/] or replace c:/ with your pendrive initial like d,e,f ,g or cd-rom initial.. Check the Screenhot of this method tested in Maxthon 3.0 besides 

Now Browse And Open Any file like you do in a normal file explorer. only drawback of this method is that it cannot be used to copy/cut/paste/delete the files


isn’t it quite simple. 🙂 do try yourselves and let us know



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