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Movavi 360 Video Editor: The Best Video Editing Tool

360 video

The modern day technology is improving with every passing. The new innovations are taking place to enhance the quality of products the end users get. A number of tools are coming up in the video editing industry to enhance the overall perception of how people watch the movies and short films. 360 video editing software is a fabulous tool that lets you make a 360 degree video in few minutes. Let’s explore the tool in detail.

360 video

About Movavi 360 Video Editor

This software allows you to create spectacular immersive videos that can definitely impress the viewers. You can enhance the quality of the videos in just few steps or can turn them into something new. Make your own movies using the transitions, multiple filters, and special effects. Use Chroma Key effect to change the background or show multiple videos on single screen with the Picture in Picture effect.

download pic

Not only this, you can adjust the video parameters, stabilize the shaky footage, remove defects, enhance movie quality, create tutorial & video presentations, import the videos from different sources, and do much more using this software.

Topnotch Features of Movavi 360 Video Editor

Movavi 360 Video Editor is an impressive tool that can even be used to create awesome VR videos. It is packed with some of the most exclusive features, few of which are mentioned alongside.

  • 3D Preview: You can navigate freely inside the preview window in 360 degree mode. You can actually experience the video in three-dimensions.
  • Color Adjustment: You can enhance the quality of movies by tweaking the brightness, saturation, and few other parameters manually or automatically
  • Ultra HD Video Support: You can even upload and export the videos in 4K resolutions without any trouble.
  • Picture in Picture Effect: You can now insert multiple videos inside your original 360 degree footage.
  • Chroma Key Effect: The entire background of the video can be changed with this effect and you can transport the subjects anywhere in the video.
  • Speed Adjustment: You can easily control the speed of your footage for creating the speeded-up or slow motion effects.
  • Audio Editing: You can normalize the sound, add sound effects, and remove the background noise easily.
  • Highlight and Conceal: You can control the focus to make the viewer concentrate on specific subject by simply blurring out the parts of the video.

Why choose Movavi 360 Video Editor over Other Software Tools?

There are a number of reasons to go with Movavi 360 video editor over other tools. The extraordinary performance and awesome features make it the first choice for just any user.

  • It supports multiple input and output formats for audio, video, and image files.
  • The videos can be captured from camcorders, TV-tuners, camera, webcams, and VHS as well.
  • You can manage multiple video and audio files on single timeline panel.
  • You can record the audio from the microphone and other electronic sources.
  • The videos can be converted into mobile-ready formats.
  • You can add titles in between the video using different fonts and colors.
  • Make use of some dominating special effects and filters to create a stunning video.

The Setup: A Brief Tutorial

You can download and install the software either for free or after making the payments on your device. After you have installed the software, follow the below guide to use it perfectly.

  • Open the software by clicking on its desktop icon and import the movie you wish to edit.


  • You can different transitions to your video(s) using different transition effects and enhance the quality.


  • Add title to different parts of the video in an innovative manner using different colors and fonts.


  • Set different filters and make it more eye-pleasing for the viewers.

eye pleasing

  • Once you are done with the editing, you can start capturing it in desired format.



  • Multiple input/output format supported
  • Create VR compatible videos.
  • Free Lifetime version available with few basic features
  • Available in two different languages


  • A bit complex to understand
The Verdict

Movavi 360 Video Editor is an awesome tool that is tailored for the aspiring video editors. Now, you can edit 360 degree movies/films using this tool and add special effect to them. With this stunning software, anyone can create VR videos, and 3D presentations. You can try out this tool now and enjoy editing the movies and films without much hassle.

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