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How to Clear Cache,Cookies for all Browsers on Mac OS X for Free using CCleaner App


Browser Cookies, Cache & app caches start accumulating in the System as soon as you start using respective app or Browser. The Cookies & cache files not only decrease the available free storage on your system, but also slow down your system causing the app , browser or system to hang many times. The browser cache also contains your saved sessions “remember me” Thus, periodically clearing browser cache files & cookies is highly recommended for security purpose too. Here’s a complete tutorial on How to Clear cache files & cookies for all browsers for free on Mac OS X using CCleaner app

Tutorial to Clear Cache & Cookies for any Browser on Mac OS X by CCleaner –

  • CCleaner is a leading app for windows to clear cache & temporary files. Besides, it can also be used as an uninstaller app for Mac OS X. Thus, we will be using it to clear cache & cookies.
  • First of all, Please download & install CCleaner app for Mac OS X from the link below –Click here to Download CCleaner app (.dmg) for Mac OS X .
    Here’s a simple tutorial on How to install .dmg app on Mac OS X.
  • Now after you have installed CCleaner app by dragging and dropping the CCleaner app by dragging & dropping icon on Applications folder, please launch the app.
  • Make sure that the “Cleaner” option from the left menu app is selected, app will show a window with the “Mac OS X” & “Applications” tab as shown in the image below –
    Mac OS X App Cache Clear

    Mac OS X App Cache Clear

    Now, select the app name & options which you want to be deleted – e.g Browser Cache, Browser Cookies & tap on the “Analyze” button

  • The app will now analyze the system for temporary cache files & cookies for the previously selected app which can be deleted to free up space, without any compromise on the system performance and functioning.
  • After the analysis is completed, it will now show a list of files which can be deleted and the amount of space which can be freed up as shown in the image below –
    CCleaner for Mac OS X (Browser cache & cookies)

    CCleaner for Mac OS X (Browser cache & cookies)

    Here on the analysis complete page , Click on the “Run Cleaner” button as highlighted in the above button to start the cleaning process.

  • That’s it! You have now successfully cleared cookies, & cache files for any browser or app on Mac OS X for Free!
    Successful Cleaning of Browser Cache & Cookies on Mac OS X

    Successful Cleaning of Browser Cache & Cookies on Mac OS X

    Making your system faster and even increasing available free storage!

Thus, CCleaner is a very utility free app to clean cache, cookies on Mac OS X. Though there are many such clear cookies app but very few are free & are as functional as CCleaner. Enjoy a faster Mac OS X (Sierra, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard,Yosemite, El Capital etc)

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