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Top 15 Free Torrent leech sites to download torrents on IDM [Download torrent over HTTP Protocol]


A lot of ISPs, offices, colleges etc block the utorrent P2P protocol or are filtering the same, hence most times the torrent downloads are very slow or simply they don’t download at all. A Simple solution to this problem is caching torrents online and then downloading the torrent with IDM via HTTP protocol by torrent leeching sites. So, below are the Top 15 Free torrent leeching sites which will help you to download torrents via IDM.

Advantages of Downloading torrents via Torrent Leech Sites –

  • Download torrents even if torrent traffic is blocked in your network, thus bypass torrent filter.
  • No need to keep your machine powered on , just add your torrent file/magnet link to leech, and it will automatically leech for you.
  • The torrent health doesn’t matter, thus you can even download torrents with lesser seeds.
  • You can download torrents via IDM with Resume support!
  • The ISP cannot detect the torrent traffic.

The top 15 Free Torrent leech sites are as follows –


Recommended – BitPort.io


BitPort.io is a torrent leeching service which we highly recommend, and there are various reasons for it such as – Bitport.io enables caching of torrents onto its high speed servers, so that you can download them even without a torrent client.

Besides these you can even stream your cached torrents directly on the browser and on any device. Thus you can now stream & enjoy your movies on mobile or laptop anywhere without even downloading them! thus saving time !

Click here to Visit BitPort.io



No.1 – Zbigz.com


Zbigz.com is perhaps the leader when it comes to online torrent leeching websites and is based upon cloud network. All you need to do is either upload your .torrent file or torrent URI Magnet link and click on the “Go” button, then after the caching is completed you can easily click the “zip” button to start downloading, you can either sign-up or you may even use the zbigz service without sign-up.

Click here to visit Zbigz.com


No.2 – FileStream.me


A great alternative to Zbigz is FileStream.me , FileStream.me is perhaps even better than Zbigz.com when it comes to features, besides normal http based download, filestream.me even provides secure HTTPS protocol download, which no ISP can sniff out , besides it also gives the option of selecting individual files out of a torrent which can be zipped and downloaded.

Click here to Sign-Up on FileStream.me


No.3 – Seedr.CC

A great free torrent leeching website with very few limitations, Seeedr is very promising and provides various features such as

  • Provides online Streaming of torrents too.
  • Magnet URI Upload
  • Zip & Download a single file if torrent has multiple files

Seedr.cc has a very easy to use Interface and is really worth giving a try!

Click here to visit Seedr.cc


No.4 – direct-torrents.com


Direct-torrents.com is one of the easiest to use free torrent leeching services and can also be classified as a filestream.me alternative. All you need to do is Enter your .torrent URL or Magnet link and click on download, then below you just need to click the filename to start downloading!

Click here to visit Direct-torrents.com



No.5 – Furk.Net


Furk.Net is yet another Zbigz alternative site to downloads torrents over HTTP , Although Furk.Net is invite only, but Furk.Net invites are easily available . Furk.Net also provides direct VLC Player streaming of video files in your torrent, besides allowing you to download them as zip.

Click here to visit Furk.Net


No.6 MyFastFile.com


MyFastFile.com is yet another free torrent leeching website and is also easy to use as direct-torrents.com. All you need to do is either enter your Torrent URL or its Magnet link to start your torrent leech, else you can also upload your .torrent file using the “Fetch Torrent Option”, Besides allowing you to download torrents over http on IDM, myfastfile also allows you to stream them on VLC, as well as it supports many other file hosting websites too!

Click here to visit MyFastFile.com


No.7 Premiumize.me


Premiumize.me is yet another free torrent downloading website which also provides a Free Seedbox in addition to torrent leech! . Once you finish signing-up on Premiumize.me , Visit https://www.premiumize.me/downloader  to start leeching your torrent either by uploading it to the service or by using magnet link as shown in alongside figure.

Click here to visit Premiumize.me



No.8 Hive.im


Hive.im is not basically a torrent leech site, but it can be used as one as it allows remote fetching. All you need to do is go to add files option, now click on the “+” sign, and select the option “web links”, Now if you paste or add a magnet link of a torrent here, it fetches the files inside the torrent, right into your private storage on Hive.im (Check the below screenshot for more detail) –


Click here to visit Hive.im


Now, besides these 8 sites we discussed above, you can also use the 7 free torrent leeching sites below to get your torrents downloaded over HTTP –

No.9 – Bytebx.com


 ByteBX’s User interface is really simple to use, only downside is max torrent size limit is 100 mb for Free Users.

Click here to visit ByteBX.


No.10 – Zzlbox.com


 ZZLbox.com’s Features are same as that of Furk.net , also it allows you to preview/view screenshots of any video torrent you cache on it, and it also doesn’t require any invites!

Click here to visit ZZLbox.com


No.11 – Bruzzy.com


Similar in functionality like Zbigz.com, but the only downside is that its in russian language, however you can use Google Translate to translate the website into English.

Click here to visit Bruzzy.com



No.12 – Zxcfiles.net


A good torrent leech with torrent leech support upto 10 GB, only downside is torrent caching is a bit slow.

Click here to visit ZXCFiles.net


No.13 – Fuge.It 


 This website is basically a Torrent SeedBox website, but you can also use it for leeching torrents, it provides torrent leech upto 5Gb Size.

Click here to Visit Fuge.it


No.14 – JustSeed.it : This website is also like Fuge.it- a torrent seedbox, but the User interface isn’t too great and user-friendly .

No.15 – BtCloud.ioBtCloud.io is also a good alternative torrent leeching website, but the torrent file size limit is very low and supports torrent size only upto 1GB . Hence we will recommend to use this only during dire situations.

So, these were Free Torrent Leeching Websites, We hope they will help you to easily get your favorite torrents downloaded if the traffic is filtered, feel free to comment any good website you know 🙂



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