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Bank Swift Code not available-Solution for receiving AdSense Payment in India | Adsense Payment Settings for Swift-BIC


Recently, Google has launched Adsense payment by Wire transfer in India to Indian Adsense Publisher Accounts, and has completely ditched the old cheque payment system,thus now there’s no need to wait at homes waiting for cheques :) . although the wire transfer or Electronic Fund Transer [EFT] guarantees quick and easy money transfer to publishers , it requires filling of SWIFT-BIC code which is not available for every Bank in India especially the Rural ones and small branches . Thus causing Payment Problems to the Publishers , but we at TechApple have come up with unique solution to the problem of Bank Swift Code Not Available .

Solution / Settings for receiving Adsense Payment in India even if SWIFT Code Not available

  • First of all , Fill Up all the details in the Payment settings page except Swift code , it consists of simple fields such as Account holder Name , Account Number and IFSC Code, Make sure that you fill in only your branch’s IFSC Code and your Correct Account Number . The Payment settings will look like these —
  • You can use the site MyIFSCCode to find the IFSC Code of your Bank branch . Make sure you copy the correct IFSC Code as each Bank branch in India has its separate and distinct IFSC Code.
  • Now, regarding the SWIFT-BIC ,  First of all Please visit the site http://www.theswiftcodes.com/india/ and find out whether your Bank Branch has SWIFT Code or not , if its present simply enter the Obtained Swift Code , else
  • Simply fill in the Nearest Bigger Branch Swift Code of the Same Parent Bank as that of yours, if the SWIFT-Code of your Branch is not available .. e.g if your Account is in SBI , then look for the Swift Code of  nearest SBI branch only ..
  • Else if you still cannot find the Swift code of your nearest branch , you can use any of these default SWIFT-BIC codes as per your branch
  • Allahabad Bank- ALLAINBBTDM
  • Andhra Bank- ANDBINBB
  • Axis- AXISINBB002
  • Bank of Baroda- BARBINBBXXX
  • Bank of India- BKIDINBBNRI
  • Bank of Maharashtra- MAHBINBB
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce- ORBCINBBIBD
  • Punjab National Bank- PUNBINBBISB
  • State Bank of India- SBININBBFXD
  • United Bank of India- UTBIINBBXXX

Now, some of you might think that using the above method is risky and like that, but in Indian Banking System SWIFT Code is used only to perform Foreign currency to Rupee conversion . and hence using any of the Parent branch SWIFT Code ensures the SWIFT Code bank branch being used as a bridge to convert and transfer money to our Local branch which uses the IFSC Code and then to our Accounts located in the IFSC Code branch , thus ensuring proper funds transfer of our hard earned Money through Adsense :)

Here’s the proof of the same – My Payment received on my Bank Account :)

If you have any doubts/queries feel free to ask us by comments :) Happy Earning!


  1. Purbita Ditecha July 1, 2014

    I have already done it by nearest branch and see here the same ! thanks for the tutorial

    1. Chaitanya July 1, 2014

      You’re Welcome Purbita , hope this tutorial helps many other bloggers too! 🙂

      1. Pankaj June 8, 2017

        Sir i can use swift code any parent bank of state

      2. Himanshu September 14, 2017

        I have used my city’s main branch’s swift code, now in my account statement instead of FOREX Transaction it is showing Transfer BY NEFT ICIC why??? how i can the details of the FOREX Transaction??

  2. ankur09 July 2, 2014

    i am entering the nearest branch Swift code.. Now let c now what will happen?

    1. Chaitanya July 2, 2014

      Even i have done the same,and received my adsense payment successfully 🙂 so you can relax mate

  3. andres August 7, 2014

    hi my bank don’t have swift code what can i do pls can u help me……..

    1. Chaitanya August 7, 2014

      Sure, you can use the SWIFT Code of any other branch of your bank, which has SWIFT code

  4. thinkpozzitive August 13, 2014

    For bank swift codes associated with the bank where your account is open, you can have a look at http://bank-code.net/ to find your swift code. If your specific branch doesn’t have a code, or is not listed, then you can use the main bank headquarters swift code and you should be good to go.

    1. Shubham April 7, 2016

      How many days it will take to receive money in my bank account.

  5. raj September 12, 2014

    Which swift code you use in your sbi account

    1. Chaitanya September 12, 2014

      I cannot disclose it publicy , however if you can tell your account city, i can mail you the ifsc code 🙂

      1. SHAHID December 22, 2016

        Dear Mr. Chaitanya, please see below my bank location. can you provide swift code the same.

        IFSC Code: ICIC0001820, OKHLA PHASE 3, ICICI BANK LTD.

  6. iammanabManab September 16, 2014

    my payment was issued on 10 Sep, 2014 but i didn’t recieve my payment yet 🙁

    1. Chaitanya September 16, 2014

      Hi Manab, don’t worry bro,in some cases it may take upto a week for the payment to arrive but it will arrive for sure 🙂

      1. Sesha sai November 8, 2016

        Q1. My payment issued on NOV 2 and I had received a mail from google saying “Payment receipt” today is NOV 8 I didn’t received my payment , I used the default SBI swift code “SBININBBFXD”
        Q2. Due to some location issues my nearest SBI bank dont gave me Normal account , they said me to open Zero balance account …after that I opened and used that acc num in adsense ……….Does there any problem on giving a zero balance acc to Adsense

  7. abdounet September 23, 2014

    nice article you can use swiftscode.com too
    to find swift codes

  8. Abhishek Abh-i October 28, 2014

    Mine adsense account is showing Automatic payment declined. I am using SBI and giving SBININBBFXD as swift code..???

    1. Chaitanya October 28, 2014

      Can you please try and use another swift code ? and it can also be the case of pan missing? is your PAN number linked to your bank account ?

  9. Ritz November 18, 2014

    Thanks a ton Chaitanya. it helped. i just copied swift bic code for ICICI from your article and it worked.

    1. Chaitanya November 19, 2014

      You’re welcome Ritz 🙂
      glad, my article helped you 🙂

  10. Satish dubey December 18, 2014

    can you give me SBBJ swift bic code

  11. Raj December 25, 2014

    My sbi branch ifsc code is SBIN0009173. Can you suggest me which swift-bic code I should use ? Thanks. Waiting 4 ur reply

  12. Arun January 28, 2015

    Wow nice article and its a great help , submitting nearest parental branch swift code was a doubt but you cleared it .. Thanks

  13. adsense bharathi January 30, 2015

    hi guys we are help to getting adsense approved accounts for your websites , and blogs. more info call me –


  14. photofunmasti March 11, 2015

    I am going to use swift code of my nearest branch hope it works for me to.

  15. Pos April 8, 2015

    Which SWIFT BIC should I use for HDFC Bank?

    1. kanwalnain October 25, 2017

      I am looking for the same answer The whole punjab state HDFC dont ahve swift code my nearest branch which is having swift code is in delhi which is 500KM lol. Please somebody confirm if i can use swift code of delhi and ifsc code of my home branch that is in amritsar

  16. kholusoft April 14, 2015

    I have a account with state bank of patiala and i entered my nearest branch code but i did not receive any payment in my account though google shows that they have paid $135.
    It was a big loss for me. For now, i have kept my payments on hold.

  17. kholusoft April 14, 2015

    sorry it was my mistake. I got paid after 4 days. I think it was delayed for clearing the payment

  18. D Shrikant June 6, 2015

    Hello friends.
    Google stops showing ads 🙁
    on our website http://www.zonalinfo.com

    I apply 3 times to receive Google address verification postal but, Till not receive any signal postal on my address.
    I am filling address details but not fill account detail from last six months. Are this may cause to Google not send me verification pin on my address.
    > Add account detail.>Address of payee >receive postal ??

    1. Ajay August 23, 2015

      Now what yo did ?? i have same problem

      1. Shrikant August 25, 2015

        after some days 10 days i received the pin.it finally activated.

        1. Ajay August 27, 2015

          Acha and ek bat aur yar mera pin abhi tak aya nahe hai but payment method sab set kar diya hai and jab mera 100$ ho jayga pin ana mai time lagega toh kya mera 100$ lost ho jaynga ya fir hold per rahenga… tell me bhai i’m very worried about that

          1. Chaitanya August 27, 2015

            Hello ajay,no worry tera payment on hold rahega you won’t lose a penny 🙂

  19. Rohit Upadhyay July 5, 2015

    If you want to receive money in your SBI a/c from overseas you need to provide SWIFT number of any SBI branch in your city which facilitate forex transactions. The distance between your home branch and swift enabled branch does not matter. I have successfully received four payments from google play so there is no need to panic…..

  20. kiran m v July 6, 2015

    realyy thanks a lot for this help really satisfied with your post lets see if i get credited by doing above thing i had above doubt from 3 days but today by seeing your post i got clarified…

  21. aditya mishra July 18, 2015

    sir i would like to get payment from UK but my icici bank don’t have its swift code so thats a problem ….so what could i do please give me the information ASAP

    1. Chaitanya July 18, 2015

      Hello Aditya Mishra, the above method of using any other icici bank swift code will work for receiving payments from UK took. 🙂

  22. aditya mishra July 21, 2015

    chaitanya will you please tell me what is the bank statement???

    1. Chaitanya July 21, 2015

      Bank statement is a summary of your bank account with account details along with transactions made within a particular time frame of your account.. Time frame is customizable and can be a week, month or any previous months combined..

  23. rkmarkam August 3, 2015

    In Adsense you can add any Indian bank’s SWIFT CODE number because it needs only for converting currency.

  24. Saidur August 3, 2015

    I have administration access to my friend’s adsense account. But I want my personal account. So can I create a new adsense account ?

  25. Ajay August 23, 2015

    i’m from india and tell me sir is its important to fill the intermediary bank details and for further benefits optional ? please reply as soon as possible

    1. Chaitanya August 23, 2015

      Hello ajay, it’s not important to fill in the intermediary bank details. They are optional fields 🙂

      1. Ajay August 23, 2015

        Thanks and i have pnb bank acount and my branch does not have swift code can i use other pnb branch swift code ?

        If yes

        Then what about ifsc code ?

        1. Chaitanya August 23, 2015

          Yes you can use other pnb bank swift code, but the Ifsc code must be of your branch.

          1. Ajay August 23, 2015

            Ok and one more question
            The google adsens verification pin was not reached at my home please tell me another way to verify my address because i’m new on adsens :/

          2. Chaitanya August 24, 2015

            Hello Ajay, it’ll reach it generally takes some time for verification pin.

          3. Shubam August 24, 2015

            Bro while setting payment method is it important to tik on set as primary method ?

          4. Ajay August 28, 2015

            My last question bro jo maina payemt method set kiya has usko mai remove kr kaa dubara vohi acount numbr sa payment methoad set kar sakta hu kyu ki muje lag rha haii chayd maina ifsc code type krna mai koi gadbad hogye ha :l😟

  26. Shrikant August 25, 2015

    When Google send it in my bank.
    21st google make payment slip.but tiil 25th not send in bank.
    “Udhaar walo ko date dekar pareshan hu”
    ki ab edga ,kb dega?

    1. Ajay August 27, 2015

      Bhai yar mera pin abhi tak aya nahe hai but payment method sab set kar diya hai and jab mera 100$ ho jayga pin ana mai time lagega toh kya mera 100$ lost ho jaynga ya fir hold per rahenga… tell me bhai i’m very worried about that

  27. Shrikant August 28, 2015

    Hey friend .I finalliy get paid from Google.
    Google ke ghar der h par andher nai.
    IF YOUR pin not arrive request a new pin.
    read adsense related articles.
    Ask in Google question form.
    Set payment method.set payment limit 100$.set date of Hold.

    1. Ajay August 28, 2015

      Date of hold per kya kru payment limit toh 100$ he rakhe hai maina

      1. Ajay August 28, 2015

        And mera 2 week ho gay hai but abhi taka aya nahe pin reqst new pin ka option toh 4 weeks ka bad ata hai na.

        And ek aur cheez yar maina adress mai house no nahe likha ab usko kaisa paisa chalega mera gar konsa hai 😢

        Contact numbr mera apna he hai uspr contact numbr likha hota hai kya ?
        Jisa vo merko contact krka pooch sakaa

        1. Shrikant August 28, 2015

          dont worry.

    2. Ajay October 10, 2015

      Shrikant bhai google adsens sa money bank mai ana ka liya apna bank acount mai international transaction enable krana zruri haii kyaa ??? Iska koi link ha eska sath yaa nahe ya fir zruri haiii ??

      Please bhaii reply as soon as possible merko tension ho rhe hai bhoot please reply

  28. Shrikant August 28, 2015

    Give your permanent address.your house.
    They have no contact details of you.only your name and address mentioned on postal.
    postman simply through in your house,no signature required..
    so any one can take it.
    google make payment between 22 to 26 of month ,
    date on hold set next month 22.
    apply for new pin,.all verification done in this month by this you get paid on next month.
    Before the 1sept your estimated earning more than 100$.then you will be paid

    1. Ajay August 29, 2015

      Thanks bro

      But ek aur cheez puchna chahta hu mai ke August month toh ab ja rha hai mare pin nahe ayee ab jab new reqst pin ka option ayga toh address correct krka dalungaa

      Ab mera Question ye hai ke

      Mera jo august ke 100$ earning hue ha aur pin verify nahe hue hai toh ab jab septmbr ke earning jo hoge agr september mai mare pin a gaye toh august and sept ke earnings ekatha fir bank acount mai ayege ?

      And maina monthly threshold 100$ rakha hua ha


      Hold my payment until ? Yha per kya kru mai ?

      Bus bro mare ye questions ka answer mil jay fir mare sare tesnion khatam 😔

      1. Ajay September 1, 2015

        Yar koi toh reply karo chaitanya bro ap he bolo kuch bhoot tension mai hu :/

        1. Chaitanya September 1, 2015

          Hi Ajay, don’t worry the pin will reach you just wait for a week 🙂

  29. Rohit September 8, 2015

    Hello friend,

    I just started adsense on my business website. My adsense account is based on my personal name.

    Now I have question that I have SBI saving account (personal name) & ICICI current account (business/company name).

    I have only ICICI Swift code & SBI don’t have Swift code.

    Can I use ICICI current account (business/company name) in google adsense to get payments via EFT Method.

    My home address is same in adsense account as well as ICICI current account (business/company name).

    Plz solve my problem.

    Thank You.

    1. Chaitanya September 9, 2015

      Hi Rohit, no you cannot use icici swift code to receive payments as your adsense account name and account holder name should be the same.

      1. Rohit September 10, 2015

        But I don’t have swift code for my SBI account branch which is located in Navi mumbai. But when I search on net then I saw there are 2 SBI branches in navi mumbai who has their own Swift code. Can I use one of them or can I use swift code of mumbai main branch?

        1. Chaitanya September 11, 2015

          Hello Rohit, you can use swift code of any sbi branch present in Mumbai 🙂

          1. Ajay September 28, 2015

            Chaitanya bhai mera pin generate hogya hai ab 2 tension mai sa ek tension khatam hogya ab ek tension ye hai ke mera bank ka pass toh swift code nahe hai ab maina apni dusre pnb branch ka swift code dal diya hai bus ab ye be kam kar jay yar

            Kam kr jayga na ? :/

          2. Chaitanya September 28, 2015

            Han Ajay, kam to jaroor karega 😀 me bhi yehi use kar raha hun saalon se :p

          3. Ajay October 10, 2015

            Chaitanya bhai google adsens sa money bank mai ana ka liya apna bank acount mai international transaction enable krana zruri haii kyaa ??? Iska koi link ha eska sath yaa nahe ya fir zruri haiii ??

            Please bhaii reply as soon as possible merko tension ho rhe hai bhoot please reply

  30. Sachin September 24, 2015

    Owsm post… Thanks for sharing

    1. Ajay September 28, 2015

      Did you got payment ?

    2. Ajay October 10, 2015

      Chaitanya bhai google adsens sa money bank mai ana ka liya apna bank acount mai international transaction enable krana zruri haii kyaa ??? Iska koi link ha eska sath yaa nahe ya fir zruri haiii ??

      Please bhaii reply as soon as possible merko tension ho rhe hai bhoot please reply

      1. Chaitanya October 10, 2015

        Nahi bhai asa kuch jaruri nahi hai sab international transactions swift code dwaara local transactions me convert ho jate hai. So agar tumne swift code dal diya to Samjha aadha kam done baki ka Adha Ifsc,account number aur name mil k kar dege 🙂

        1. Ajay October 10, 2015

          Hahaha Thanks

          1. Ajay October 10, 2015

            Aur haan ek aur cheez jab paisa bank acount mai ata hai toh mobile mai mesg ata hai na ?? Jisa ke pata chal jay

          2. Shubam October 23, 2015

            Chaitanya bro
            i enterd my nearest branch swift code but payemnt nahe ayaa bank acount maii adsens mai 21 ko send kr diya tha but aj 23 ho rha hai ab kyaa karuu mai loss hogyaa mera toh

          3. Chaitanya October 23, 2015

            Hello Shubham bhai, actually don’t worry.. Payment before 31st tumhe mil jayegi :).. Kal bank holiday tha dussera ka din tha, aur aaj wo foreign country se India ayegi.. Fir kal Saturday aur moharram ka bank holiday, fir Sunday… So expect your payment in your hand by Monday or max Wednesday.baki don’t worry. Tumhara payment tumko surely milega 🙂

        2. Shubam October 23, 2015

          Chaitanya bro
          i enterd my nearest branch swift code but payemnt nahe ayaa bank acount maii adsens mai 21 ko send kr diya tha but aj 23 ho rha hai ab kyaa karuu mai loss hogyaa mera toh

          1. shrikant October 23, 2015

            google sent payment to india on 22.but receive in bank on 26 evening .

        3. anuraagh November 25, 2015

          Could you tell me, I am native of a district in andhra pradesh. I gave swift code of hyderabad swift code. Is it ok? I have account in another district, I have given swift code of Hyderabad. I read comments here, everybody saying same district swift should be put. Please tell me.

          1. Chaitanya November 25, 2015

            Hi Anuraagh, not to worry.. The swift code of another district I.e Hyderabad would work too.. Just put the Ifsc code of your own branch 🙂

  31. rahul December 28, 2015

    Is this process same for all or just for adsense?

  32. erbrij2012 January 6, 2016


    1. Chaitanya January 6, 2016

      Yes you can use the sbi swift code.. 🙂 for savings account.

  33. rec March 12, 2016

    i checked for my indian bank swift code. I can’t find any swift code for my branch or any branches in my district. only branches in other district have swift code. Is it safe to use this? Current l have 350$ in my adsense account. So i have fear to use this.

    1. Chaitanya March 12, 2016

      Hi Rec yes it is safe to use other district branch swift code 🙂 do not worry you will surely receive payment on other branch swift code 🙂

  34. Harsh Vyas March 13, 2016

    My payment has been delayed, The payment has been transferred by Google on 21st Feb 2016 but there is not payment by Google in Bank account. After 15en days i filled the Troubleshoot Adsense Payment forum also but there is no reply by GOogle yet.

    And the Bank department told me that there is no payment this week. What should i do now?

  35. Ravi Kumar March 14, 2016

    Hi I have bank account in SBI and it doesnt have SWIFT Code. I want to withdraw money from my skrill account. When I go to withdrawal form in skrill , it just asks me the Bank account number and SWIFT code. Since I didnt had SWIFT Code i gave my nearest branch SWIFT Code. Since I didnt provide my bank IFSC Code , will I Get my Money in by Bank Account.??… Pls Help me.

    1. Chaitanya March 14, 2016

      Yes Ravi you will receive the payment even without Ifsc do not worry 🙂

  36. Rasu March 28, 2016

    Hello sir i’m from Birbhum west bengal and don’t have any swift code in my bank brunch ( Bank of india ) my nearest bank branches also don’t have swift code… what should i do sir ???? can i use the swift code of Bank of india main brunch i mean mumbai swift code ??

  37. Rasu March 28, 2016

    or can i use kolkata’s swift code ???

    1. Chaitanya March 28, 2016

      Hello Rasu, yes u can use kolkata branch swift code 🙂

  38. Rasu March 30, 2016

    thank you sir 🙂 so i can use the kolkata main brunch swift code ( Bank of India )

  39. Rasu March 30, 2016

    I FOUND one its say KOLKATA SME BRANCH , What does it mean ? is it main branch ?

    1. Chaitanya March 30, 2016

      Sme means small and medium enterprise..
      You can use the Sme branch swift code.

  40. vikash March 31, 2016

    I didnt recieve my payment, today is 8th day. I am from bihar and i use kolkata swift vode because my branch have no swift code.

  41. Rasu April 1, 2016

    Thank you so much sir for your help 🙂

  42. Pranav May 7, 2016

    I have done as u said…. my bank too doesnt have a swift code ..i have entered nearest bank swift code…hope it works ……if it u does …u rock !!!!

    1. raghavendra September 16, 2016

      have it worked?

  43. karan May 15, 2016

    hello,,i have an account in PNB,Nirankari colony,delhi-09 but it doesn’t have any SWIFT code…plzz tell me which is the nearest branch of PNB which has swift code?

  44. Gk_Guru May 27, 2016

    Dear Sir; Can i Remove Old Swift code in Adsense account Payment Setting Form as primary and add another swift code of same bank..

    1. Chaitanya May 27, 2016

      Yes Guru, you can do that 🙂

  45. saimaaaaaa June 3, 2016

    I hope you are well.
    In order to for us to complete the AdSense disbursement process, we require some additional information from you to confirm your identity. The information you submit may be shared with a third-party (our bank or an intermediary bank) in order to complete the disbursement process.
    By replying to this email with the necessary information, you acknowledge and agree that this information may be shared with a third party. For verification of this process, please see our help center article.
    To process your AdSense payments, we need you to reply to this email with the following information:
    – Full detailed purpose of payment
    – Complete name of the payee listed on the account
    – Date of birth
    – Country of birth
    – Address
    – Nationality
    Please reply to this email with the information within 5 business days. Until we have verified your information, you will not be able to receive payments.
    Thanks for your cooperation, and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    The AdSense Payments Team paymeent purpose kya hota ha kya likhon batado wire transfer karaha hon zarori malomat chay

    1. Chaitanya June 12, 2016

      Purpose me services likh dena 🙂

  46. swemer June 9, 2016

    What about Intermediary bank and FFC or FBO? Should it b left blank???

  47. Imteyaz June 15, 2016

    Hi, by mistake i have entered the other SBI branch swift code instead of my branch state bank of india. will amount get credit in my account or reject??
    Bank staff did not ask me IFSC code only they asked me account no. and swift code. is there any problem in transacation?

    1. Chaitanya June 16, 2016

      No problem you will get your money even if the swift code is different. Just the account number needs to be real

    2. Chaitanya June 24, 2016

      It will get credited do not worry 🙂

  48. Ravi June 24, 2016

    My name is ravikant gautam in the AdSense payee name, but in the bank account holder name is (Ravikant gautam s/o father’s name)
    So mein AdSense ke account holder me kya bharu? plz help me!

  49. ABHIMANYU June 28, 2016

    what happened if PAN is not linked to my bank account

  50. Sudesh July 31, 2016

    What type of bank account is needed for Adsense? Savings account or Current account? HDFC Bank says – “Adsense income is advertising business income so Savings account is not good. You have to open a Current account.” Please tell me I am so much worried.

    1. Chaitanya July 31, 2016

      Hi Sudesh, no need to worry we ourselves are using savings account 🙂

      1. Sudesh August 5, 2016

        Thank you Chaitanya. You are very helpful 🙂

  51. Shivam September 3, 2016

    Can you please tell me how much time does it takes to arrive money in bank account?
    please email me.

    1. Chaitanya September 19, 2016

      3 days to be precise!

  52. raghavendra September 16, 2016

    Hey Bro nice article.I just copied and pasted your default SBI ..swift code.Will this work or is it better to enter a nearest swift code.Plz reply me fast.Any others Got using this default swift code.Sir before 21st i have to change the settings.Currently i am using ur default switf code..Can i get the payment or should i change the swift code of my nearest bank?Hoping a quick reply from you.

    1. Chaitanya September 19, 2016

      Hi Ragahavendra, No worries.. The default Swift Code will work damn good 🙂

  53. Harshada Adarkar September 27, 2016

    Thank you thank you very much! This is my first time on your site and your post really really helped a lot. Seriously thank you😊

    1. mohan March 19, 2017

      now it is working

  54. sayantan November 5, 2016

    Brother please help me.icici ki account hai mera.bank se swift code ICICINBBCTS diya hai.but main hu WestBengal se.ye swift code payment info me dal de to $ dollor INR pe convert ho jayega.aur payment mere account pe transfar ho jaye ga?

    1. SHAHID December 22, 2016

      yes, it will work

  55. Sesha sai November 8, 2016

    Q1. My payment issued on NOV 2 and I had received a mail from google saying “Payment receipt” today is NOV 8 I didn’t received my payment , I used the default SBI swift code “SBININBBFXD”
    Q2. Due to some location issues my nearest SBI bank dont gave me Normal account , they said me to open Zero balance account …after that I opened and used that acc num in adsense ……….Does there any problem on giving a zero balance acc to Adsense

  56. alok kumar verma November 28, 2016

    For updated IFSC Code Swift code details of all indian banks you can login below link.

  57. Rasu December 1, 2016

    Hello sir , I’m a student and i don’t have a pan card of course , so there will be any problem receiving money from google adsense as my pan number is not linked with my bank account ???

  58. Ashish Kumar December 22, 2016

    I have HDFC payment method and i used default HDFC SWIFT BIC CODE- HDFCINBB, but its correct one is HDFCINBBDEL for Delhi. Will i get my Payment?
    Please Advice… “i am worrying about this”

    1. SHAHID December 22, 2016

      same problem, dude.. if reply comes, also let me know

      1. Chaitanya December 22, 2016

        yes, even incase if you use default swift-bic the payment will surely come :), not to worry! your money is safe!

  59. SHAHID December 22, 2016


    can you advise me, i gave only 8 digit swift code in google adsense, will this support or mandatory 11 digit’s swift code.

    your earliest reply would be appreciated.

    1. Chaitanya December 22, 2016

      yes, even incase if you use default swift-bic the payment will surely come :), not to worry! your money is safe!

  60. sandeep shedge December 22, 2016

    I haven’t received my payment yet. Google sent me payment on 21st. Anyone is there who receives the november month payment. I have used SBI Bank for wire transfer.

  61. Karthik December 28, 2016

    Hlo sir my sbi branch does not have swift code .should i use sbininbbfxd

  62. Harinderpreet Singh March 27, 2017

    I am going to use nearest bank swift code. Let’s see what happen?

  63. pratik April 14, 2017

    i have same problem my SBI branch doesn’t have swift code so i called customer care, they said use your nearest branch code but you need to manually withdraw money from that branch, it will not come in your account automatically.

    1. Himanshu Sharma May 24, 2017

      What did you do then.. did you get your payment manually??

  64. lootmasalacom April 22, 2017

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  69. uttiran May 23, 2017

    Need Help Admin
    Actually google transferred amount of Rs 7200 to the bank details i gave but the problem is i have mentioned wrong swift code…now what to do in that case because i have contacted with bank and they are saying we haven’t received any payment….tnxx

  70. Himanshu Sharma June 2, 2017

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  74. saurabh raut October 10, 2017

    My AdSense earnings is received by another branch of my bank because of swift code. Is they automatically transfer all my earnings to my account

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    My SBI bank branch IFSC Code is SBIN0000969.My branch doesn’t have SWIFT Code.In my Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh,Only one SBI Bank which has located in Nellore has SWIFT Code.Please give a suggestion. Which SWIFT Code can I use either SBI bank in Nellore or default one.

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    which branch ifsc code should i use in this case help chaitanya

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  88. AJIT KUMAR June 17, 2018

    plese help me bro.. not swift code avialabe in my city..can i use other city swift code. plese reply brother

    1. Chaitanya June 18, 2018

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