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3 Ways to Download Sound from Soundcloud legally – Easily Download Soundcloud Music,Songs to mp3 on Mobile/PC/Mac Online


Soundcloud has simply revolutionised the way music artists share their work . Soundcloud has enabled easy interaction between music artists and listeners,thus it is used widely for sharing sound,music . By default Soundcloud itself legally supports downloading of sound and music from its site but many are unaware of it , so Let’s have a look on 3 Ways to download Sound from Soundcloud.

Method 1 . From official/original Soundcloud site

The Soundcloud site itself has the features of downloading the music/sound if allowed/permitted by the Sound artist or Sound Uploader , The Method for downloading from official site is quite simple, you simply have to click the “Down” button as shown in the images below – There may be two cases depending upon the date when the music was uploaded , the images below cover both the cases

Case 1 –  Distinct visible downward arrow

Case 2 – Embedded Downward arrow

Method 2 . Using Websites to download from soundcloud 

Sometimes it may happen that the above official method of downloading from soundcloud doesn’t work in such scenarios we can use websites and browser tools to download from soundcloud , one of such site is soundcloud-download.com , using it is very simple .

  • Just copy the unique soundcloud URL for the particular music/sound/song from soundcloud.
  • Now paste the copied soundcloud URL in the URL box of the sound cloud download site .
  • And now click the Download Button .!  and your music will start downloading . The below image shows the example of using soundcloud-download.com to download from Soundcloud


Besides this, there are soundcloud-download.com alternatives sites like Sounddrain.com and Soundflush.com which too can be used for downloading mp3 from soundcloud. The method from downloading from these sites is same as mentioned earlier .

Method 3. Using Browser extensions

If the first method didn’t work for you , or either you feel tired to copy the URLs every time you need to download, you can simply install these Soundcloud Downloader browser extensions , and it will automatically add a download button to each Soundcloud Sound you are browsing too . Just click the button and download will start, making the job easier :)

Soundcloud Downloader extension for Google Chrome

Install this Soundcloud Download extension for Google Chrome and the download button will be available for tracks which you browse on soundcloud as shown below.This extensions supports Soundcloud Playlist download too , thus saving the time and required to download multiple tracks. Soundcloud downloader Google Chrome extension screenshot



SoundCloud downloader Firefox Extension

The Soundcloud downloader extension is available for firefox users too, you can add it to your Firefox from Addons store by Clicking here . Check the below image for the screenshot of the Firefox extension


So these are the methods to download from Soundcloud, feel free to share this post and if you face any difficulties feel free to comment :)


  1. andrew July 9, 2014

    Seems the chrome version does not work anymore

  2. Chaitanya July 9, 2014

    Yes, there seems to be problem with the Chrome extension, but the Second method of using websites and the Firefox extension is still working fine 🙂

    1. georgio October 21, 2015

      Yes, good site thank you !

  3. David Matios July 19, 2014

    The method you listed above is old now check this new method of how to download songs from soundcloud http://youtu.be/LHI5Ml2wMnw

    1. Chaitanya July 19, 2014

      Its linking to an adware/toolbar, I would not recommend the “Soundcloud Downloader” mentioned in the video for the fear of virus/trojan backdoor scripts.

      1. Alize April 20, 2018

        if u are looking for a safe and absolutely simple SC downloader, I can recomend you this one soundcloudmp3downloader.com

        1. Alize April 20, 2018

          I’m sorry, URL isn’t visible, my bad

  4. Soundtake May 21, 2015

    This website http://soundtake.net allows you to get the download link of soundcloud track, playlist, group, likes/favorites, even all user’s uploads.

  5. gisela November 4, 2015

    So the 2nd and 3rd methods are completely legal? Is it not considered a copyright infringement? (I reside in Germany and the copyright crackdowns here are harsh)

    1. Chaitanya November 4, 2015

      Hi Gisela, Well the laws for copyright infringement differ from country to country. But you can convert the audio into flac and ogg formats to be on the safer sides

      1. iovaniorgovan July 8, 2016

        And how would converting the audio format will influence the copyright infringemen?

  6. Jerry Noah November 15, 2016

    hi, i come across a totally free online service – Video Grabber which allows you to download multiple videos from SoundCloud, YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, as well as other millions of video websites. Hope it will help you a lot!

  7. Trickshook August 5, 2017

    Thanks for sharing. I’m looking for Soundflush alternative And i find it on your web. Thanks again.

  8. Sizain Khan July 8, 2018

    Hello, I am using soundcloud playlist downloader for downloading my mp3 tracks for free!


  9. SoundCloud July 31, 2018

    I use https://soundcloudmp3.to/ (SoundCloud Downloader, support Soundcloud Playlist)


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