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Sqlpusw.exe on Oracle 10g XE-Oracle 11g-Oracle 11g Express Edition ,sqlplusw.exe download and installation | running steps


Hey Guys, recently i had to do some dbms part on sql and i had oracle 10g XE installed on my machine, but the college machines had oracle 10g enterprise edition installed. oracle doesn’t provide sqlplusw.exe with Xpress editions of 10g,11g neither does it provide one with oracle 11g enterprise edition. it was necessary for me to run sqlplusw on my machine because –

  • It provided me a clean and graphical user interface for using sql on oracle dbms.
  • it helps in using the “ed” command used for buffer memory or using text editor to send the sql querries.
  • it enabled me to use template queries using “&parameters” so as i could re-execute them using the forward slash “/” keystroke ..
  • Works on all versions of Windows tested on Windows XP,Windows 7, Windows 8 And Windows .1 both 32 bit and 64 bit variants.
  • and many more… 🙂

So, basically what i did was i copied my college installations sqlplusw.exe into my machine with oracle 10g XE and it started working perfectly 🙂  hence i thaught of sharing the sqlplusw.exe file here so as the file isn’t easily available on the internet and getting oracle enterprise 10g edition is a tough task :(..

You can Download the individual sqlplusw.exe file from here . Click here to download sqlplusw.exe


Also,while searching i found that many users wanted to run sqlplusw.exe in oracle 11g too.. so although it doesn’t work directly as in case of oracle 10g XE, you can follow these steps to run sqlplusw.exe on oracle 11g enterprise and oracle 11g XE editions.

  • Copy the sqlplusw.exe file which you are downloading from this post on your machine.
  • Create a copy of oraclient11.dll and rename it to oraclient10.dll  from your oracle installation, you can search for oraclient11.dll in your oracle setup directory where oracle db is installed.

You can Download the individual sqlplusw.exe file from here . Click here to download sqlplusw.exe

here’s the working screenshot of Oracle sqlplusw.exe ..

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