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Top 5 Websites to Book Cheap Flight Tickets in India! (Book Domestic Flights at cheapest rates)


There are many Online Flight ticket booking providers in India which makes it confusing for a Customer so as to which service should be used for Booking their flights. Many times, the initial prices shown in the search are later on increased with attributes such as extra taxes, convenience fees etc and then the rates simply don’t remain and in many cases are even higher than other flight ticket providers. So, here is the collection of Top  5 Websites to Book Cheap flight Tickers in India along with their reviews of – ClearTrip, MakeMyTrip , Via , Expedia , Yatra / GoIbibo & a word on Musafir as well . We made a large sample of queries on the operators for rates on holiday days, weekdays, weekends, festivals etc of domestic flights before writing these reviews .

Website # 1 – ClearTrip.com


ClearTrip stays true to its name which itself its greatest virtue. Unlike many major Flights ticket providers which levy hidden extra charges on the search fare – ClearTrip imposes no extra charges in the name of such hidden costs, and the flight ticket Insurance too is an optional add-on which the passenger can remove to reduce the ticket costs . Some, of the Unique features of cleartrip are –

  • No hidden extra charges / convenience fee on Flight Bookings.
  • While booking for SpiceJet tickets we found that their rates were the lowest! Infact they were lower than the rates on Official SpiceJet website too , and it seems they have some sort of tie-up with them.
  • So, we highly recommend to check the rates first on ClearTrip.com for any flight booking and if its SpiceJet look for no other operators!

Click here to Visit Cleartrip.com now & book your Domestic Flights!.
Click here to Download ClearTrip App & Get even more discounts on flights.


Website # 2 – MakeMyTrip.com

MakeMyTrip.Com Review

MakeMyTrip is one of our favorite Domestic flights booking service providers due to its partnership with Payback! & a large number of banks . Now, the rates on MakeMyTrip may not always be lesser than that on Cleartrip, but the Cashbacks provided by virtue of their tie-ups with banks + Payback sometimes make it an even better deal than ClearTrip. And like cleartrip, makemytrip also doesn’t has any convenience charges and thus you can get the ticket at the same rate shown in search provided you unselect the travel insurance which is present on the payment page whose cost is around (Rs.249). Below are some of the Salient features of MakeMyTrip –

  • No hidden convenience fees on Flight Bookings (What you see in search is what you pay).
  • Tie-Ups with major bank’s credit cards & payback enables you to get Extra Cashbacks!
  • You can also get Free Rs.500 in your MakeMyTrip Wallet which you can use for booking flight tickets / hotels if you Download the MakeMyTrip app from our article – Click here to get Free Rs.500 in your MakeMyTrip wallet.
  • We would recommend to use MakeMyTrip for booking flights of GoAir & JetAirways as we found best deals for these two carriers.

Click here to Visit MakeMyTrip to book Flight tickets.
Click here to Download the MakeMyTrip.com app.


Website # 3 – Via.Com


Via.com simply surprised us by its booking rates and its ease of use. Not to be mistaken by its Websites and a little out-of-date UI , Via.com has some of the best flight booking rates especially if your flight is from either GoAir or JetAirways. Besides, lower rates Via also leads on –

  • No additional convenience fee charges whatsoever.
  • No automatic addition of Insurance.
  • Easy availability of coupon codes which are valid on all books without any minimum fare or minimum booking policy.
  • We used Via.com coupon code – VIADOM to get discounts on even the lowest flight fares amongst its competitors.

Click here to Visit Via.com to book your flight tickets.
Click here to Download Via app and get additional Rs.200 Off!.


Website # 4 – Expedia.co.in

Expedia.co.in Review

Expedia.co.in is the Indian part of the Global travel services provider – Expedia . The flight rates on Expedia were on par with all the operators especially in the economy flights but the additional Convenience Fees charges of Rs.200 on each booking imposed by Expedia harms the ticket fare in the economy flights. But in the Business class flights the Cashback offers provided by Expedia steal the show. We recommend Expedia if you’re looking to Book IndiGo Air Tickets. Though, they give Best Price guarantee else get double the difference as refund, no one simply has the time to claim refunds after the travel.

Click here to Visit Expedia.co.in & book Flights!


Website # 5 – Yatra & GoIbibo (Balloon Publicity)

Yatra = ?

Now, we would purposely club Yatra & GoIbibo in a single review as there’s literally very little to differentiate between the two. Considering the amount of hype & promotions they do, we expected better deals from both of them, But it seems, they spend more on promotion instead of satisfying the passengers by giving best rates. Coming to the point, both Yatra as well as GoCash may give the same rates as any other travel agency but they again levy the Rs.200 Convenience fee on all the tickets .

GoIbibo = ?

And to fool the users come up with offers of Yatra eCash cashback & GoCash cashbacks – Both of the virtual cash being completely useless when it comes to domestic flights bookings.. You can just use a meagre 5% of booking amount to pay via eCash or Rs.500 limit (whichever is lower) , When it comes to economy class bookings the rates of 5% virtual cash carry no value as simply it cuts off the convenience fee which itself was additional  charges levied by these two. Incase of Business class tickets, their extra bloated fares on the sites along with kinda forcing users to buy hotels leaves a Bad Taste. We would highly recommend you to use the previous options before considering these. However, we would gladly change our reviews if the fares & services improve.

Update – You can even get additional CashBacks from CashKaro.com if you are trying to Book either via ClearTrip, MakeMyTrip or Expedia (This Cashback is sponsored by CashKaro and is above and is extra cashback exclusive of coupon discounts , credit card & wallet discounts! . Thus making your travel even sweeter! – Check out this tutorial on How to use CashKaro for getting Flight Discounts.

So, here’s a table which would help you to Book Cheapest Domestic Flights in India

Service Provider Recommended For Carriers App Link
Cleartrip.com SpiceJet preferred &  others  Download
MakeMyTrip.com JetAirways , GoAir preferred & others  Download
Via.com AirIndia recommended & others  Download
Expedia.co.in IndiGo recommended & others  Download



  1. Viral Trivedi January 22, 2016

    Try Akbar travels Web app or Mobile app. They provide very competitive rates compare to all of above mentioned providers. All above provider charges Convenience fees between 350 to 400 INR per person. MakeMytrip charges highest amount INR 400. Akabr Travels charges only INR 175 and their rates are also competitive. I have already booked from MakeMy Trip , but now it realize that they are cheaters. They show Convenience fees when you actually enter credit card details, so its as good as hidden cost.

    1. Shibu February 22, 2017

      Yes, Akbar Travels is very good. Even without any coupon codes, we get better rates than others.

  2. Kallol Biswas April 6, 2016

    Looks like this is a paid review by Make My Trip. It tries to paint a rosy picture for MakeMyTrip, where the truth is far off and much much more bitter. Deception is the only word they believe in. And if the writer of this post and the portal publishing false info for money, best of luck to them.

    1. Rajesh September 20, 2016

      Indeed this one is a paid review as one of my genuine comment was deleted from this comment section. They are showing only those comment which they wanna let others to see.

  3. Aniruddh Singh May 1, 2016

    I am not a travel agent but I do book a lot of flights for myself and my friends. This review doesn’t seem to present the real picture. I would rate the websites in exactly the reverse order as presented here. MMT does levy convenience charges. In fact its charges are higher than goibibo & yatra for international bookings.

  4. tutu May 25, 2016

    ClearTrip does charge a convenience fee, of around 200 INR on every flight you book on

  5. Anonymous June 10, 2016

    i just paid a hefty Rs.350 convenience charge on two tickets just now on Cleartrip.com and feel like a complete idiot and same wud be the case for MMT , apparently if i had searched google i wud have saved Rs.700 on ease my trip

  6. adi July 17, 2016

    this is all bullshit.
    all of the above sites charges heavy convenience fee.
    instead of that , go to irctc flight and pay exact money as shown while searching the flights.
    no convenience fee.

  7. Unmaking my trip September 23, 2016

    Makemytrip charges convenience fees and negates the benefits of all cashback’s and discounts they offer. In fact their convenience fee charge is standard and doe not change based on the payment method as it should be.

  8. priyankametripping October 31, 2016

    Have you tried http://metripping.com? It compares over 1200+ sites

  9. Visvas india December 23, 2016

    Really great tips here! I’m always on the hunt for the latest on saving money on air travel. Visvasindia is also a great travel management that pulls in some of the business airlines and helps save money.

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  11. flyairconnect April 12, 2017

    Also give a try to paytm flight to book flight in low price and also get cashback.

  12. Koushik May 12, 2017

    MakeMyTrip is the biggest cheater of the lot. Avoid them like plague.


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