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How to Add/Set Facebook Profile Picture as Video or GIF on Facebook App | PC Version / Website Method coming soon!


Recently,  Facebook announced an update which will let you upload or set short videos or GIF Images as Profile Pictures or we can say Profile Videos. It announced this update along with other major new features such as ability to set temporary profile pictures (which expire after a certain period) , Also allowing users to Select upto 5 featured photos which can showcased at the top of profile. Besides, this there’s also an option to write short one-line bio’s for public in the new update. So here’s a method on how you can Add / Set Facebook profile Video or set profile picture as video or GIF on Facebook !

Method to Set Profile Videos or Video Profile Pictures on Facebook –

Note – Please Note that this feature is currently launched only in specific regions (U.K & California) & Facebook is gradually rolling out this feature across all its users . Also the Method currently works only on the Facebook App (iOS – iPhone / iPad & Android ) and the PC Website currently doesn’t has this feature (We will be updating this article as soon as the updates are available) .

Tutorial to Set Facebook Profile Video on iOS (iPhone / iPad App) –

  • First of all log-on to your Facebook account on Mobile app , Now in the bottom-right hand side bar you will find an option “More” as shown in the image below –

    Tap on the More Option

    Tap on the “More” option.

  • Once you Tap on the “More” option, it will redirect you to your profile (If you can see your profile picture aligned at the centre, it means you are the lucky one to get this Creative update 🙂 ).
  • Now tap on your current profile picture , If Facebook Video is activated for your profile you’ll see an icon (flashing between camera & video on your profile pic) as shown in the figure below (highlighted by maroon color) –

    Flashing Icon on the Profile Picture

    Now, Simply tap this “Camera/Video flashing icon” .

  • Now, in the menu that appears you will either see a message “Coming soon” or a message to “Take/Upload Profile Video” as shown in the image below –
    Upload Profile Video Option on Facebook

    Upload Profile Video Option on Facebook

    If you can see the message to Take / Upload Profile Video, Tap on it to Record or Select the Video depending upon the choice you selected.
    Note – If you see the Coming Soon message, it means you need to wait a little more… Till then you can show your creative side, by Uploading an Animated GIF which will automatically animate or play on Facebook using the Graphica App for Android , or else if you are on Desktop / Computer – You can check out this tutorial to upload a GIF on Facebook.

  • Now, you can either record a new Profile Video (Upto 7 Seconds length) or select & upload an existing GIF Image or a Video which is to be set as Profile Video.
  • That’s it ! You have successfully updated your new Creative Facebook Profile Video.

Observations –

  • Currently, you can Set/update Profile Video only from the Facebook mobile app, however the changes are visible on the Facebook desktop / PC website version too!.

Gratitude –

We Specially Thank &  Hat-Tip to Molly McHugh and her Wired.com Tutorial for giving us the permission to link and use her image in our article! .

The Facebook profile Video will be loading automatically for Desktop Users and it will appear to them as shown in the following figure –

Profile Video View on Facebook PC Version – Molly McHugh


  1. William Cody Winter October 3, 2015

    I’m guessing this only works on iPhone and not iPad as I’m in the UK and have both updated the Facebook app on my iPad and updated iOS to 9.0.2 and I don’t see the option.

    1. Chaitanya October 3, 2015

      Hi William, well an aquaintance of mine got this running on his iPad as well. he got the option to upload a profile video once he had already uploaded a profile video on his iPhone so I guess it first requires activation on iPhone and later on you can change your Facebook profile video on any device. I will re-confirm it again from him and let you know

      1. William Cody Winter October 3, 2015

        Hi, Yes please look into this as I don’t have an iPhone, only iPad 3rd gen. So I can only do it on iPad or desktop.

        1. Chaitanya October 3, 2015

          Hi William, yes we are looking into it and will ping you as soon as we find the method which will directly work for desktop or iPad.

          1. William Cody Winter October 3, 2015

            Thanks 🙂

          2. Chaitanya October 3, 2015

            You’re welcome William 🙂 in the mean time if you find the method before us do ping us. Thanks 🙂

  2. T October 11, 2015

    Yeah I have an iPad and it doesn’t work for me either

  3. Makhia Baddiee February 25, 2016

    i need help it say video comeing soon butmy friend have it now whatto do?

  4. Makhia Baddiee February 25, 2016

    hey can some one help me ……i am just so happy and want it nowww

  5. Facebook Profile Videos February 26, 2016

    Comming Soon Showing
    How do I add or change my profiles Video on Facebook

  6. pie November 14, 2016

    this is kinda dumb… why limit this to ISO users? I know pc “says” it will come out soon but It won’t. Good example of selective product selling.

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  8. Apple AndLemmonPie April 5, 2017

    Ok I see the “flashing” Video and Camara but doesnt give the option to look for a video to use…
    Also at facebook for windows (pc) gives me the option to set a video as profile but when I try to choose one it doesnt let me do it.


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