Many times, we lose the photo we uploaded to Instagram may be due to loss of device or some other reason. And hence you may want to download & save your own uploaded Instagram photos & videos to a local drive, or Back-Up your Instagram account and its data . Here’s one of the most easiest methods on How to Backup & Download your own Instagram account data using This method can be used to back-up your Instagram account and downoad own photos on Android phones, iPhone , iPad as well as Computer / Mac too

Method to Back-Up & Download your own Instagram Photos using allows you to back-up your Instagram account on Android, iPhone & Computer too
  • is an online service which will automatically fetch all your uploaded Instagram photos & videos so that you can easily download them from your browser on any device. Thus, can be used on any device – Android, iPhone & any Computer / Mac too.
  • To use First of all Sign-in with your Instagram account and authorize the app as shown in the image below – before login

    Once, you log0n to Instaport, the option 2 will turn active as shown below –

  • Successfully Sign-in from , Now here select the “Export Options” like all my photos, or the Last xyz photos and click on “Start export” button. will now start downloading your photos in Step.3 and once it has fetched all the photos & videos from your account it will present you with the Download options as shown below –
    Download Option-

    Simply Click on either the “Donate & Download” button or the “Download only” button to start your Download —

  • That’s it! You have now successfully downloaded & back-up your own Instagram account photos & Videos.


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