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Tasm,or Turbo Assembler/Turbo Debugger By Borland , is one of the most popular assembler used in the world today. it’s used to study the architecture and working of various Microprocessors such as 8085,8086,8051,Pentium Series etc..

But However it doesn’t work / supports the 64 bits of Windows i.e Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 Version, so i have created a separate configured Version of the software for the same purpose.,it will run smoothly,with fullscreen mode and has many features such as

  • Full Screen Mode Operation On Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 | 8.1 & Windows 10  for Tasm [Turbo Asssembler,TD,turbo Debugger]
  • edit option of Microsoft Dos editor integrated [ You can now write your program directly with the dos editor  edit in Windows 7/Windows 8 ]
  • Inbuilt MS-Dos Editor 2.026 within DosBox
  • Auto Mounted the Tasm Files such as tasm,td,and tlink [so that there is no need to mount them everytime , not even one time !! 😀 you open DosBox]
  • Mouse Pointer Support
  • One Click Installer,No Need of configuring anything,installs in seconds and the Shortcut placed on your Desktop!
  • Useful For Students as well as Teachers and Professionals..
  • You can save the program directly within it,and open it next time From the Software itself for editing/Use.

Click here to Download The Installation Package Tasm 1.4 Windows 7|Windows 8|8.1  & Windows 10 64bit Version [2-3 MB]

Installation Guide

First of all You Need To Download The TASM from above link- >

Click here to Download The Installation Package Tasm 1.4 Windows 7|Windows 8|8.1 & Windows 10 64bit Version [2-3 MB]


Then , Its Pretty Simple,Just Keep on Clicking Next,Just Don’t change the Install Directory of the software and make sure its “C:tasm 1.4”

Tasm 1.4 Installation Directory..

Now Launch The Software by the Tasm 1.4 Shortcut Present on your Desktop..

Here are the Basic Function Commands of Tasm are same as that of normal version like

First make sure the screen is showing :     C:Tasm> in Dos Command

Now, To Open MS-Dos Editor Type :

edit “yourfilename.extension” and it will open

check the Below screenshot

To Perform Tasm,Tlink And Execution Debugging

The Same commands are used

For Compiling : tasm “filename.asm” [without quotes]

for Linking : tlink “filename.obj” [without quotes]

For Debugger :  simply “td” [without quotes] or you can use td “filename” [without quotes]

For Execution : filename.exe

here are the screenies for the above functions

turbo debugger/td full screen on Windows 7/windows 8



Click here to Download The Installation Package Tasm 1.4 Windows 7|Windows 8 & Windows 10 64bit Version [2-3 MB]


  • If you are not able to get fullscreen window press “alt+enter” simultaneously after opening the program.
  • Comment any other ones if you have 😀




    • Sam,Sorry The Tasm 1.2 Was Buggy 🙁 :'(
      Anyways i have removed it and Now Released the Tasm 1.4 , You can download it from the above Updated Links…
      Its Working on Mine,Just install the new updated version , it will solve the problem..!!
      Thanks 🙂

  1. Hey extremely sorry for that..i did not change the installer credentials so that you will be getting the credit for them…i just forgot to mention them there in the post as I have taken the installer from a friend…
    Now my internet connection is down to give you credits to it…i will do it whenever im back online…
    Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android


  2. Thanks for the TASM.
    I have my latest copy of TASM 5.0 here. Is it possible to update your TASM 1.4 in your DOS
    I also have MASM 6 Will it run in the DOS box?

  3. Hi! Big thanks for this programme, it saved me alot of time, howeever, how do I use it on asm files in other directories?
    Like another harddrive or diffrent folder?

    • Welcome Pedz 🙂 Actually for opening the programs, you can use any text editor such as Notepad . and if you meant executing them, then 16 bit program execution in 64 bit Operating System is simply impossible without Dosbox, however you can use Dosbox launcher to launch such programs such that they appear to be launched directly.

  4. Thanks a lot bro.I searched a lot for tasm but couldn’t find it .
    If you have Rational Rose Enterprise Edition software for windows 7 64bit then plz share the link with me.

  5. I can’t download it. Avast tells me the file is a Win32:Malvare-gen
    Even when I notify to Avast that the site and file are secure there’s no way to download it.
    I’m using win 8.1 and the last version of Avast 2015 free.

    • Hi Xela, it should work on Windows 10 as mostly all windows 8 softwares work flawlessly on 10 too.. However if it throws any error feel free to comment we will update the app accordingly 🙂

  6. I cannot run the followin code in this installation. It compiles and links fine but when I execute nothing happens. I think this is correct code. I saved the hello.asm file in the tasm folder after installation. Any thoughts?

    .model small
    .stack 100h


    dexter db “Hello World$”


    mov ax, @data
    mov ds, ax

    mov ah, 09h
    mov dx, offset dexter
    int 12h

    mov ah, 4ch
    int 12h

    end start

  7. I’ve tried your TurboC4 version and was delighted to finally find something that actually works. It’s even better than my custom Dosbox install. Too bad this one has no download link as of Nov 2016.

  8. after getting the output screen, if f7 key is pressed it should move to the next instuction. but its not working out for me. which key should i use to move to the next instructuon.

  9. td is not tracing my code even after pressing f7 key…
    it would be a great help if you can help me with that,cause its kinda urgent

  10. Thank you so much.it works very well but the only thing is that when we give an address(say org 1000h), data gets stored in 1010h. So some tiny corrections can be made😃. Again thanks!

  11. it appears the link is not working again. I use this package for all the assembler classes I teach. Please update the link so I can set up my lab for fall.

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