Easily Create Setup / Installer for any Software using InstallSimple Setup creator

Hey Guys, we at TechApple, post alot of setups and installers for many softwares, ever wondered how to create setup/installer for any software. A simple tool / Portable Software – InstallSimple  , which we are going to use for Creating Packaged Software. The Folder/Software of which you want to create Software.

Trick to Obtain Direct Download Links for Dropbox Files | Dropbox Direct Link maker Tool – CloudLinker

In my last post i wrote about Generating Direct Download Links for Files from Copy.com Cloud Storage. Direct Links are links which you can simply share through email/blogs/websites on clicking which file download begins without any landing Page

3 Ways to use Telegram on PC! | Run Telegram on PC/Windows/Linux without any Android Emulator !!

A new instant messaging app has hit the Smartphone market recently,and is making great news especially after Whatsapp was bought by Facebook, The Name of the Instant Messaging app is Telegram. What is Telegram/how is it different? So, Now 3 Ways you can install and Use Telegram on PC Way – I Open the telegram PC app, and.. 3

StarCron Browser v1.0 For Windows – Free Unlimited StarSports.Com Streaming !!

‘Unlimited Sports Events Streaming through StarSports om such as and Many more through StarSports om Click here to Download StarCron Browser v1.0 For Windows Install StarCron Browser v1.0 For Windows on starsports.com!

TiCTeX – All in One LaTeX Bundle-installer with inbuilt Compiler and IDE/Editor | Easy install LateX on Windows/Linux/Ubuntu

Now what is LaTeX ? So Now for installing LateX on windows it was quite difficult as it required a separate latex compiler,a separate IDE etc,and also the information regarding which compiler to be used,which IDE/editor should be used etc,is very scarce..so using the Best LaTeX Compiler available : MiKTeX,   Best LaTeX editor : TeXMaker  and various other simple tools required for Preparing LateX, we created TiCTeX : An All in One LaTeX Bundle cum installer with inbuilt MiKTeX,TeXMaker IDE/Editor

Installing and running Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 On Windows 7/Windows 8 [x32-x64 : 32bit-64bit] with all features!

Hello Friends,recently i had to do some college Project in Microsoft Visual basic 6.0 + Oracle SQL Connectivity, but the hell Microsoft Visual Studio wasn’t simply installing on my Lappy, so after a few hit and misses at the goal, i have found the Foolproof Method for installing Microsoft Visual Studio on your Windows 7 and Windows 8,Windows 8.1 installations that too on both the 32 bit and x64:64-bit releases of Windows 7 and Windows 8 There are a lot many reasons which are responsible for installation of Visual Studio/visual basic 6, prominent of which are

ByteBX Zip And Download Trick! Enable Premium Zip And Download Feature your free account using this Script :)

You Must be Knowing ByteBX, The Online torrent leech/torrent caching,remote url uploading service , if its not installed then you can Download and Install Tampermonkey for Chrome here : Click here to Download Tampermonkey from Chrome  Store OR 😀

GNU Octaves Installer For Windows XP/7 And Windows 8/8.1 [32bit and 64bit variants]

We have Created one Gnu Octaves installer for Windows with Inbuilt MinGW libraries required for the Soft : GNU Octaves For Windows Click here to Download GNU Octaves For Windows Installer Alternative Link : To Download GNU Octaves For Windows Installer