Remote URL Upload to Upload files on Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive/|Easiest way to cache files and transfer between hosts

n all the above cases the problem can be solved by Remote URL Upload by virtue of which we can upload files stored on remote(other) urls to Our cloud storage (Dropbox,Google Drive,Box om) Procedure to perform Remote URL Uploading to upload files on Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive/

3 Best Apps to Record Screen in Linux|Capture Screen Videos / Screencast in Linux easily! Ubuntu,Fedora,LinuxMint,ArchLinux etc

Recently, i had to redord some tutorials on my linux machine, but i found out that there are only a few rare options to record screencasts [screen videos ]in Linux / Ubuntu [LinuxMint is based on Ubuntu] , hence i came up with these three Best and Awesome apps to record screen in linux

Easily Create Setup / Installer for any Software using InstallSimple Setup creator

Hey Guys, we at TechApple, post alot of setups and installers for many softwares, ever wondered how to create setup/installer for any software. A simple tool / Portable Software – InstallSimple  , which we are going to use for Creating Packaged Software. The Folder/Software of which you want to create Software.