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3 New Useful Features of Ios 16


Finding new features in Apple devices is a constant task for both users and us, and the iPhone is one of the most suitable devices for this. With the release of each subsequent version of iOS, the creators are laying more and more functionality in the bowels of the system, allowing you to make the gadget as versatile and versatile as possible. 

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And almost always the company manages to pleasantly surprise its fans. Smartphones are no longer just a phone, but real laptop computers. Just like CasinoChan is no longer just a casino, but a multifunctional platform with many functions. 

Portable Karaoke from Apple Music

On the eve of the New Year, the American electronics giant released the iOS 16.2 update, which implemented a new feature. To be more precise, the innovation affects the Apple Music application, and the function itself is called Apple Music Sing.


Previously, the music streaming application was already able to display the text of the song being played, but now we are offered something else. So, by activating the new option on the iPhone, the vocal volume will be lowered so that the user has almost a “backing track” of the composition at his disposal, and he can sing himself. And most importantly, Apple Music Sing works without any restrictions and is compatible with millions of tracks available in the service.


To turn on the karaoke mode, you need to turn on the desired track and click on the text icon in the lower left corner, then touch and hold the “Apple Sing” symbol. Here you are free to adjust the volume of the original performer’s voice to your liking.

Removing Water from iPhone Speakers

We know many stories about how an Apple smartphone spent some amazing time at the bottom of a lake, sea, or even ocean, and months later it was again in the hands of the owner in working condition. This is possible because all iPhones have had a high moisture protection rating in recent years. Nevertheless, the device is not designed for such a long stay in the water, moreover, even if something went wrong with a short-term immersion in fresh water, neither Apple nor any other smartphone manufacturer extends warranty conditions to “drowned”. That is, water resistance is rather a pleasant bonus than a full–fledged guarantee of protection from water.


Apple offers an additional feature that will protect the iPhone from moisture. You are probably familiar with it if you have an Apple Watch – the watch makes sounds, causing the speaker to vibrate, thereby expelling the remaining water from the watch. There is a similar option in the iPhone. To do this, go to the site at this link, click the “Get Shortcut” button, and then “Add”. Now you can activate the release of water by giving Siri the appropriate command.

Blocking Spam Messages

Are you tired of regular SMS messages about the upcoming weather? Food delivery with annoying obsession sends messages about the next action? Or maybe you suddenly became the winner of a certain contest in which you have never participated? The iPhone functionality allows you to filter all incoming messages to finally get rid of the incessant spam. Theoretically, you can simply block the sender’s number, but doing this every time can be tedious – it’s much easier to activate the spam filter once and forget about various ads and scammers.


To do this, go to “Settings”, select “Messages” and scroll down to the “Message Filters” section, where you can move the “Filtering by sender” slider to the active position. Now you can create a list of known senders in Messages and no longer receive unnecessary notifications.

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