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If you are a science fantasy fanatic then You must have heard of Final Fantasy games, haven’t you? Well if you haven’t yet, it’s okay as in this blog post we have got you an amazing guide to Final Fantasy XIV.

But before that, for a quick reference, we would like you to know the brief about Final Fantasy. In 2001, a Japanese game in the fictional science genre was released by Square Enix called Final Fantasy. From then on, so far the games have been segregated into 16 series. Each series is unique and always offers something exciting to its audience.

However, in this article, we will be talking about its XIV series. To start off with, this series was issued globally in the year 2010. Speaking about its gaming niche, this game falls under the category of the MMORPG gaming genre.

After the release of Final Fantasy XI, this game series was enlisted under the second MMORPG niche. This brought immense excitement amongst fans of Final Fantasy as, despite its fictional-science gaming type, it offered its player the to live the unreal through the game.

Now that we know the basics of this game series, let’s know about what it offers to its players, shall we?

Free trials

It is obvious for us to always geek out of the overall gist of anything before getting to know anything completely. While this concept in movies or series is labeled as “trailers”, here in the game we got Free trials. Honestly, such a feature is one of the coolest ways to help players learn more about the gaming type in advance.

The best thing about Final Fantasy XIV trials is that it enables users to explore this game by giving them access for free as trials. This not only teaches a player to learn and play better further but also helps build confidence.

In this trial period, the player is not limited to any time or level. One can choose any level based on his gaming preference. Therefore, if you want to know more about this game by playing it, sign up now and you will get 100 hours of a free trial period to play as an unsubscribed member.

Character story of Race and Clans

Final Fantasy XIV is a great gaming series to play but what’s more, fun is the choosing of its characters to play the game. This game offers its players to choose its distinctive gaming character Race and Clans.

However, sadly, to choose a character, the players are provided with only eight options. From these limited options, the players are free to choose any character’s race to begin further exploration.

Once done, the player has chosen his preferred character race, and a set of limited clans is then provided to complete the process. The best thing about choosing Character Race and Clan is that once done, there is an automated name generator set up in this game.

This name generator, based on Race and Clan type, suggests a name for the player to name its character. This helps the player play the game without worrying about constructing a cool name.

What’s more?

The game is decently easy to understand, play and learn. With its simple feature, it keeps the player engaged and more interested in exploring further.

As the player levels up while playing, his mode of transportation will also get upgraded. From just walking to using airships or teleporting, this game has a lot of fun features.

In case a player is struggling to understand the concept, there is a mentor, acknowledged in the form of an avatar, who guides a novice with his role and game type.

If still someone is struggling hard, they can also go for FF14 Carry services. Expert-Vetted professionals help and make your journey easy.

Overall, this game is fun to play and explore. If you are someone who loves playing sci-fi games, then you will have a great time exploring this series further.

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