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Are you waiting for the latest updates of the game Run escape like many others? We are present on this platform to take you out of this misery.

Many pro gamers and gamer friend wants to eagerly know about the game called run escape. And we know that you too want to get an early access to this game’s latest or say fresh updates. Here read out this article we brought up to you so that you can know every bit of the important news related to this game. So let’s begin!!!

Run escape is also known as run escape 3 sometimes and it is a massive multiplayer online game which also include fantasy role play gaming and it is developed by Jagex. The first release of the run escape game was in January year 2001.

At first originally run escape was a browser game with java language but at a time later on it was replaced by C++ in 2016. The game is recognized by the Guinness world records as largest updated free MMORPG because the game run escape have about 300 million accounts of gamers created, this made its place in the Guinness world records.

Designers of the game are Andrew Gower and Paul Gower. The platforms which are suitable for you so that you can play this game are windows, macOS, linux, android, iOS.



Are you willing to know about the game play set up of run escape? So here it is given below…

Players start with the scheduled area known as tutorial island there players have to go through a tutorial it is a set path where they learn the basics of the game, the most basics skills of run escape. When the players are done with learning after that, they have an access to tutors located in different regions of town the advisors can give the players appropriate information about the game play of the game run escape.


I am sure you people want to know the latest news or any updates regarding the game called run esacpe, here we are helping you out with this situation.

The latest update in the game was on May 23rd 2018, the makers announced that due to the accumulation of constant bugs in the game, the game engine was incompatible of the tools and was not able to support modern game tools. The run escape classic game servers would permanently be shuting down on August 6th 2018. Run escape was the released on October 14th year 2020.


This is here the biggest problem in front of the players of the game that they have to buy a gold membership of the game and they face a lot of difficulties in buying the membership. Here we are to help you out with the problem you are facing read out this paragraph for solving you misery.

The best way to buy the gold membership is to buy it from the site p2pah.com. from this site you can easily buy the gold membership for this game. It is very easy to buy the membership just by clicking here OSRS Gold.


You can then simply buy runescape gold membership in few minutes. Just by entering your details and few more steps and you can enjoy your gaming as usual.


So this was every bit of information about the game. Here we looked about the game, about the features of the game, about latest news and updates and also about how you can easily buy a gold membership for this game called run escape.

I hope this post about the game play, features and latest updates of run escape was useful to you readers cum players. Now I would like to end this post by giving you a praise for your excellent gaming style. Happy gaming!!!

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  1. Nika October 13, 2022

    First up, they’ve released the Mining and Smithing rework – check out our blog post on it for all the juicy details. There’s also been a huge update to the Slayer skill, which includes 11 new bosses, as well as loads of other changes and additions (again, more info in our blog post).

    On top of that, they’ve got a whole bunch of new quests for you to enjoy. The first two parts of ‘The Lord of Vampyrium’ are now live.

    The latest update for the game includes a number of new features and enhancements, including:
    – A new questline called “The Light Within”
    – The addition of two new skills, Divination and Invention
    – New bosses, creatures, and dungeons
    – Changes to the game’s economy and PvP system


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