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AudFree Audio Converter Best One for Mac And Windows OS


Digital Rights Management protocol or DRM is the protocol used by Apple and other online music streaming platforms to reserve the copyrights of the music. AudFree Audio Converter is the software that lets you easily remove DRM Protection from the music so that you can easily transfer or listen to your favorite music tracks on any of your smartphone or PC system. Let’s get on to more details about the software and its functionality.

What is AudFree Audio Converter?

AudFree Audio Converter for Mac is a standard music converter software from AudFree Software. Apple users us Apple Music or iTunes where they can listen to their favorite music tracks protected with DRM protection. You can’t transfer such music tracks to any other devices since they are protected with DRM protocol. When you remove this protection, only then you can transfer the converted music files to Android or any other PC system.

Key Features:

Easy-to-use Interface

This audio converter tool serves intuitive user interface. Anyone can easily start using this software as it serves simple functionality. The homepage features all the useful functions with buttons, you can click the buttons to start adding songs and converting your music files.

Removes DRM Protection

This software removes DRM protection from iTunes library. You can also drag and drop the protected tracks from your desktop to this software. It converts music quickly and removes DRM protection from the selected files instantly.

Converts Music without losing its original quality

This software is designed for the Apple users who can easily fetch their iTunes library from the software and can select the songs to convert using the built-in converter. You can convert Apple Music and iTunes M4P songs to MP3, FLAC and other formats with just one click.

Supports All the popular formats

This software converts Apple Music M4P songs, iTunes M4B Audiobooks, playlists, audible AA, AAX files to plain formats. Apart from Apple’s protected music and audio files, you can even use this software to convert plain audio files to different formats like Mp3, WAV, AAC, M4A, M4B without losing its original quality.

Fast Conversation Speed

The aim of this software is to convert the Apple Music and other plain music formats to different formats. There are many of such music converter software present on the market. But what makes Audfree Audio Converter software unique from others is its faster conversation speed. You can convert audio files with 30X faster speed than the ordinary audio converters.

Keep ID3 Tags

Users can customize the output format by making different changes to it. You can easily edit or keep ID3 tags of output audios such as the title, album name, artist name, genre etc. You can change everything as per your requirement before you hit the convert button.

Built-in Splitter

You can split multiple audio files using the built-in splitter tool. You can split the large audiobooks into specific chapters or time frame. This tool lets you customize things as per your requirements.

How does this software work?

This dedicated Apple Music Converter works well with Apple Music or iTunes as it is specially designed for the Apple users who can easily fetch their iTunes music and can convert them or can remove DRM protection easily. The following steps will show you how you can get started with this music converter on a Mac system.

The first thing you need to do here is downloading and installing this software on a respective Mac system. The same software is available for the Windows Operating System as well. You can get it for free for testing purpose or can buy the premium edition of the software as well.

Once the installation process is done, go to the Applications folder and launch the software by clicking on to its icon. The front-page will be presented in front of you with a clean screen. Click the + icon to add music from the iTunes library.

When you click the +icon from the lower left-side, you will see the downloaded music from the iTunes library. All the music tracks will be there on your screen. You can select the songs from the list to be converted. Select the songs and click on to the Add button.

Click on to the format setting button from the lower right corner to select the output format of the selected music tracks. You will be presented with all the formats, select the MP3 option to convert the M4P files into MP3 format. You can also make changes to other things such as codec, channel, sample rate etc. Click the Ok button once you set up everything.

At last, click the Convert button given at the lower right corner. The conversation of the selected music files will begin itself. Soon, you will get all the selected music tracks converted into the desired format. You can transfer or send the converted tracks to any other device or PC system for offline listening.


AudFree Audio Converter is the most reliable and super easy music converter software for Apple users. The software also works well with other types of audio files and lets you easily convert the music into the desired file formats. You can go for the free trial edition of the software to test out how it works for you and then go for the premium edition. Give it a try now!


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