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Top 5 Most Popular Indoor Games in India

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When the words “games” and “sport” are mentioned relating to India, at once such sports as cricket, football, hockey, and other high-ranking sports with a massive following in the country come to one’s mind. However, indoor games are also essential as they help keep people entertained without leaving the comfort of their homes or being bothered by the weather. Apart from serving entertainment purposes, these sports also help maintain mental and physical balance while developing valuable skills. In international tournaments, indoor sports are highly recognized and are given the same priority as outdoor sports. 

India had been rich in indoor sports from prehistoric years. For instance, the game of chess was founded in northern India centuries ago. Though it seems as though cricket has covered up every other sport in India, the situation is fast changing lately as many indoor sports are starting to gain traction across the country. Today, various indoor sports have become popular in India, and notable talents of these sports are beginning to emerge locally and internationally.

In this article, we will review five indoor sports that are highly popular in India.

  • Chess

Chess holds a high rank among the most popular indoor games in India. It is a game that requires a high level of mental ability. Also, it helps to enhance the ability to focus and patience in players. It is widely believed that Indians are very good at the game since it originated in India.

Chess is played by two players over a board with 16 pieces available to each. Each piece has a unique characteristic and style of movement. The game’s objective is to checkmate the opponent’s lead piece – the king.

  • Kabaddi

Kabaddi is another indoor game that has its roots in Tamil Nadu – ancient India. It was once known as a village recreational sport. However, through the influence of the PKL (Pro Kabaddi League), the game has evolved in recent years to become one of India’s most loved sports – gaining massive enthusiasts and followers. India is well-known for its outstanding performances in kabaddi in the Asian Cup tournaments and Olympic games. Today, the sport is widely played in various institutions across the country.

Kabaddi is a game of physical strength, stamina, and stealth. A match is played between two teams of around ten players each. The game’s duration is divided into two halves, with 20 minutes for each half and a break of 5 minutes. A point is scored when a player from one team (known as the raider) touches the opponent players and returns successfully to his half.

  • Badminton

Badminton is an indoor sport with massive popularity in India. Over the years, the sport has produced many great Indian talents notable for their outstanding performances in various international tournaments.

Badminton is similar to tennis as they are both racket sports and played on a rectangular pitch. However, the rackets used in badminton are designed specifically for the sport, and a shuttlecock is used instead of the ball used in tennis. The sport can be played between two or four players who hit the shuttlecock across the net without allowing it to bounce on their halves. A point is scored if an opponent fails to return the shuttlecock in the course of a rally.

Badminton is widely played in India because it is exciting and has pretty simple rules. Also, it is beneficial for staying healthy as it helps stay fit, enhances heart function and muscle strength.

  • Bowling

Bowling is a popular indoor sport played in more than ninety countries globally. The sport is often enjoyed among families and friends and has many lovers in India. It is played as a recreation sport and also helps build physical shape.I

t’s not a professional sport but its popularity is getting higher and maybe one day it will be included to the one list with such kind of sports as cricket or table tennis.

  • Table tennis

Also known as ping-pong, table tennis is a famous indoor sport in India – particularly among young adults. The sport is played extensively in schools, colleges, and neighborhoods across India and has various national tournaments in its name. Also, the country has produced several top-quality table tennis players that are well-known at international levels.

The style of play in table tennis is similar to lawn tennis. It can be played between two or four players who hit a lightweight ball across a table that is equally divided into two halves by a net. It is a sport that requires players to be physically fit, focused, and make calculated moves.

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Indoor sports are highly beneficial as they serve both recreation and fitness purposes. They also enhance creativity, reduce anxiety and improve brain functioning. You can choose to learn a sport from the list above and enjoy it from the comfort of your house. Don’t forget to visit Parimatch for the best table tennis betting experience.

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