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Fouls can cause you huge losses in-game. Learn the Carrom foul rules here


Carrom is nowadays quite popular all around the world. You might have observed that it is now considered as a sport and there are many tournaments organized for carrom.
It is a skill-based game that requires proper knowledge of the rules and skills in order to win the game. There is no need for luck or chance. It has some basic rules and some carrom foul rules, which are enough to win the game if you have practiced them well. Carrom only needs practice. Practice makes your carrom skills perfect.

Carrom game
The game of carrom originated from India and is a tabletop game played with fingers and strikers. Carrom is usually a team game. You can’t play carrom alone until and unless you are playing in any application, which has the feature to play with a computer.
The main aim of the carrom is to sink or pocket all the game pieces or carrom men and a different color piece, which is called a queen. You have to win the queen to defeat your opponents. Usually, the first player will have white color pieces but you can manually choose the colors. There are only two colors used at a time. i.e black and white.
Then the striker adds some entertainment to the game. You have to use the striker to put the pieces in the pockets. You have to pocket the queen and one piece of your color before your opponent, then only you will win the game.

Carrom foul rules

  1. Each player in the carrom has to win the queen with one of their color pieces but if the player sinks the opponent’s pieces, whether the queen is covered or not, he has to be given the penalty. Both the queen and piece will be placed at the center of the board.
  2. If a player pockets or sinks the opponent’s last or final piece to cover the queen, he has to pay the penalty piece and put it on the center of the board.
  3. If the player pockets or sinks the last piece before he covers the queen, he has to put the pocketed piece and one penalty piece at the center of the board.
  4. If the player violates the rules or goes against the rules or method of using striker, then they will have to pay the penalty piece but in the online carrom, it is automatically censored that the player is using the wrong way.

Other important carrom rules

  1. If a player sinks the striker, he has to put the pocketed piece on the board and his turn is also over but if you sink the piece, then you will get a pocketed piece and you will get another chance.
  2. If a player sinks or pockets his opponent’s piece and queen also, then he has to give a penalty piece and put it on the center of the board. But if other pieces sink in the same shot, they will be pocketed. They will not be regarded as foul.
  3. When you are pushing the striker towards the queen but you pocketed one-piece and queen, it will not be considered foul and it also does not matter which one sinks first or goes inside the corner pocket.
  4. If a carrom man goes outside the board, pieces will be put back on the center of the board. This will be followed in the situation when pieces land or end or overlap another carrom men. The same procedure will be followed.
  5. If you pocket your opponent’s piece, you will lose your turn. But if you sink their last carrom, then you will lose your turn and three points.
  6. If you sink your last carrom men before the queen, you will lose the game and three points. The one point for each opponent piece will be left.
  7. If your last piece in the game is pocketed or sinks before the Queen, you end up losing the board, three points, and also one point for each of your opponent’s pieces left.
  8. You will lose the game if you sink or pocket all your carrom men and you neglect the queen. Also, your opponent will be considered a winner even if he has not pocketed all his pieces.

After reading about carom and carrom foul rules. You must have understood that in the game carrom, rules are quite important. The entire game of carrom depends on whether you know the rules or not. Carrom is now played worldwide and also available on digital platforms. It has made the carrom quite popular. GetMega is a gaming platform that provides a variety of games such as card games, casual games and trivia games. Carrom comes under the casual game category. You will win exciting prizes and enhance your skills. Also, at the beginning of the game, it provides all the carrom foul rules. Thus, you can use this app without any worries.


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