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Top Trends To Look For In iOS Development 2022


In June 2021 alone, over 34.3 thousand mobile applications were released in the Apple App Store. This Eurostat research is adequate to state that they have actually entered the wonderful year of the mobile application industry. This has provided consumers with unparalleled user engagement through both sides of the hardware and software.

Nonetheless, app developers are ecstatic about this boom period of app creation. The demand for iOS application development companies is greater than ever. According to another Statista research, the mobile application industry would hit a staggering $693 billion by 2021. App development is a fast-paced and hypercompetitive industry. To keep ahead of the competitors, mobile software firms must meet ever-increasing client needs while developing user-friendly and productive applications.

Because Apple devices are becoming increasingly popular, iOS platform development is now immensely popular. Moreover, in order to compete with leading companies, application developers must design extremely efficient and feasible mobile applications that are packed with an amazing amount of functionalities.

List of Top App Trends In iOS

Every technology has brought about a change in functionalities that appeared unfathomable at the time. The more sophisticated the app, the more consumers it attracts. As a result, firms are striving for mobile app development in line with the 2022 predictions.

#1. Machine Learning and AI

The use of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) aids in the development of more customer-engaging, resilient, and economical apps. Core ML can do various jobs using a wide range of techniques, allowing different firms to pick what best meets their need. The technology may be implemented into the app to start machine learning and generate additional forecasts to better the user experience.

Picture and voice recognition, text or picture categorization, as well as many other AI functions are utilized in iOS development by top iOS development companies. Deployment of AI is an iOS trend that is expected to be essential in the next few years because it enhances user engagement and makes application development highly effective and less time-consuming.

#2. AR and VR

One of the most amazing innovations in iOS app development is the use of augmented reality and virtual reality. They connect the physical and digital worlds, allowing people to interpret information in new ways. People were initially drawn in by the fun elements of AR and VR, such as the popular game “Pokemon Go.”

These technologies are now utilized for a variety of additional practical applications, including information seeking, commerce, consciousness, and so on. L’Oreal utilizes augmented reality to promote sales by allowing users to test on numerous hairstyles via their app “Style My Hair.”

Google Maps now includes Augmented Reality with the “True View” feature. It is possible to determine the exact location of the individual by pointing the device’s camera at nearby structures.

#3. IoT (Internet Of Things)

The Internet of Things consists of numerous components, including machines that access the internet and communicate with one another, methods of connecting devices without any human involvement, and enormous volumes of data created by devices. It is utilized in nearly every sector and is one of the most popular iOS development trends. At a glance, the Internet of Things is used in logistics, Smart City systems, agriculture to monitor soil conditions, Apple Watch to assist diagnose heart problems, and so on.

The core of the Internet of Things is gathering vast amounts of data, evaluating it, and applying it to improve the ease of human existence. This is also connected up into different medical apps for iOS that check heart movements of patients even when they’re at home.

#4. iBeacon

iBeacon is an advanced tool for transferring Bluetooth signals between small transmitters. The beacons’ functioning concept is such that at regular intervals, they broadcast Bluetooth signals to devices (tablets, phones, etc.) within their range that are Bluetooth Low Energy compliant.

Consider this in the context of a specific example. The user passes by the business, ignoring the advertisements. The store’s sensors connect to their device and deliver a notification to the user at this point. It can include any type of content, call to action, or basic knowledge. As a result, iBeacon is a new trend in iOS app development that helps businesses to enhance marketing in modern ways.

#5. Cloud Integrated iOS Apps

iCloud was originally released in 2011. Since then, this technology has become an essential component of all Apple devices. As can be seen, this is not a novel tool. Nonetheless, given the number of iCloud users growing year on year, it may be firmly regarded as another major iOS mobile app development trend.

iCloud is a service that sends data from your device to the cloud. For example, if you begin working on a document on an iPhone, you may continue to manage it on an iPad using the same AppleID. Many programmes now use iCloud to boost their performance. This enables the programme to be more lightweight while ensuring the security of users’ vital information.


These are the top five application development trends to look out for in 2022. The list is not very long. These trends are taken into account by an app development firm during the project lifecycle.

These iOS developments hold promise for addressing some of the most difficult issues and enhancing app development procedures in 2022. Choose the trends you aspire to operate with for your project.


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