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Reasons to use a CMMS for your Growing Business


Reasons to use a CMMS for your Growing Business

It can be very challenging to maintain a manufacturing or a fully operational facility unit. From controlling costs, enhancing operational efficiency, managing resources to streamlining work orders in real-time, maintenance is indeed a daunting task that needs more than just manpower or manual maintenance.

Thus, the job of a facility manager is very crucial, the techniques used by him will determine the overall profitability of the organization. These are some of the challenges faced by maintenance managers in every unit:

  • Shortage of Resources needed to run the unit smoothly
  • Lack of skilled labour
  • Controlling maintenance cost
  • Managing work-orders in real-time
  • Organising proper safety-related training activities for employees
  • Lack of reliable asset-related data

How can we solve the above-mentioned maintenance issues?

Like every other field, here too, technology has come to our rescue. The introduction of the CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) has dynamically transformed the face of facility management and has helped facility managers to improve the overall efficiency of their maintenance units.

What is the purpose of maintenance management system?

With the growing competition, brands are today forced to create a more comprehensive asset management plan that is in line with the organisational goals and expectations. The modern-day maintenance challenges and the growing customer demand can only be answered with the help of a CMMS.

The CMMS is software that digitally maintains the database of all the assets and processes operating within the operational unit. It helps in storing and centralising data so that it can be made available to everyone in the company with just a click of a button.

How can CMMS take care of maintenance repair and operations?

Small steps can bring big results – that’s the contribution of MRO in the company’s growth.

MRO stands for the three main functions of a facility unit – Maintenance, Repair and Operations. Lack of MRO management planning can impact the operational capability of a plant. Improper maintenance can lead to unscheduled downtime, lack of spare parts can result in the delay of repairs and, lack of planning can hamper the overall operational processes.

To ensure the optimum management of the MRO standards, the CMMS plays an important role; it automates processes and helps in the implementation of preventive maintenance strategy. CMMS takes care of maintenance, repair, and daily operations.

What are the advantages of CMMS?

  • Implement Preventive Maintenance

CMMS automates the maintenance activities and schedules then in a way that every asset goes through scheduled inspection. Thus, the technicians detect problems in the initial stage and fix them before they become problematic. The process of preventing a breakdown is much better than reacting to it. Preventive maintenance strategy has been widely recognised and accepted across the globe.

  • Manage work orders

The CMMS software helps facility managers to efficient schedule and plan work orders efficiently. Additionally, CMMS allows managers to track the exact status of the orders and ensure their completion on time.

  • Inventory Management

Another crucial role of CMMS is inventory management. CMMs helps in organising the maintenance operations and tracks the availability of assets in real-time. The software can trace the location of the inventory, and thus prevent unnecessary expenditure. It further allows repair works to be executed quickly.

  • Enhance Productivity

CMMS software is now also available as a mobile application that can be used by all on their smartphones. Now technicians can check the details of the procedures or repair details on the application and suggest solutions immediately without any delay. Further, they can log in all details related to asset maintenance in real-time.


CMMS combined with preventive maintenance can bring a significant change in the overall growth of the company. A well-organised facility unit has lesser downtimes, better asset health and improved efficiency. There are many CMMS providers, thus research well before you select the software, check the features properly and, if possible, ask for a free trial.

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