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6 places that now accept Bitcoin


Long gone are the days when Bitcoin was merely a fringe internet currency with few (if any) real-world applications. Instead, the cryptocurrency is now accepted in a range of places and, as that list grows, so too does Bitcoin’s popularity.

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#1 PayPal

PayPal was one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin, and this really was a game-changer. Not only did Paypal’s adoption encourage other tech giants like Microsoft to follow suit, but it changed how Bitcoin was conceived. When PayPal began accepting payments, Bitcoin moved from a fringe investment option to a fully-fledged currency. Better still, PayPal charges lower commission on Bitcoin payments than it does on those made with credit cards, making this a very attractive proposition indeed.

#2 Online Casinos

The continued growth and popularity of online casinos like luckynuggetcasino.com can be attributed to people’s propensity to game on the move, the smartphone boom, and even the effects of the pandemic. Embracing their position at the forefront of the digital revolution, many online casinos now accept cryptocurrency deposits, with Bitcoin being the most popular.

#3 Starbucks

Things don’t get much more down-to-earth than a trip to your local Starbucks to buy a coffee. The chain trialed Bitcoin payments extensively before taking the plunge, but it’s now possible to pay for your flat white using the Bakkt app. Starbucks has a major high street presence, and their adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method is seen by many as proof that the currency is going fully mainstream.

#4 Microsoft

Along with PayPal, Microsoft was one of the earliest adopters and remains perhaps the best place to spend your Bitcoin. In fact, the company began accepting Bitcoin as early as 2014 when it was mostly unknown, a gamble that’s paid off. Microsoft users can pay for apps, games and make micro-transactions using Bitcoin. The company has placed Bitcoin at the heart of its payment infrastructure. Far more than just a fringe afterthought, it looks as though cryptocurrency will play a big part in Microsoft’s future.

#5 Etsy

Etsy and Bitcoin have an interesting and not altogether straightforward relationship. Although Etsy as a platform has no functionality to accept Bitcoin payments, many of its sellers nonetheless encourage payments made in this way. The option to accept cryptocurrency can be enabled in individual Etsy stores by selecting “add other payment option” and then scrolling down to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is popular on the platform, with lots of forum posts dedicated to exploring its potential.

#6 airBaltic

It might not be a company that readers frequently use (or even at all), but airBaltic’s move to accept Bitcoin payments is hugely significant. The Latvian airline was the first in the world to allow payment via cryptocurrency. It processed at least 1000 fares in its first year of accepting Bitcoin and paved the way for other airlines to do the same. This, along with the other additions on the list, is viewed by many as proof of Bitcoin’s inexorable development into a mainstream currency.

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