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How to Generate Bitcoins Without Mining in 2021-2022


Bitcoin mining is the most popular way to earn Bitcoins. However, it’s frowned upon since it can damage our environment.

Fortunately, there are other alternatives to mining. You won’t need to rely on mining just to get free Bitcoins. You have plenty of options to choose from, so we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to generate Bitcoins without resorting to mining.

Let’s begin.

Games and Faucets

This is the easiest and fastest way to generate Bitcoins. It’s easy and simple. There are many faucet sites available, but make sure to use a legitimate one.

Finding one isn’t hard and there are many games to choose from. Surely, there’s something that will suit your preferences.

You don’t need to mine to generate bitcoins using this method plus there aren’t any investments involved.


Gambling is also a great way to generate Bitcoins. It’s not at the top of everybody’s list because of the risks involved.

Like gaming sites, there are also plenty of gambling sites on the internet. You can gamble and then get your winnings in Bitcoins.

Online Bitcoin casinos are gaining popularity. If you want to know the list of the best Bitcoin casino, head over to www.bitcoinbuster.com. They have a thorough review of all the available cryptocurrency casinos.

Completing various tasks

If you want the safer route, you can always try completing various tasks to earn Bitcoins. Some sites will offer Bitcoins in exchange for watching a few ads. Some companies are also offering Bitcoin payments to people who can answer their surveys.  It’s not very time-consuming, and these websites are pretty consistent in paying you for completing their tasks.

Asking for bitcoin tips

You can even ask for your tips to be given as bitcoin these days. It sounds far off and crazy, but it’s possible. It’s similar to accepting Bitcoin payments.  To give you an idea, you can ask for tips from your online store, blogs, or even vlogs. If you have a Patreon, you can also ask for your followers to tip you in Bitcoins.


If you want to go with a more traditional path, lending your bitcoins to other users is a great idea to make it grow. You can earn from the interest you’ve charged them.

You can lend it to a friend or someone you know who can pay it back. You can also use well-known and trusted peer-to-peer platforms so that it’s more regulated. We recommended going with the latter so that there’s a guarantee that the person you lent Bitcoins to can pay it back and won’t runoff. There are several peer-to-peer (P2P) platforms available to choose from.

Accepting Bitcoin as your payment method

If you’re running a business like an online shop, you can start accepting Bitcoin payments.

Let your customers know that you allow Bitcoin payments in your store. Soon enough you’ll start accumulating them.

Then, you can either transfer your Bitcoins to your bank account or use a portion of them for Bitcoin investing.

Accepting salary payment in the form of Bitcoins

For those who don’t have an online business, you can ask your company to pay you in Bitcoins instead.

Although not all companies do this, it’s not bad to ask your employer if this is possible.

For freelancers, this is quite easy. You can ask your clients to pay you in Bitcoins instead and even make it your preferred mode of payment for future clients and projects.

Trading Bitcoins

Trading Bitcoins is one of the best ways to invest. If you don’t have experience in trading, you can always use a secure CFD provider that allows you to trade without having to pay for commissions. Most CFD providers require a minimum deposit in order to start trading with them.

As more people see the benefits of Bitcoin, investing in them and generating Bitcoins have changed over the past few years. Some methods are easier than others while some can be inconvenient for some people. It will all depend on you and how you’ll manage it.


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