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5 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup with Name (No Charge)


5 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup with Name (No Charge)

Using something that doesn’t ask you to pay anything on it would be a great perk in today’s world. Everybody wants to make the most out of such benefits, but i+t is also essential to know what one gains for free? Whether or not it is significant and valuable for the user or it is a useless thing.

When we talk about reverse phone lookup apps, we can say that they are essential if you need to know about the person trying to contact you. Read this article to find out what free reverse phone lookup options do you have to go for that you can use without paying anything on it. You can also do a reverse email lookup online with them.

Below are the five free reverse phone lookup that you can rely upon:

1). CocoFinder

Known as one of the finest reverse phone lookup services, CocoFinder has everything that one needs to know about the person you are looking for. With this service, you will gain access to the person you need to know about.

Worldwide there are unlimited users currently using this tool and love it because of its dynamic features. If you are worried about all the miscalls you are receiving at the wrong hours, there is no other option than CocoFinder. With this service, you can find every single detail of the person to whom you want to know about.

Following are some other leading features that you should know about CocoFinder before thinking about using this service:

Background Check

The finest thing that you get to know through this service is the background information about the target number or person. By adding the details you already have on the person, you can find the rest of the data. Everything will be in front of you as the app doesn’t hide anything from the user.

Within a few minutes, you will be able to draw the desired data you are looking for. The best part is that you will find everything about the person in full detail. There is not even a single that you don’t know through using CocoFinder.

White Pages

White pages are known as a modern version of the traditional phonebook. It gives you the details of a person you are looking for, including their name, contact details, and phone number.

When searching for contact details via old methods can be tough and time-consuming.

By using this feature, you can save time and energy and draw the data within seconds. There is no need to register yourself first to use this feature as it works without asking you to follow any formalities. CocoFinder’s White Pages services give you the same information as the huge phonebooks and reduce the effort needed for shifting through the pages by hand.

Public Records Search

The information that people draw by using CocoFinder is gathered through unlimited public records, or if the work were done manually, it would take a lot of time, and the work would be hectic. If you need to do the work with the help of an application that is easy to utilize and gives you access to collect data from authentic sources, this app would be your best deal.

Authentic Sources

As the application allows you to gather data from public sources, there is no possibility that the information you are getting with the help of CocoFinder is false. There is zero % possibility of the wrong information as the data is drawn from 100% safe and authentic sources.

Drawing Detailed Information

Using CocoFinder, you can get to know and everything about the person you need to look for. You can get to know their name, phone numbers, present and previous address, email address, vehicle number if they have any criminal charge in the past, and many more. There is nothing that this tool doesn’t help you in revealing.

It doesn’t matter how much information you already have on the person; within a few clicks, you will find everything about the person you are looking for. You just need to add the info you already have in the search bar and leave the rest of the work on the app to deal with.

2). Instant Checkmate

This is another fantastic reverse phone lookup that you can trust and draw information; try to draw information that you need to know about. This tool is made by professionals and has a dynamic user interface that allows you to use a phone lookup search within seconds and give you the information you are looking for.

You can access the website from any device such as a PC, tablet, or smartphone. This tool was made in the year 2010, and since then, this was being used by millions of users. The thing that appeals to most people about this device is the high-quality performance and its features that you will not find in most phone reverse apps.

3). TruthFinder

With the help of this service, you will draw information by making a few clicks. The application is easy to use and does not ask you to execute any complex commands to run the app. The best thing about this tool is that the information you gain through this one is highly authentic.

There is no need to be worried about the authenticity of the data you draw through this device. You can use the main features for a while, but later, to enjoy the full perks, you are supposed to pay for the subscription that doesn’t cost you much.

4). TruePeopleSearch

If your primary concern is to go for something that allows you to look up for someone you need to know about entirely free, then TruePeopleSearch is the app to go for. This application is what you should try as it doesn’t cost you anything, so no harm in using this reverse phone lookup service.

This is not a new application that you can not trust and available in the market for a long time. Go for it and check out what this application has for you to offer and decide on your own whether or not you need this app to try out?

5). SpyDialer

SpyDialer is known as one of the more reputable free phone number lookup services around the world. It came to the surface through media channels such as Fox News, Men’s Journal, and Wiki How. It was created by a famous private investigator and writer named Griffin W.

With SpyDialer, users can make at least reverse phone number searches in a day for free. It assists all US-based numbers, fixed and mobile. They give you information about the person’s name, their details, and their pictures. You can use it easily as it doesn’t require you to do anything complex.


We hope this article will be sufficient for you to get to know and everything about the reverse phone lookup. If you didn’t use such a service before today, we can assure you that you would like to try one out for sure. There are many people to whom you know about as they are new or seem suspicious to you; if that’s the case, pick one of the mentioned applications from the list above.

Please choose your favorite and go for it without wasting any more of your time in search of the right reverse phone lookup service. Could you share your feedback with us? We will like to know about your experience with your chosen app.


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