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Top 7 Key Benefits of Using Microsoft Office for Business


In today’s modern world, almost every business needs a computer system to manage their data. When it comes to improving the productivity and efficiency of a business, Microsoft’s Office is there for you. In this article, we have listed down the key benefits of using Microsoft Office. Follow the list to know about how you can get benefits in business through Microsoft Office.

Advantages of using Microsoft Office

  • Compatibility

Microsoft Office package is available in different editions for different types of users. The Office 2016 Professional edition includes the essential MS Office applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, and many others more.

All of these applications are compatible with Windows and Mac PC systems. Besides this, the same applications are now compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.

Moreover, the Office Applications are available to use online with their web-based versions. You can open their web-portal, login to the platform with the credentials to start using them.

  • Suitability

The Microsoft Office 2016 Professional edition and the normal edition are suitable for all types of businesses. No matter whether you run a small enterprise or a big business with multiple PC systems, you can use the Office 2016 Professional Plus edition to manage big enterprises

Over 20% of the world’s users are using Microsoft Office applications for different tasks. Since the same applications are now available to use on Mobile devices, more and more users are using these applications now.

  1. Easy to Use

Each application of Microsoft Office comes with an easy-to-use user interface. The applications are compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS platforms. Besides this, the same applications are available with their web-based versions.

The standard and essential features of these applications are easy-to-ease. With little instructions and knowledge, these applications improve the productivity of the business.

  1. Availability

The Office Applications are now backed by the cloud. This means you can store your data on these applications over the cloud. When you use the web-based versions or mobile apps of these devices, you can keep the data stored over the cloud.

The stored data i.e. files and documents created on these applications can be accessed from anywhere. Since the applications are compatible with your mobile phones and computer systems, all the documents and files will be synced automatically.

The synced files can be shared, edited, or deleted by the users by login into their accounts using the required login credentials. You should remember the username and password of your MS Office Account to access them on different platforms.

  1. Better Security

The updated MS Office Applications come with two-factor authentication security. You don’t need to worry about the important files and documents stored on these apps. With this security feature, only the authorized users can have access to your files and documents.

If an irrelevant or any type of security threat occur, the login process will be stopped automatically. You will be asked to authorize your account by asking a few questions. Only then you will be allowed to proceed further and access the data and files stored in your MS Office Applications.

  1. Flexibility

MS Office Applications are easily available and compatible with all types of Computer Systems and Mobile Devices. Unlike other software, using MS Office Applications give you more flexibility at work. You can edit, share, copy, paste things easily.

The applications save your work over the cloud. You don’t have to worry about data loss as everything will be stored in real-time. You can also have access to the same file from your mobile device as the apps syncs their data automatically.

  1. Technical Support

Once you subscribe to the professional edition of MS Office, you will get all the premium services of MS Office for free. Technical support is one of the best services offered by Microsoft to MS Office Professional users. They have a team of highly professional technical experts who will be always there to help you with your queries and questions.

Whenever you have a query or have something to resolve, you can reach out to the team for a quick solution. This technical support team is there to improve your productivity level.


These are the advantages of using Microsoft Office Applications. If you are a casual user, then you should go with the free edition or the web-based version of the MS Office. For professional use, the Professional and Enterprise editions of MS Office are available.

Microsoft has a number of different editions of the MS Office Package designed for casual users, small businesses, and big enterprises. You can explore the available editions and can choose the suitable one as per your needs. You should check out the list of what’s included in the edition before you subscribe for it or buy it from the store.


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