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Which Sport Is Better to Bet On: Good Tips for Beginners on What to Bet On


Every Beginner Bettor Needs to Know: What Is the Best Sport to Bet On?

How many sports are represented in betting shops? About 30. So it is not surprising that when a person decides to engage in betting, his eyes are simply confused. It’s not hard to imagine how he must feel when, for example, he chooses a betting company 22Bet, which a friend advised him about, downloads the official 22Bet mobile app, opens it, registers, and then stoops. After all, there are so many variants on what to bet, so many different sports and events.


Today we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of popular sports. And do not be afraid, there is nothing complicated. The main thing is to understand.

1. Soccer

The most popular sport in bookmakers. Bettors necessarily bet on soccer, even if they do not understand anything. Number one sport in the world. No platform works without it.


  • A wide range of coverage (a large number of types of bets). Even the clubs with the lowest popularity give 100 – 200 bets to customers.
  • Soccer lasts ALL YEARS! Players will always find a convenient option.
  • There are a lot of predictions and analyses of soccer matches on the Internet.
  • Insider information, statistics appear regularly (bettors study many indicators, make conclusions, make bets).

The disadvantage of soccer is its popularity. Bookmakers have learned to carefully analyze teams and matches. It is difficult for players to beat the algorithm.

How to Bet?

Try to learn how to predict tournaments and clubs with low popularity, where bookmakers can wrongly set odds.

Learn to identify the top leagues with the GREATEST profitable options. Players often bet on soccer with the certainty of winning but miss the details (end up losing). You need to find such variants and make bets against them. This will allow you to earn more.

  • Bet on long-term tournaments. For example the European Championship. First, the selection is formed, then the final part. It is unreal to keep track of everything. The bookmaker will make mistakes, and the bettor’s task is to find and earn from them.

2. Hockey

Russia and North America are the main holders of the sport of hockey. In Europe, it develops less intensively, there are no big names there. Bettors appreciate hockey for its high performance, which means bookmakers and players are roughly on equal footing (but BK is always ahead, remember that!).

If the client understands the sport and follows the news of the clubs, he can win. It is important to work with statistics.


  • Results of the matches. Even specialists find it difficult to calculate correctly with a high degree of probability. Hence, hockey is a nice opportunity even for beginners, but… if you don’t understand ANYTHING about this sport, it is better to choose another one. No one has ever managed to make money in a bookmaker’s office on intuition.
  • In hockey, you can find big odds on games with resounding victories much more often, and such results happen more often. For professional bettors, it is a gold mine. For beginners, it is a difficult sport for understanding and analysis.

The Disadvantages

  • All events are over in the summer. Clients have almost no choice for betting. Betting on unknown tournaments, money is often lost because of the lack of basic knowledge, opponents, and thorough analysis.

3. Basketball

The sport began to develop not only in the United States but also in Europe. As a result, bookmakers have improved the spread, increased quotations.


  • Basketball is a paradise for live betting. Large volumes of bets are made just in play. It is difficult to analyze, but professionals are able to beat the algorithm of the BK, having made a lot of money.
  • Club and athlete statistics are freely available. Bookmakers themselves offer a section of statistics for a close examination of the event. This increases the chances of players’ success.
  • A lot of predictions appear in the free access. With the growing popularity of sports, the volume of bets grows.


  • There are no basketball matches in the summer (only European, not very popular clubs start or end the season).
  • Bookmakers have NOT learned to thoroughly analyze basketball, like soccer and hockey. As a result, margins are inflated (commission for each bet). Players have to give 6-8% for each bet. With long-term play, a substantial amount is accumulated.

4. Cybersports

The popularity of cybersports disciplines is growing daily. Games take a large share of the market. Events are sponsored by famous investors. Bookmakers have seen a growing trend and already offer a large number of events for betting.

5. Tennis

Bookmakers are painting tennis thoroughly and competently. Experts are sure that this sport is one of the top three popular sports. Is it so? It has enough advantages.

  • There are a lot of games and tournaments throughout the year. Either the final part of the qualifying part.
  • Bookies often put high odds in the hope of a large volume of bets. It is better to analyze less popular games, where the algorithm can make a mistake.
  • Bookmakers often conduct online betting, offering to bet in play. Tennis is one of the sports where live betting can exceed pre-match.
  • A lot of free predictions, statistics in the public domain.
  • Experienced bettors do NOT recommend choosing tennis due to the high probability of unpredictability. Everything depends on just two athletes. Someone got injured, someone underestimated the opponent – there are many factors.


What is the best sport to bet on? It is difficult to say. There are pros and cons everywhere. We can say one thing: the main thing is to understand, analyze the events, NOT try to guess and bet only if the sport is close.


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