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Bitcoin show a huge growth after the crash


However, at the end of 2013, the government banned Bitcoin investment, and the Bitcoin market price suddenly cooled and entered a slump. It remained below $1,000 until 2015. Then, the upward trend that continues from the second half of 2015 to the present begins.

Against the background are other countries. After 15 years, the purchase of bitcoin to transfer capital to overseas, bypassing the regulations of the authorities began. In addition, in the other countries market, a listed exchange fund ETF incorporating Bitcoin is released. In United, the environment for bitcoin investment was rapidly set up outside other countries in 2017, such as when the government enacted the revised fund settlement law in April.

Still, the Bitcoin market is quite volatile.

Most recently, the Bitcoin split on August shocked the market. As a result, while the existing Bitcoin survived, a new currency called Bitcoin Cash was born, but in the middle of July when the division problem surfaced, the price of Bitcoin was 1 Bitcoin. The price is around 250,000 yen. In mid June of last month, many individual investors had a cold sweat, with the price surpassing 300,000 yen and renewing the record high at that time, leading to a sharp drop of about 16% in one month. However, it calmed down thereafter, surpassing the level of 400,000 yen per bitcoin on August and 500,000 yen per bitcoin on August 30. It has been maintaining the second Bitcoin market since 2013. Use software like the Bit Trader website.

In conclusion, some people predict that 1 bitcoin will exceed 10 million yen, while others will predict it to be 0 yen. It is predicted that it will exceed 10 million yen a researcher at Harvard University. This is how he looks. The evolution of technology has so far been riding on Moore’s Law. It is a rule of thumb in the semiconductor industry that the integration rate of semiconductors will double in one and a half years, and the computing power of computers and artificial intelligence has grown according to this law.

That is why the bitcoin market created by technology also develops according to this iron rule, claiming that it will be 100,000 dollars per bitcoin in 21 years. In addition, a president of a major IT information technology company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which was interviewed in early September, said, In early September other countries had a sudden drop due to regulations, but the rate of decline was limited. It looks rather solid, he said. Personally, you are buying more bit coins in the downtrend; he said that value of Bitcoin will be lost.

In addition, the Bitcoin market’s soaring price was worse than the tulip bubble, as compared to the tulip bubble that occurred in the 17th-century other countries. A Bank of other countries OB who is familiar with virtual currencies also analyzed this to the author. Bitcoin is, after all, a stateless currency that does not have a central bank to issue it, so there is no institution to support its value. Therefore, giant companies with strong assets spread virtual currencies that guarantee their own value. If you can, Bitcoin will be less competitive and worthless.

However, even with such a negative view, it is also true that the Bitcoin price is not zero. Bitcoin can be easily and cheaply remitted overseas on the Internet. For this reason, many foreign people have used it when they want to transfer assets to foreign countries. The government is working hard on the internationalization, but ironically, the Chinese do not trust the renminbi themselves, so use Bitcoin, which is not controlled by any government. You are escaping money abroad. It’s always a toy game with government regulations and the wisdom of the people.

Most recently, the People’s Bank of foreign countries announced on September 4 that New Coin Opening ICO, a new financing method using virtual currency, is illegal. This regulation is also seen as a measure to prevent assets from escaping overseas, but the Bitcoin exchange rate has dropped sharply by 43% in 12 days after the announcement after receiving this announcement.

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