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The 5 best organic ways to get more likes on TikTok.


Whether you are planning to become a famous TikToker or just post for fun, likes are an ultimate indicator of your success. Although there are lots of ways to grow your auditorium and get thousands of likes under every post, the organic following remains the most legitimate way to establish your Tik Tok account and benefit from it in the future. Let`s go through the most efficient ways to attract organic likes on TikTok and evaluate your profile.

Create an attractive personality

Yes, a brushed-up profile with a certain color scheme and atmosphere is important when you want to attract organic followers and likes on Tiktok. But it is important to understand what kind of information you reveal about yourself. Be careful not to blab-out too much but still make sure to have a comprehensive profile. Remember, people like profiles that speak to them. If they associate themselves with a person they see, they will like, follow, and share.

Avoid lip-synch videos

Those were a trend when TikTok just started but nowadays people are simply tired of those typecast posts. So if you see a lip-synch video on Tik Tok with thousands of likes, something smells fishy here. To stand out from the crowd make sure to create original content. You may start with re-inventing relevant trends and then naturally come to your fresh ideas.

It is a two-way street

Engagement is very important when you want to attract organic likes on Tik Tok. Remember that you are not the only one who is trying to build a popular profile and together with other users it will be much easier to succeed. So don`t forget to like and comment with others, follow and share cute profiles and videos and you will see how your profile will start growing naturally. Also, engagement is a huge segment of the TikTok algorithm, therefore participating in there are profiles will raise your chances for exposure and gaining more likes of TikTok.

Talk to people

Once you start getting followers, remember to communicate with them regularly. When people see that you are an open and responsive person, they follow and recommend you more willingly. Eventually, you get more likes on TikTok thanks to their effort. So don`t forget to respond to comments under your posts and like other users back.

Know what you are doing

The principle is simple – people will like it when they like it. So when you are good at what you are doing, you will get likes. If your message is clear and speaks to people – they will like. Make sure you don`t just shoot random clips with no sense and purpose, and you will get real organic likes and followers that will lead your account to a well-deserved success.

Bonus tip: Keep it real

computerAs social networks grow and become a serious enterprise, there appeared lots of apps and websites offering you to buy likes and followers. Although those offers might seem quite tempting, especially for new users, you should treat them very carefully. Eventually, those numbers don`t mean anything if people who have once liked you never get involved again. To become a real Tik Tok influencer it is important to understand that those are real people and their attitude that lead you to success. Make sure to get involved, take your communication seriously, and create for your followers the certain environment and image that they came for. Only keeping your act real and responsive will eventually help you create content that will attract numerous organic likes on TikTok and take you from a zero to a TikTok hero.

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