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How to Print Facebook Messages on MAC with Ease?


Facebook is undoubtedly the world’s best social networking platform with over 2.5 Billion monthly active users. Facebook is like a different world for many users as they spend most of their times on this platform. Facebook’s Messenger app is also used by all Facebook users. With Facebook Messenger app, one can easily make voice calls and video calls. This article explains how to print Facebook Messages on Mac with ease. If you are wondering about downloading Facebook Messages, just follow this guide now!

There comes a time when you need to copy, save or transfer Facebook Messages or we can say the Chats that you have made in the past. Once saved, you can delete the existing Chat history from the Messenger app. The stored or saved or Printed Facebook Messages will be there as it is. You can take a backup of your Facebook’s Messages anytime you want with just a few clicks.

Thankfully, we have many tools available for both, PC and Mac systems. The lightweight tools let you login to your Facebook Account and save or Print Facebook Messages on Mac easily. You can also share a particular chat history to someone directly from the tool with the quick-share button.

A reliable Facebook Messages Transfer tool helps you to transfer and save your Facebook Messages. The tool is designed to work on Mac systems; however, you can also download the Windows version of the same tool. Before we jump on to the main guidelines, let’s check out some of the key features of this tool first.

Key Features of Backuptrans Facebook Tool

Quick Transfer

The software is designed to Transfer Facebook Messages and Chat History from your iPhone or Android device to a Mac system.

Extracting Messages

The extract feature lets you easily extract and save messages on your Mac system. You don’t need to use any other external tool or extension for that. This feature extract Facebook messages instantly from Facebook app.

Download Media Files

The same software allows users to download all types of media files shared within the Facebook Messenger app. You can download photos, videos, links, docs and all the other file types using this tool.

Quick Search

The tool has a quick search option that lets you easily search for the right recipient from the Chat History. You would be provided with a list of the names from which you can easily find out the desired chat.

Print Messages with Conversation

The tool is highly recommended to those who want to keep the Prints of their Facebook Chat Messages. The app lets them quickly print out the conversation using the connected Printer.

Multi-device Support

The tool supports all types of Android and iOS devices. Make sure that you connect the device with the original data cable. If you use a third-party data cable, then your device may not be recognized by the software. For better results, make sure to use the original data cable.

How does the BackupTrans Software Work on Mac?

BackupTrans Software is specifically designed for Windows Operating System. However, the same software’s Mac version is also now available to use on a Mac system. To do so, you need to first download the Setup file of this software from its official website. Click the Mac version of it and then download the Setup file of BackupTrans Software.

Now, double click on to the Setup file and follow the on-page instructions to install it on your Mac system. If your Mac system doesn’t allow the software to work, you need to follow the on-page instructions to do so.

After that, try to connect your iOS or Android device to your Mac system using a data cable. Once the device is connected, the software will show you with a prompted message. After that, the device will start taking backup. You can sync it with your iTunes software. Once done, you will be able to fetch the Facebook Messages from this software by using the given tools.

There’s a quick Print option also given for printing out the Facebook Conversation directly from the attached printer or you can save and send that conversation copy to anyone you want with quick share option.


Backuptrans Facebook is the most reliable software for Mac systems to Print Facebook Messages. What makes this software so much popular in the market is it is compatible with all the PC systems and Mobile platforms. You can easily connect your Android or iOS device to take backup and save Facebook Messages of the preferred chat.

The same software lets you extract, delete, share and print conversations with just one click. The free version is available for trying out the tools and functions of the software. You should give it a try now!

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