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7 Best Tools For Real Estate Marketing


7 Best Tools For Real Estate Marketing

Long gone are the days when cold calling and direct mailers were the way to market in the real estate industry. The ones who want to stay in the game have to apply innovative methods for real estate marketing.

It’s not that phone messages and postcards for marketing have become extinct, but using modern technology for marketing is the inevitable way to compete with other realtors.

As a real estate agent, you need to supplement traditional marketing strategies with digital solutions proactively. With the current social distancing scenario, facing home buyers’ daunting tasks nowadays has become more virtual than ever.

One of the critical ways of real estate marketing currently is by implementing the latest technology.

Many marketing tools exist nowadays that it can get challenging and confusing to choose the right ones for your use.

To help you with our real estate marketing tips, we bring forth a list of the best tools you can utilize to target your real estate prospects. Know more about them.

Tools for Real Estate Marketing


If you are looking for something fast, then Videolicious should be your go-to choice.

Its on-the-go video-editing features will give you the upper edge against real estate competitors. You need to add your video footage with audio and let Videolicious handle the magic for you.

You can use this tool to customize the essential details of the neighborhood or property using your smartphone and create beautiful transition scenes instantly.

It can significantly help real estate agents who do not have time to sit for hours editing videos for campaigns. The simple modes this software offers are great if you are looking for quick marketing content.

Utilizing the live audio features to lure your audience is quite impressive when you use this fantastic application, especially for social media feeds.

That’s why you might also want to try out the best online Instagram video editor. Click here to know more.


An effective marketing tactic is to empathize with your viewers. Magisto uses that strategy through its emotional sense technology.

This application intends to bring out an emotional response from the audience, making them feel relatable to the video ad.

Not many video marketing tools are capable of doing this. That’s why Magisto rules the crowd with its unique concept.

You gather images and short clips and upload them all to the software. Then, decide the emotional tone to be used for the video.

And, Magisto’s algorithm will compose and render the video for your real estate project. Magisto is perfect if you want to tell a story through your content.


If you have thousands of contacts that need your prompt newsletters, promotional emails, and other important notifications, MailChimp is the right tool for you.

Most realtors find this tool as an excellent timesaver. Not to mention, the free version still gets the work done.

The software even integrates social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, if you choose the paid version. But, it is worth it if you want to split up and manage your contact lists separately for optimized interaction with your potential leads.


If your real estate marketing involves using a lot of Facebook advertising, then Hootsuite is an easy tool that helps you manage your social media accounts.

Regular posting on such platforms is simplified when you use this tool to post your real estate content regularly. Hootsuite will even let you schedule your posts so you can target your audience at specific times of the day.


Rocketium serves as a simple and effective video marketing platform that focuses on the vital aspect of selling. This software offers a plethora of stock images to create spellbinding content for real estate or any other advertising video creation.

Besides their stock content, you can add your video footage to enhance the video, thus making it customer-centric.

An intriguing feature that Rocketium offers is the ability to create templates from your custom videos. That way, you can always add new footage to the template video you made, thus considerably minimizing the effort.

You do have limited usage with this application if you use the free version. But, it is still worth trying because of the platform’s unique real estate video footage collection that will save you loads of editing time.


You do not have to go through daunting training lessons for creating real estate marketing videos on this platform.

Animoto gives access to a plethora of Getty images, templates, and royalty-free audio files to implement in your marketing content.

Your real estate services can get to a whole new level with this marketing tool. After a few demos, you familiarize yourself with the way Animoto’s editor screen works.

Thus, you get to customize your content for luring customers, and that too affordably. You can even use a free version if you are willing to keep their company logo on the video screen.

However, their application is quite affordable, so getting full rights to create animations is a better way of investing in campaigns.


Covideo is another advertising tool that strategizes your marketing campaigns through the power of videos. Creating videos using this software shows your passion and expertise more vividly.

Plus, the informative videos created using Covideo let them grasp more information rather than relying on plain text. Covideo offers multiple tools to provide flexibility, including a Chrome extension, screen capture, mobile app, and desktop application.

Such versatility always keeps you connected with your customers, as you adapt to the multiple modes this software offers for creating on-the-go marketing content. Covideo also ensures to provide full support to its customers by providing regular tech support.

Another critical feature to consider about this application is that you can synchronize it with other marketing platforms like MailChimp to create a powerful content marketing campaign for attracting potential leads.

Have you started using real estate video marketing yet?

To ensure the best results for your real estate marketing campaigns, you have to rely on modern tools.

Just by looking at the properties or neighborhoods’ video, most real estate sales are half-complete.

Utilize the software that fits your realtor style and inspire your audience with your creativity.

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