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VPN.Surf Offers Best Personal And Business VPN Service


VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it plays a crucial in modern internet times because of the restrictions imposed by the governments around the world. Millions of content and apps are restricted in many parts of the world. VPN allows the users to unblock the restricted websites & content and it is an effective solution available in the market today.

What is VPN.SURF?

VPN SURF is a Virtual Private Network service provider, who is aiming to provide security, high-quality servers, privacy, and locations to customers around the world. Now, we are going to look at VPN SURF features and what the company is offering on the table.

1. Security

Several government administrations around the world are taking action against users for accessing banned or blocked content. As a paying customer, we wanted to be protected by the VPN provider and it’s the company policy that will protect us later down the line.

a) The company collects personal data like email addresses, contact, name, and payment details.

b) Your data will be deleted after the cancellation of the service from the database.

c) VPN SURF is based in Lithuania, Europe.

d) The country has applied for GDPR policy and the Data Protection Law came to force on 16 July 2018.

e) The company has implemented IKEv2 256-bit AES encryption to secure the connection and keep you anonymous during the usage.

Overall, we have nothing as you have standard 256-bit AES encryption & your data is protected by European Union Data Law Protection.

2. Locations

We all have movies, shows, classical music in our bucket list to watch or listen to, but they are restricted in other countries. Many websites have restricted the service using geo-location applications, so you cannot watch that movie, show, video clip at home. VPN server locations allow the users to change the original IP address to a selected country & location IP address.

VPN SURF has covered Asian, European, Western countries like Singapore, Romania (Bucharest), UK (London), Germany (Frankfurt), Netherlands (Amsterdam), France, Denmark (Copenhagen), Canada (Montreal), USA, Austria (Vienna), and Australia (Sydney).

The team added many USA servers in different locations like New York, Chicago, San Jose, and Los Angles. You can select from 11 countries with 28 physical active servers are online in 28 locations.

3. Apps

We are happy that VPN SURF developed & released compatible & stable apps for many platforms like Android and iOS smartphones. You don’t have to look for an alternative for the PC version as you got dedicated programs for Windows, macOS, and Linux-based machines.

We are happy about the cross-platform support as we are highly active on Android, Windows, and Linux machines. You can run multiple devices using one account and it supports up to 3 devices simultaneously. The VPN provider doesn’t limit the speed on the machines, so you can surf as it has unlimited bandwidth & data.

4. Free VPN

We have to thank the Lithuania-based VPN provider for adding a free plan in the package. Yes, you have to create a free account to try the free plan and access 11 available locations. We have checked out the page and found out that you can access USA servers like New York, Chicago, San Jose, and Los Angles.

The free plan has limitations, so they can encourage the freebies to subscribe to the premium plan. The limitation in the package is data per day and if you exceed the data, then it will stop working. In short, there is a limit on per day VPN usage and we express gratitude to the company for allowing the users to test premium servers in the free plan.

5. Unblock sites & remain anonymous

The true concept behind VPN is anonymity & unblock restricted websites around the world. Turn on the VPN & select one location, and visit your favorite websites.

There is a physical server located in the selected country, and it will connect the physical server, and your original IP address will be replaced with a VPN server. You will remain anonymous & no one can track you back, while you can enjoy restricted sites & blocked content.

Try VPN.SURF now

Bottom Line

VPN SURF is a premium VPN service provider, who are offering good security, servers, EU Data Protection Laws, and it comes at an affordable price. There are two packages offered by the company 1) VPN ($5 per month) and 2) Business VPN ($15 per month). Let us know what do you think about VPN SURF in the comment section below.

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