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How Email Verification Works And Why It Is Important


Everyone who has to work in email marketing will affirm it’s a real headache to deal with email verification. If it’s not clear for you why it’s so hard and at the same time so important to carry out an email verification, we explain how it works in the following article. But before that, let’s recollect how email marketing works.

How Email Marketing Works

It all starts quite simple. Using blog content, social networks, and other opt-in goodies, you attract hundreds of people on your mailing list. Once done, you start sending them email newsletters with various content yet the same purpose – keep them as customers or readers depending on the type of your occupation.

As time passes, you notice not all your letters are delivered. Around 48% of global mail is generally marked as junk on an annual basis. So that you don’t suffer from this, you should make sure you verify email addresses regularly.

What Is Email Verification?

The act of verifying that a certain email address is valid and belongs to a real person is addressed to an Email Verification in email marketing. It aims to make sure that the marketer’s email newsletters will reach out to real people who can interact with the company.
As a rule, every year, email lists degrade by 22.5%. This means that the mentioned percentage of your subscribers will not be valid in a year. By sending them your email content, you face the following problems:

  • the bounce rate of your brand falls;
  • your newsletters don’t reach to valid customers;
  • you get poor rates of email deliverability and opening since your messages go straight to the junk folder.

How Email Verification Works

Depending on the email checker (such as https://truemail.io/), the ways, as well as steps of verifying email may differ. However, we have schemed out the basic model of how the process is carried out.

  1. The service identifies any possible problems or issues unless they’re caught by ESPs or ISPs. This process resembles spell checking when you’re to hand in an essay. It includes searching for spam and traps in your mailing list. You can do it manually, but a specialized service will detect any spam addresses right on the spot.
  2. Now it’s time to verify the domain. After checking the DNS records, an email verifying service detects whether the domain name is correct and whether the server can receive emails or not.
  3. The standard final step of email verification involves individual mailbox validation. In this phase, the service uses the SMTP protocol to check if the given email address is valid and capable of receiving newsletters.

As a rule, this whole process is carried out in seconds if you’ve applied to a detected service. Otherwise, a manual check can take up hours and even days (depends on how large the mailing list is).

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