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Dedicated Server Hosting At Affordable Price From 1Gbits.com


High-quality servers are everywhere in the world, but if you are looking for a good server for your business, then it’s going to be a challenging hunt. We search, read, find, and explore different options, whereas, it is a difficult process to find an ideal solution for the business. But, we are going to save your time, and introduce you to 1Gbits.

What is 1Gbits?

1Gbits is a Lithuanian-based hosting company that offers hosting servers, and more. 1Gbits is around for a long time offering a wide range of services and products to global customers. The services are designed to fill the business people’s requirements and give them the maximum benefits of modern technology. We are going to look at 1Gbits features, services, and products, and that will help you to give it a shot.

1. Cheap Dedicated Server

You can run your website or web application on a dedicated server that won’t break your bank vault. The combination of world-class servers, specifications, 99% uptime and responsive servers change the landscape of the business. Spend $77/$83 per month, and your project will run on Core i3 (3rd gen) or i7 (2nd gen) processor, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB SATA HDD, or 80 GB SSD with 1 physical IP address. In short, you can host your project on a cheap dedicated server and never have to worry about performance.

2. VMware Servers

If you are a professional administrator, then you are aware of the server system requirements for the project. You don’t need a powerful server, and you would want to save on hosting service by offering what you want for the process. VMware servers allow you to customize Processor count, RAM, HDD, or SSD, and operating system. VMware or virtualization brings ultimate control over the server and saves you plenty of money later down the line.

3. Server List (Price Included)

We loved the straightforward approach of the company and you can choose the hardware + server location. We appreciate the company for adding Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 as a base variant that is backed by 8 GB DDR RAM and 1x 1TB SATA or 1x120GB SSD for just $86 per month. Remember, 10TB bandwidth & 1Gbps speed is the default number on every package. You can run modern customized AAA title servers like CS:GO, and GTA 5 for Role Play.

4. Server Locations

1Gbits established data centers on 3 different continents and covered 15 countries. You have 20 world-class data centers in place, and subscribe to access the high-quality servers around the world. Choose the closest server for 99% uptime and low-latency experience.

5. Multiple OS Support

It is good to know that 1Gbits is offering a wide range of server operating system options and you can host your project as per the requirements. You got Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and FreeBSD. Many believe that the Linux environment is suitable for professional businesspeople, who are looking for cheaper infrastructure and security. Overall, you have many options here and run your website/server smoothly.

6. VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server is a next-gen technology that is changing the landscape of the business. You have an opportunity to subscribe to VPS web hosting that has 1-Core CPU, 512 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD, and you have the flexibility to choose any operating system from the list above. All of this Linux based VPS hosting is for $15 per month.

Fortunately, you can select the same package with the same specifications with Windows VPS hosting for $15 per month. Overall, you are saving a lot of money and time from VPS based hosting packages.

7. Remote desktop (RDP)

1Gbits remote desktop (RDP) service runs on the Windows Server operating system and the existing packages allow you to select the specifications. The robust technology brings performance, 99% uptime, and supports that we need to run the business smoothly. By spending $15 every month, you get Intel Xeon E5-2620, 64 GB RAM, 50 GB HDD, Windows Server 2012 R2, etc. Overall, it is a decent package for $15 and runs your remote desktop (RDP) service smoothly.

Bottom Line

Customers can contact the support team by calling the dedicated phone line, dedicated email address, and live chat on the site. You got plenty of ways to communicate with the support team, who are available 24/7 at your service. Let us know what do you think about 1Gbits in the comment section below.

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