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Best Managed Cloud SSD Shared Hosting For Websites And CMS Like WordPress


Choosing an ideal web hosting company for the upcoming project is a complicated process. Customers have to consider plenty of aspects in mind before purchasing an account. One Google search will only create complications, and the well-known brands charge aggressively. Unfortunately, the well-known brand is expensive for the majority of the users, and it does break the bank vault.

What is HostArmada?

HostArmada is a web hosting company that aims to offer low-cost solutions to customers. The company is taking the business model to new heights that will never allow you to leave the platform. The brand has covered different regions by offering a wide range of products and packages to the customers. We are going to look at the number of features, services, and free-goodies added in the Cloud SSD Shared Hosting package.

1. Cloud SSD Technology & uptime

In SEO, there are two things considered important aspects when buying a hosting account. You will always hear “speed” & “uptime” and the budget doesn’t matter at this point. Experts in the field consider mentioned aspects crucial because it plays a major role in rankings. Host Armada is offering Cloud SSD & 99.99% uptime, and what does it mean for you?

SSD (Solid State Drive): SSD is a successor of traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive). We added SSD in our gaming rigs and purchases laptops that have SSD technology because it has 300 MB – 3 GB per second Read/Write speed.

Your website will load much faster and respond to the visitor’s command faster. Search Engines care about loading speed, and that’s why you have Google mentioning the results time.

99% Uptime: Google & other Search Engines get 1 billion requests every day, and your server uptime & response time is important. Your visitor or customer can search for your business anytime, and your website should be active and ready anytime.

Host Armada combination of SSD + 99% uptime ensures it.

2. Tight Website Security

Host Armada implemented AI-based Security technology in the servers to ensure that nobody is penetrating the walls. Of course, the site administrators have to follow the rules to ensure that they are getting attacked because of the security loopholes in the website files.

The industry-standard AI-based security layers will protect your account from privacy invaders, hackers, and brute attacks. Customers are protected all-time, and it will keep your website secure and safe from invasions.

3. Specifications

Host Armada mentioned “Cloud,” and you have the right to know about specifications. Customers should know what hardware they need to maintain the website and fulfill the requirements. If you choose a lower package for a high traffic website, then it will crash the site.

Let us look at the entry-level package, which comes for $2.99 per month. You can host one website in the entry-level package, or choose a higher package to host multiple sites.

CPU: 2-Cores.

RAM: 2 GB.

SSD Storage: 15 GB.

Bandwidth: Unmetered.

Customers can host a website that receives 10,000 unique visitors from around the world. Readers can upgrade the package anytime by contacting the team and ask them to improve. We insist readers with the customer support team for further information.

4. cPanel Control Panel

Millions of customers around the world use to pay many software companies to manage the site because it had a lot of manual work. The manual work requires coding knowledge, and that’s not the case with cPanel. Customers can manage the site without prior experience in coding or technical field. cPanel is a popular choice of experts, and digital marketing business people around the world because it is easy, and works flawlessly.

5. Free Website Migration Service

Existing websites don’t need to pay additional money on migration service and ask the Host Armada team to do it. Yes, you can request the company to move the site under the “free migration” policy. Customers don’t have to worry about losing site files, and ensures that there are no loopholes. Contact the customer support team for several site migration limits.

6. 45 Days Money-back Guarantee

Subscription is a powerful business model for companies as you have to pay upfront for the services. If you don’t like the services, then you cannot ask for a refund, and that’s a major rule. Host Armada is taking a daring challenge, where you get a 45-days money-back guarantee. The official team will not ask a single question to cancel the package and initiate a refund. There’s no “Cancellation Fees” involved in the policy, so you are getting 100% investment back to your pockets.

7. Customer Care Support

Are you choosing a web hosting package, but skeptical about it?

Host Armada has a dedicated 24/7 support team that speaks the English language.

You can contact the team via Phone, Ticket, Chat, and Email. HA claims that they have the fastest & responsive team that rivals with well-known brands in the industry.

Check out Host Armada

Bottom Line

Host Armada is a rising challenger in the web hosting industry and offering strong packages to the customers. You got three “Managed Cloud SSD Shared Hosting” packages that include Start Dock ($2.99), Web Warp ($3.89), and Speed Reaper ($5.39) per month.


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