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SPanel: The Best cPanel Alternative Review


Scala Hosting created a familiar Spanel which is an all-in-one web hosting platform for web developers and designers. The reason why it is called as an all-in-one web hosting platform is it lets you take full control of your website without using external third-party tools. You can manage your servers, can take backup etc. The same platform is very secured to keep your website’s data safe and secured.

Scala Hosting is one of the best hosting providers in the market as it offers a variety of hosting services for all types of users. You can use Spanel of Scala Hosting by opting for their Cloud Hosting Service. In the coming months, more and more hosting providers will join SPanel for seamless website management.

Why should I use SPanel?

The first question that may arise in your mind while buying a new hosting provider is what benefits will I get? To know about the benefits or we can say the advantages of using SPanel, here we have compiled a list of all the key features that you might want to know.

CPanel Compatibility

SPanel is an alternative to the standard cPanel. The best part about the SPanel is it is compatible with cPanel. You can send your data from cPanel to Spanel to take full control of it. You can also switch from cPanel to SPanel with absolutely no hassle. It is more familiar and you will have better control over your data.

WordPress Manager

It comes with a built-in WordPress Manager which is essential for those who want to launch a new WordPress website. It lets you easily create a brand-new WordPress website with built-in tools and templates. You can create and launch a new WordPress website within a few minutes. You can also enable the useful security features along with the standard auto-update feature to keep your site up to date with the latest WordPress updates.

Advanced SShield Security

The hosting comes with an advanced SShield Security Guard that monitors your data 24/7. The security guard blocks up to 99.998% attacks from the web and keeps your website’s data safe. In case of hack or attack, you will receive instant notification to alert you.


All the servers data will be backed up regularly by the built-in Backup tool of SPanel. The backup tool is for free and you don’t need to buy an external backup tool for that. The backup tool makes working with files easier. You are allowed to restore the backed up files individually through easy access to the databases.

Lightspeed Integration

The server integrates with lightspeed to improve the overall speed of your websites. You can make use of this built-in lightspeed integration to make your website run faster. You can also make use of other tools to improve the speed of your website. However, with SPanel, the Lightspeed tool is given.

Free of cost

SPanel is free of cost as it comes with SPanel VPS. When you get the VPS service from Scala Hosting, you can start using it for free. You can also use it as an alternative to cPanel with the current servers.

User Interface

It serves an easy-to-use user interface with a user-friendly Dashboard featuring all the icons of the tools. No matter whether you are an expert user or a newbie, you can easily get started with the SPanel’s interface.

You will be taught about how to use it with on-screen instructions. So there’s no need to be an expert here.

The interface includes various sections of Email, Databases, Settings, Domains, Files and Tools. Each section contains different tools which can be used easily by the user as per his needs.

The updated version of SPanel provides quick access to the Control Panel from the main Dashboard. The control panel is there to manage the hosting related tasks within the SPanel’s interface.

The Bottom Line

The SPanel is undoubtedly the best alternative to cPanel which is more powerful and reliable. It packs with a set of advanced features and tools which you can use to enhance your productivity.

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