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GetInsta Review–An app to get free and real Instagram followers


It’s not easy to increase followers on Instagram until or unless you produce great content. The competition has increased drastically over the years, and ranking one post on Instagram is a competitive task. The popularity of the application encouraged social media experts to create a wide-range of solutions to increase followers on Facebook-owned Instagram.

What is GetInsta?

GetInsta is a popular social media service that increases free Instagram followers. The platform created Android, iOS, and Windows application that lets users create a free account, and follow other accounts. In exchange, you are going to receive followers from genuine users on Instagram, and you have to connect your account to the application.

Free Followers

The application is based on real-life users on the popular social media platform, and you can get free Instagram followers from real users. You have to download the app or PC program and create a new account, and then get started. The concept is simple, you follow other accounts, and others will follow you back instantly. In this case, you won’t miss out on one single follower, if you followed someone, then someone will follow you back. Overall, it’s a win-win situation for both users.

No Fake Followers

Every social media platform is plagued by fake profiles and fake following. Multi-billion companies have setup artificial intelligence in place to detect spam and remove them immediately. Your profile could land in the red flag zone due to mass fake following, and it is a common procedure nowadays. Your account might get banned or limited by the social media website and this is why users must avoid the fake following. In this case, the Instagram followers app is utilized by real-life people and your followers are active and genuine. Every user that follows you is registered people, who have an account on Instagram.

Unlimited & Free

GetInsta sounds fabulous in every way, and that’s suspicious for skeptical people. Let’s understand GetInsta more simply, so you don’t have lingering doubts around it. The team added “Free” stuff in the package, so you don’t have spent a dime in the process. The official strategy team wants you to come back, so they are offering Gold Coins, every time you return and use it to increase followers instantly. You can earn Gold Coins by repeating the process, and keep coming back for more. Overall, you are not spending a single dime to increase followers, and getting what you want.

Safe & Secure

GetInsta requires you to log in to the Instagram account within the application and that could bring your attention to Privacy Policy, and security. The team promises to protect your privacy, and never put your identity at risk.

I conducted a Virus Total security scan, and I did not find a single threat.


Earn Gold Coins to increase followers, but you can also pay to increase followers. Overall, the monetization strategy is for those, who can pay for the service, and don’t want to invest time in the process.

A new user welcomed with 800 Gold Coins, and you can use it to get 10 followers instantly.

By spending $5.99, you can get 50 followers and +50 likes as a gift. The cost of $5.99 is equivalent to 7500 coins.

By spending $9.99, you can get 100 followers and +100 likes as a gift. The cost of $9.99 is equivalent to 14000 coins.

By spending $35.99, you can get 500 followers and +500 likes as a gift. The cost of $35.99 is equivalent to 65000 coins.

By spending $59.99, you can get 100 followers and +1000 likes as a gift. The cost of $59.99 is equivalent to 120000 coins.

How to use GetInsta?

Download Windows, iOS, and Android app from the official website.

Step 1: Create a new account.

Step 2: Add your Instagram account and then click on “Add” continue.

Step 3: Log in to your Instagram account.

Step 4: Now, click on “Like” to get 30 Gold Coins.

Repeat the same process to earn Gold Coins, and spend the funds to gain more followers.

Bottom Line

GetInsta is an interesting service for users, who are looking to increase engagement in the profile for likes and followers. You can earn coins or spend capital to increase engagement on your profile. Let us know what do you think about GetInsta in the comment section below.


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