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What is CSGO FAMAS Skins?


In the world of modern entertainment video games have played a major role in attracting the generation Y. some of the most popular video games of this century have made a deep impact on the job world as developing games has been a very popular profession for many of the people. It doesn’t require you to go for a traditional 9 to 5 office or so. You can put all your imagination and creativity into it and can make it customized as you want. The video games have brought the young generation in such a phase that they have taken gaming as their profession. Like the physical sports events, there are some World Series competitions of these video games too where the winners get huge prize money.

Basically, the Counter Strike is a video game that can be played by more than one player at a time. This is a war game where the player has to fight with some terrorists who are having the intention to execute some terrorist activities like bombing, assassination or making hostages. Here you have to play the role of a counter-terrorist whose function will be to make the plans of the terrorists dysfunctional.

Development and the First Release

The Counter Strike was first launched in 1999 on Windows with the same name. A very popular game named Half-Life was modified by Gooseman and Cliffe and then the intellectual property right was taken by Valve. Soon after that in 2004, the developers decided to make a series of the game Counter Strike and that was the Condition Zero version of Counter Strike. It was made in the studios of Turtle Rock. The tradition of development of the game was started and in November of the very year, Counter Strike Source was revealed by Valve. This was the first game that ran on the newly created Source Engine by Valve. The fourth generation of the Counter Strike series was named as the Global Offensive series of Counter Strike. This was released in 2012 by Valve and it is capable to run on PlayStation 3, OS X, Xbox 360 and Linux also. The company who helped Valve to develop the new game was also involved in the release of Counter Strike: Source.

Some more on Counter Strike: Global Offensive

This multiplayer video game is a first-person shooter game and the Linux version of this game came in 2014. There are two teams in this game one of which is of the terrorists and the other is of the anti-terrorists. The terrorists are always trying to make some disturbances in the city whereas the anti-terrorist group is assigned with a task to eliminate the source of disturbances. The tasks are time-bound and have to be completed within a specific time. Generally, the terrorists plant disturbances like planting a bomb or taking hostages. These are done as per the difficulty level or mode of the game. The task for the counter-terrorists is to prevent the hostages from being killed or to defuse the bombs. The game is developed with nine-game modes which are even harder than one another chronologically. You can play the game with the matchmaking support which is exclusively available on the dedicated Valve servers. Since the developers are always trying to incorporate new things in the games, the lastly added feature is the Battle-Royale Game Mode with “Danger Zone”.

What is FAMAS?

FAMAS is the abbreviation of the name of an assault rifle from the weapon factor of Saint-Étienne. This is basically a bullpup style rifle that was designed in France and was manufactured by the MAS which is also located in Saint-Étienne, France. Actually, this rifle is a valued member of the Nexter Group which is a group with special influence from the French Government. This is also used as the service rifle of the French military forces. In the French Military troop, this FAMAS Skins rifle is known as the Bugle as it has got a very distinct shape and it is capable of fire at a speed of 1100 rounds of bullets in just one minute.

History and Capability of the FAMAS Skins

Though the use of FAMAS Skins has become famous in the last decade in the video game, the real use was started far before it. These types of special bullpup rifles were developed in the year 1946 in the AME and MAS. Both these are famous for the manufacturing of deadly fire weapons. From the time of the first Indo-China war, France got engaged in it and they started developing these types of deadly weapons to get a very distinctive place in the force of NATO.

The Project to manufacture the FAMAS rifle was initiated in the year 1967 and in the year 1971, the first prototypes were brought in front of the audience. It was given to the French Military forces to taste the usefulness in the year 1972. In the battle of Kolwezi, the French government felt the need for modern weapons on an emergency basis and thus they pressurized to make more of such types of rifles. In the year of 1978, the FAMAS rifle was accepted by the French Military forces as their standard rifle.

Types of FAMAS

From the introduction of the FAMAS rifles, there were several attempts to make it more efficient and thus many varieties of this rifle were brought in front. Since the inception of the FAMAS rifles, the MAS rifles were replaced by them. The FAMAS F1 rifle became one of the deadliest fire weapons as it overcame several difficulties. But since the development works were going on, there came the FAMAS G2 rifles which proved to be more efficient than the FAMAS F1 series. The second variety was introduced in the year 1994 and it satisfied the NATO standards. After the G2 Series, the FAMAS came with FAMAS Infantry which is said to be an improved version of the FAMAS F1. This rifle is featured with mounting Combat optics. The feature which is most notable is reflex sights with 4 times zooming capacity.

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