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Eco Cat App Review: Online Catalytic Converter


Ecotrade Group has been a leader since last 15 years in scarp catalytic converter industry. The company is the leading authorized purchaser of scrap catalytic converter. They have built a huge catalogue of 20000+ items using a big database of knowledge and the item count is on an increase, each day. Eco Cat app can be downloaded at no cost from Google PlayStore. You only need to pay for the in-app purchases you make.

About Eco Cat App

If you are looking for an online catalytic converter price book with pictures, Eco Cat App is the application to look for. You can get a clear insight on the value of your spent catalytic converters either by catalytic converter manufacturer or your car brand. Ecotrade is the forefront of catalytic converter recycling industry. It provides its users with the most comprehensive and complete catalytic converter catalog prices. These prices are updated three times in a day reflecting the market prices.

Ecotrade has invested in cutting-edge technology so much that it is designed in the conjunction with laboratory analysis. It precisely measures to an extreme high level of accuracy, the metal content in a single used catalytic converter. The custom designed fully equipped labs are capable of efficiently carrying out the materials analysis using different methods including the X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing.

Also, the relationship of buyers and sellers is fundamentally unbalanced in most of the scrap catalytic converter transactions. The buyers have more powers as compared to the sellers. It means that selling the used catalysts can be an unpleasant process for the sellers.

Ecotrade Group levels the playing field by providing swift and easy scarp cat appraisals that quickly let the sellers know if they are getting a fair deal or not. This also improves the sellers’ negotiation.

Ecotrade’s conscientious and experienced purchasers can visit your premises for assessing and sorting the worth of your material if you are looking to sell catalytic converter. Eco Cat App lets you buy or sell the scrap catalytic converters hassle-free.

The Setup

All you have to do is download and install Eco Cat app on your smartphone and register to this application using your email or Google/Facebook id.

Once you are into the app, tap on ‘Brands’ option and select the preferred brand.

You will be able to see a number of brands listed in the app. Select the one and then scroll through the list of catalytic converters you want to buy/sell.

Once you are done with the selection process, you can tap on the ‘Sell’ button.

Now, you need to select the shipping method (‘Collection’ for selling) along with the payment method.

Before you tap on ‘Submit Cart’ button, you will have to verify your details.

Ecotrade agents will get in touch with you shortly after you have submitted your cart.

Over to You

Eco Cat App lets you gain access to more than 20000 catalytic converter codes along with their prices and photos. The users looking to buy/sell get homogenous and transparent information about the scrap catalytic converter components having the most comprehensive catalytic identification ever made. The best part is that the application gets updated each day providing you the best metal exchange market prices. You can compare the catalytic converters here. Try buying/selling the scrap catalytic converters from this app at really stunning prices.


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  1. Alan February 18, 2022

    Hi I have registered with eco trade
    I would like to sell some catalytic convertors was wondering if there was fees for a agent to collect them ??


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