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RitaVPN Best VPN For Windows, Mac, Android, iOS With Netflix Support


It is important for every web user to get a reliable VPN provider from the market. Virtual Private Network has become a necessity in today’s modern world as it comes with a lot of benefits. If you are searching for an affordable and reliable VPN provider, then RitaVPN should be your choice. The following review part of RitaVPN will give you all the information that you might want to know about. Let’s get on to the details now!

RitaVPN: Overview

RitaVPN is relatively a new entry in the VPN industry. However, it has gained massive popularity in the world with its fast, secure and reliable service at reasonable rates. Unlike other VPN providers, it provides super-efficient services to make your web activities more secured and the data of your system safe from the web attacks.


RitaVPN is an all-in-one Virtual Private Network provider which is widely available for all the PC and mobile platforms. The service is available to access from your Windows and Mac PC systems as well as for Android and iOS mobile platforms. You can get the best of services to multiple platforms using the same login credentials. It supports multi-devices.

RitaVPN Detailed Review

Being the latest entry in the market, RitaVPN has managed to attract new users with its excellent performance and innovative features. Let’s check out the key features of this VPN provider in detail.

Ease of Use

Just like every other VPN provider in the market, using this VPN service is pretty simple and straightforward. The service is available to use on multiple platforms and you can have the same user interface on all the platforms. The home screen will show you different useful options to choose the right server.

Security and Privacy with No-logs

The most crucial part of the VPN is it must provide top-notch security to your PC system and Internet activities. RitaVPN uses OpenVPN Protocol with AES 256-bit key encryption, 2048-bit RSA authentication and 160-bit SHA1 hash algorithm.

This VPN provider uses its own high-level encryption technology which encrypts your data through a tunnel. It comes with an advanced kill switch feature to keep your system’s identity hidden even if the connection between the VPN server and your system get lost. It is also backed by DNS Protection to protect your online activities.

Speed and Performance

In our speed-test, this VPN has scored 6 out of 10 which is still a good number compared to other providers. However, there are many other VPN providers which are available with faster speed and great performance. With RitaVPN, you can expect moderate speed with uninterrupted connectivity.

Online Streaming

One of the most common reasons behind using the VPN service is to unblock the geo-restricted websites. Many popular online streaming providers offer their services for specific regions. They produce original contents for a particular country. With the use of this VPN provider, you can unblock the geo-restriction from such websites and can start surfing all the contents from the different streaming platforms.

This VPN works well with popular online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and many other more. You just need to switch your server and that’s how you can start streaming the geo-restricted contents.

Customer Support

RitaVPN provides excellent service to all its customers. There are many ways with which you can reach out to this company to avail their services and to resolve the issues you face while using their services.

You can visit the Help Center page to contact their customer care service. You can also make use of its live chat feature given on their website. Alternatively, you can compose an email with your query to receive a satisfactory help within 48 hours.

How does RitaVPN Work?

Using this VPN service is very easy as it serves a simple user-interface with common features and functions. Once you get the RitaVPN app installed on your PC or Smartphone, you just need to launch it by selecting its icon.

The first page will show you the list of services you will get from this VPN. You can select the Free Trial button to test out the service. The next page will ask you to sign up or login or to use the service as a guest. Select an appropriate option to start using this VPN.

On the home-page, you will see a big connect button in the middle of the screen with the drop-down menu. Select the drop down menu see the number of servers. You just need to select a suitable region from the available options. Once done, tap on to Connect button.

Since you are changing the network connection of your system, you would be asked whether to allow the app to switch your network settings or not. Click Allow button when prompted on your device.

The connection between the new server and your system or device will be established. You will see the connection time on the home page. To disconnect from the server, just click the big button from the home-page.

Is RitaVPN Affordable?

The only reason behind this VPN’s popularity in such a short period of time is its pricing. The service is quite affordable and they offer the cheapest plans along with some promotional offer with heavy discounts on their premium plans.

They have four different plans available, depending on your basic needs, you can go with a suitable plan to avail their services. They have a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans which are enlisted below:

With its free trial version, new users will get 6 hours of free access to RitaVPN’s full network service. You can still use this free version by seeing advertisements while using this service.


RitaVPN is the most reliable and affordable VPN provider in the market. It serves a user-friendly interface and packs with all the good features with top-notch security. The service supports up to four devices simultaneously and lets you use it on different platforms.

It’s a good choice for those who love to watch movies, tv shows and all the other videos online. Go ahead, try out its free edition and then choose the suitable premium plan as per your needs. Give it a try now!



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