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Spyier Review: Best iPhone Spy App You Can Try


When iPhones came, they changed how we view smartphones. They were highly secure, and they also looked great. Modern phones have even gone ahead to copy their design after the recent releases.

Nobody ever thought a time would come when they would become vulnerable. You need the right spying software though, to spy on an iPhone. Many have tried using all the apps they have seen on ads and via the search engines.

However, you get other demands that make spying either impossible or not right.

Spying applications have required jailbreaking among other initial procedures before installation. So, where do we get an app that will spy on iPhones without demanding much? Here is one that you can try indeed.

Part 1: Spyier iPhone Spy Solution

When spying, you need to hide your intentions and visibility no matter what you are using. That is where an app like Spyier comes in to save you. Millions of users have already used it in more than 190 countries.

It’s also not a wonder to find it featured in major news outlets such as CNET and The Verge. That means it has something to offer in the spying world that most apps in the same niche don’t.


When spying on targeted iPhones, you don’t need any downloading, jailbreaking, or installation. Spyier uses the target’s iCloud ID to get all the phone’s details and reveal them in your online account.

That is why it’s the preferred ninja by parents and employers who want to spy without getting noticed. So, since it does not need most of what you expect from a spying app, how does it work?

First, it has the cutting edge technologies that can spy on iPhone’s data without demanding a jailbreak. So, the phone will remain as it was before, during and after its setup. Second, you need to get the targeted iPhone’s Apple ID for Spyier to work.

Once you have that, the only part waiting for completion is the registration and iCloud credentials verification. All the data the target phone has will be available on your dashboard. It has more than 30 features on it. We will highlight some of them in the next section.

The control panel works with all browsers. That implies you can use any device to log in and view as long as you have an internet connection. After acquiring Spyier, here is what it will reveal about the culprit’s phone.

Part 2: Spyier iPhone Spying Features

  • A user-friendly dashboard with all the specifications and the phone’s summary
  • See all the contacts saved on the phone
  • All the calls, whether missed, received or outgoing
  • All the sent received and deleted iMessages
  • Real-time pin-point location and history of all the previously visited places
  • Geofencing which also alerts you when the target goes to the marked zones
  • Social media activities in WhatsApp
  • All the installed third-party applications. This is where you can see most of the social apps installed
  • Calendar information and all the saved notes
  • Browsing history
  • All the saved photos and videos

For more information about the Spyier iPhone spy app features, take a look at the main website. There, you will also see the demo page that shows you how it works. Now, here are the steps you need to start using Spyier on the targeted iPhone.

NB: Spyier also works on iPads too.

Part 3: How to Spy on iPhones Using Spyier Solution


  1. The targeted iPhone’s iCloud login details. It should have iOS version 7.0 or above
  2. A working email address
  3. Proper internet connection

Steps to Start Spying

Step 1: Visit Spyier website and register an account using your email address and a password. Next, select the Apple icon to continue to the available plans.

https://spyier.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/spyier-sign-up.pngStep 2: Choose the best spying plan for your objectives and proceed to make the payment. You will later see a confirmation email with the login details, set up guidelines and a receipt.

Step 3: After the email, login to your account and verify the iCloud credentials. Next, select the iPhone being used and wait for the Spyier and iCloud synchronization.

https://spyier.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/spyier-verify-icloud-id-guide.pngStep 4: Once syncing is complete, you will see the dashboard with all the features we have talked about. Click on each of the elements on the left menu to see what Spyier has managed to fetch.

https://i.loli.net/2020/01/16/NQkpDgqO8En2Vwy.jpgPart 4: Why Should You Use Spyier to Spy on iPhones?

Here is what makes Spyier the app you will want to try out before the rest:

  • It will take you less than 5 minutes to set it up.
  • It does not require any jailbreaking, downloading or installation. The iCloud credentials are enough to spy on the targeted iPhone
  • Since it uses the iCloud, Spyier becomes completely undetectable. Its icon or anything related to Spyier will not appear on the culprit’s iPhone
  • You get real-time results everywhere you go. They are all available online in your account
  • Spyier does not drain the battery when syncing with the iCloud
  • You can uninstall it remotely via your account
  • Spyier does not store the data you get in its cloud. It only uses it to sync and reveal it to you. Therefore, the hackers and support team will not see what you get once they try to access the app’s cloud


You have probably tried other spying apps too before getting to this blog. Did they work like how we have described Spyier? If not, then I know how you feel. You don’t feel like trying anything else being advertised.

On the other hand, here is Spyier and we will urge you to try it out. If it doesn’t work like the explanation above, then hit us with a comment below. We are sure that the only thing you will have as feedback is how glad you are.

Thank you for reading. Now, the only thing remaining is for you to visit the Spyier website and register an account there.


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