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How to Receive Fax to Google Gmail for Free?


Google fax services are affordable and efficient to send and receive faxes. Remember, there is no direct faxing service from Google. You will need a third-party fax service to translate your fax communications.

For individuals and small businesses, online fax services are reliable and cost-effective. These services allow you to enjoy the unique benefits of faxes. Remember, faxes can’t work on the internet because these are two different platforms.

Faxes work on the analog platform, and the internet is a digital platform. An online fax service provider can become a translator between these platforms. It is an easy way to decrease the need for fax machines and associated accessories. Here are some excellent options to receive fax to Google Gmail for free.

CocoFax: Recommended Fax Services

For free Google fax online, CocoFax can be the best translator. To receive and send a fax through a Gmail account, you will need a third party service. CocoFax can facilitate transmitting faxes from email clients and allow you to receive faxes to an email client.

https://googlefaxfree.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/cocofax-homepage.png CocoFax is a trustworthy online fax service offering a variety of fax solutions. Faxing through an email account is an essential feature of this fax service provider. The features and excellent facilities make it a reliable choice for numerous businesses. For businesses and freelancers, it can be a reliable service.

https://googlefaxfree.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/cocofax-other-features.png Keep it in mind that CocoFax gets recognition from numerous famous names, including Forbes, Mac World, 9to5Mac, Business Insider, etc. You can’t go wrong with CocoFax because it has millions of satisfied users all over the world.

How CocoFax works?

CocoFax can work with your Gmail account to send and receive faxes. You will need a fax number to manage your faxes. At the time of sign up, you will get a free fax number. Feel free to use an app or use a browser to send and receive faxes. CocoFax will not ask for a Gmail password or private information.

Once you sign up with a Gmail account, you have to use this similar ID to receive your faxes in the inbox. When you get a fax on your CocoFax’s free fax number, CocoFax will receive and translate it into a PDF document. This document will be forwarded an email address.

You will get an email notification and open your account to get details of the sender. Moreover, the actual fax document is available as PDF documents. Remember, you can’t receive fax in your Gmail account without CocoFax.

Set up a Gmail Account

If you want to use a Gmail account to receive and send faxes, you have to connect your account with CocoFax. Follow these critical steps:

Step 01: Register for CocoFax and get a free trial for 30 days. CocoFax will give a trial period of 30 days along with a free fax number. Remember, 30 days are enough to evaluate their services.


Step 02: Select your fax number without paying even a penny. If you are using CocoFax, there is no need to worry about hidden charges. A toll-free fax number is available for the users.

Step 03: Link a Gmail ID with CocoFax to send and receive an email. You will be able to use a registered email ID for your fax communications. Make sure to connect your ID to a CocoFax account.

https://cocofax.com/images/send-fax-from-gmail-with-cocofax.pngStep 04: Provide essential account details for a personalized experience. After filling critical details, you can send and receive faxes on this Gmail ID.

Step 05: After completing the registration process, you can send a fax through a Gmail account. Now you are ready to send and receive faxes through CocoFax. Feel free to use any device, such as a phone or a computer. A single fax number and an account will help you to manage your fax communications.

If you want to change your email address, feel free to link different Gmail addresses with CocoFax. You can use your Yahoo mail or other email clients.

CocoFax will decrease your dependence on fax machines. It will help you to avoid unnecessary expenses of hardware, paper, toner and a fax machine. You can turn your smart devices into virtual fax machines. CocoFax offers encrypted fax services to protect your sensitive documents.


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