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Spyse: Must have Tool for Pen-Testers and White-Hat Hackers


Penetration testing, commonly known as Pen-testing is a method to find out weaknesses of software systems in terms of security. Most of the security organizations have white-hat hackers employed to test the network, software or website security. Even though the companies know that they cannot make every system, software, network, or website 100% secure, they still make use of penetration testing tool to find out the glitches and fix them at the earliest before any hacker tries to exploit those weaknesses.

One of the penetration testing tool that can come to rescue of pen-testers and white-hat hackers is Spyse. Let’s explore it and learn a bit more about it.

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About Spyse

Spyse is a group of professionals that are working towards a common goal of developing innovative technologies that can help in improving the safety of the internet. They created their service to transform the internet data into understandable and accessible datasets, making it available for the technical specialists.

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Spyse’s working algorithm is pretty simple, it scans through the internet with a certain frequency and collects the most relevant information using OSINT. The custom-made algorithms come handy when it comes to extracting the data. After this, it goes to the Spyse’s database and stored there. Users can get instant results without dealing with the time-consuming scans each time they need to find something.

It also provide a simple customer API that gives an opportunity to download all the results at a go. The best part is that it is cheaper than most of the tools available in the market. Besides service for pentesters Spyse have one more cool thing.

ParseIP: Advanced Netstat Parser

This netstat parser grants the information on networks through parsing texts for the complete details of network statistics. You can use it to find the necessary data within minutes rather than wasting time in dealing with the lengthy statistics. It lets you parse any text/content and extract the data based on IPs and domains found, Alex rank, subdomains and AS number etc. The best part is that Netstat Parser is specifically designed to work with network statistics and observe relationships between the servers on convenient graphs.

How Netstat Parser can help Admins to Check Relationships?

It can help admins to check the relationship between internal server infrastructure and external servers. If you want to monitor networks and infrastructures and keep an eye on what’s new in the IT sphere, you need to have Netstat Parser. It can also show you the connections between servers on a convenient and practical graph. You can parse any text and receive the rich data including AS numbers, netstats, geolocations, ISP names and other required information on many domains and IPs from the logs.

Rich API Library

This network testing tool offers a rich set of data library and the API to it. The available APIs enable the users to get the desired data within minutes without much effort.

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Easy User Interface

No matter what you are looking for, you can find anything you want to aid your testing within minutes, be it the subdomains associated with the domain, DNS records, SSL certificates or anything else you want.

Here, I’m trying to find the subdomains associated with a specific domain name.

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Once you press the search button, you will get the results instantly after typing the domain name.

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The Bottom Line

Spyse is a handy tool for pen-testers, white-hat hackers and cybersecurity specialists. It is the latest search engine crafted for such professionals with a goal to protect people from potential threats by providing them with right security tools to their aid.


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