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PhoneRescue A new way to Remove iPhone Lock Screen Passcode


Apple introduced iTunes long back and they are known for controlling the environment making the device limited in several ways. Removing the lock screen passcode, Face ID and Touch ID is quite difficult, when you have forgotten. I didn’t have access to the Screen Timer password and I couldn’t reset the phone from the iPhone. The limitations aren’t ignorable anymore because they remind you of the limitations.

What is PhoneRescue?

iMobie is a software company located in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park and they released PhoneRescue software for the masses. The Chinese software company got exclusive solutions for iPad and iPhone device owners. I’m going to show you, how you can remove a lock screen password from iDevice using the program. I want to remind readers that this is a premium solution offering the “Free Download” option.

Note: Data missing is highly possible, so I recommend the readers to create a local backup or iCloud backup.

1. Remove Lock Screen

Do you an iPhone 6 or iOS 13 running device? None matters because PhoneRescue can remove lock screen passcode from all available Apple devices in the market. Allow me to explain it further, so you can comprehend it in a better way. Most of us add Face ID, Touch ID or lock screen password and we cannot remove the security lock without a proper backup plan. iMobie solution offers removal of the security lock from the device in a few moments.

Step 1: Connect the iPhone via the lightning port. Select “Device Rescuer” and then click on “Remove Lock Screen Passcode” and then click on -> arrow to proceed further.

Step 2: Understand what PhoneRescue trying to inform the customer and then click on “ok, I already know” and then click on -> arrow.

Step 3: The process will begin and allow the program to start removing the password of the lock screen.

Do not unplug the device or turn off the Windows or macOS machine. Of course, turning off won’t harm the phone physically but it can add a serious impact on software. You could lose data during the process, so I recommend backing up the data.

2. Recover Screen Time and Restrictions Passcode

Earlier, I mentioned missing the Screen Time password and I couldn’t reset the phone. Many of the readers don’t know that they cannot access the “reset” function due to the restriction password. I’m not even sure, why Apple introduced it in the first place. PhoneRescue offers Recover Screen Times Passcode feature.

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the computer via lightning port and select “Device Rescuer” in the program.

Step 2: Select “Recover Screen Time Passcode” and then click on -> button located right-side below.

Step 3: Understand the warnings and information PhoneRescue relaying to the user and then click on “ok, I already know” and then click on -> button located right-side below.

Step 4: Let the program conduct the research on the phone because it is trying to find the password in the roots.

Make sure to install the program on Windows or macOS machine that you are using to connect iTunes and before adding the restriction password. The password is available somewhere deep in the files, and the program conducting research in that particular area. Of course, the failure rate is higher, but it will bear fruits.

What’s more?

I may have given two features more priority here, but there is more to offer on the table.

1) Recover data from iCloud backup, Local backup and directly recover data from lost files or missing files.

2) Start upgrading the iOS version without errors.

3) Kick the phone out of the iTunes logo loop.

4) Remove the phone from “Recovery Mode” & “DFU mode” forcefully.

5) Phone not turning on, and it is called “Blue/White/Black screen of death” and PhoneRescue can solve it.

6) Start fixing iOS version using all-powerful tool PhoneRescue.

Chinese software companies are known for spreading Malware, Adware, Spyware, and others. I tested the program on Virus Total. I got a green light from Virus Total and you can check the results.

I also approached MalwareBytes for advanced threat detection and it displayed ZERO threats.

I’m 100% confident that you aren’t installing malware or online threat on your computer and risking privacy. I recommend conducting your own tests as well and I would love to know the feedback in the comment section below.

Bottom Line

I’m reminding the readers to create a backup of personal files because you may lose personal data while removing passwords, repairing iOS, etc. By spending $49.99, you are adding a one-year license to the cart. You can add lifetime license for $59.99 for one computer and it is a value for money offer. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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