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PinPointe A New Way Of Email Marketing | Review 2019


Some millennials claim that email marketing might seem dead in 2019, but the way users communicate and respond has changed. The email users are no longer naïve as they were in the past, and people understand the difference between SPAM and useful emails. Of course, authority blogs, websites, and services get more attention, but the creative approach is an important aspect as well.

What is Pinpointe?

PinPointe is a B2B email marketing and B2C email service provider. The professional team of PinPointe created a pattern and new marketing methods that assist the small companies to Global Enterprises to carry out email marketing campaigns. The inbuilt tools and elements will come in handy for Global Enterprises to lead innovative campaigns. If you are eager to know about the number of inbuilt tools, functions, and features, then follow the next paragraph.

Pinpointe Advanced Features

I will go through important features offered by the email service provider and explain what it means for a business.

1. Free Templates

The popular email service provider offers 1000+ free templates to start working on the project right off the bat. The official designers tested the templates for bugs, glitches, and errors, so the business people do not have to struggle with incompatibility. Of course, the template framework designed for the desktop environment and mobile browsers as well. The developers inspected the design and elements properly to maintain compatibility on smaller screens.

2. Scalable

The dashboard developed for start-up business to high-profile agencies, setting up a team on one account is no big deal. If your company responsible for multiple projects, then you can add multiple employees or team to a specific project. The number doesn’t matter in this case, as the PinPointee allows unlimited users addition in one project.

Subusers GUIDE

3. Inbuilt Analytics Tool

Strategic business people consider an analytical tool as a big YES! Because it provides them in-depth information about product performance, and avoid cash burning. The usage of capital improves significantly and all thanks go to analytical tools. PinPointe built-in analytical tool provides accurate results and information regarding the active campaign. I almost missed out Heat Maps from the conversation. Heat Maps is an advanced method to learn about the visitors/readers favorite sweet spot in the webpage and it provides in-depth analytical data on what people want.

4. Powerful Automation

Every customer is seeking for instant support and response, and it improves business relationship. PinPointe got automated emails, autoresponders, and trigger campaigns. After understanding the readers/customers, you can start sending automated emails and trigger emails depending on the customer’s behavior. The advanced built-in tool enables the strategic department to set-up automatic drip sequence for a specific customer.

5. Social Media Links

Many companies prefer bringing existing customers or recently signed up users on social media profiles. The strategic department can add shareable social media hyperlinks, and it will redirect to sharing on popular platforms such as FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

6. Royalty-Free Images

Every business nature is different and to explain the product, images play a crucial part in the process. The business people can start off with the 100+ templates, and replace the default images with royal free images. Campaigners can seamlessly change, replace, and playaround with a library of over 40,000 high-resolution images at your disposal.

The PinPointe offers 15-days of the trial period on Enterprise package, and start exploring the new email service provider for the next project.

How to Create an Email Template with PinPointe?

No one can daydream about the dashboard and the interface, so a quick demonstration will give you an idea about the controls, navigation, and options. I have already logged into the account, and you can sign up for a free new account from here.

Step 1: After logging into the account, click on “Email Campaigns” to view the drop-down menu. In the menu, select “New Campaign” to start the project.

Step 2: Select one editor and I prefer Drag & Drop feature and then click on get started.

Step 3: Select a template from the library, and give it a name, and then click on “Create.”

Step 4: The first impression might intimidate a newbie, but do not fear it because it takes half an hour to master the options and features.

Step 5: I made a few changes to the templates, I have selected for the tutorial, and I did not spend more than three minutes on it. You got the SAVE button located at the top menu, click on it to finish the changes.

Step 6: The newly created campaigns are located in the “View Email Campaigns” section.

Wasn’t that easy to set up a new campaign?

Bottom Line

PinPointe is not a free service, and the entry-level pack offers 5000 contacts, and 75000 emails at $49 per month, Of course, there are wide-range of scalable packages are available on the official site. Let us know what do you think about the PinPointe email service provider in the comment section below.

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