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DoYourData Super Eraser Review: Erase Data from Your Storage Effectively


Our hard drive contains a lot of useful data that can be easily traced back to us. This data might include access to your personal accounts, photos, passwords, personal and sensitive files and folders etc. If you don’t want other people to access your data or view your sensitive files on hard drive, then you must erase the data. The normal ‘Delete’ key only removes the pointers pointing to the data. This means that the data deleted can be recovered easily using any data recovery software without any effort.

However, there are times when you need to erase the data securely from your hard drive so that it can’t be recovered even after using the best data recovery software. DoYourData Super Eraser is one of the best software tools that can help you erase the data securely without leaving any traces behind.

DoYourData Super Eraser

Top Features of Super Eraser

This data erasure software is packed with some of the ultimate features. Some of these features are listed alongside.

  • Wipe Individual Files & Folders: You can quickly erase the selected files and folders with just a few clicks.
  • Pipe the Partitions and Drives: Apart from erasing the individual files and folders, you can make use of Super Eraser top wipe off the entire partition and hard drives. If you are selling, transferring, donating or throwing away your hard drive, ensure that all data has been wiped off properly.
  • Wipe Unused Free Space: Once you have deleted a bunch of data from your hard drive, you might look to wipe out the extra space that is not recoverable. . This tool makes it really easy to do.

Using Super Eraser Software:

While; working on datasets, you might have deleted some of the data that was unable to reach. You can easily wipe out or erase the free data that is not recoverable. It is easy with this software tool.

You can permanently shred your erase files from. The drive. The only thing you need to remember is click on ‘Activate’ button. You can enter the license code and them only click on internet to watch such stuff.

If you are not using the license code, the final code will be decided. This code can serve multiple purposes.

The user can easily wipe out the individual files and folders. partitions and hard drive’s data. The unused space wiped out accordingly.

The only option to wipe out the files can be clicking om “Erase files or ZFolders’ that are appearing on the left of the pain.

Folders” appearing on the left pane.

Once you have selected the files and folders, click on the left pane and then select the wiping algorithm under the ‘Set Eraser Method’ option. Once everything has been done, click on ‘Erase Now’ button.



Click on ‘Continue if you are taking glass. Now, click on ‘Complete’ button for completing the procedure


Super Eraser is a simple and no-nonsense software that enables you to quickly and securely erase any and all confidential data when you need to. If you are in need of deleting data beyond recovery, then do give the software a try.

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