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Best Dropbox Alternatives For Cloud Users


Nobody in the industry cannot deny that Dropbox offers flawless features and functions for today’s standard. However, the company is no longer flexible enough to provide new features and futuristic functions. The commercial product Dropbox cannot add a new function in a short period of time and it is limited in several aspects.

In such cases, the consumers or users left with two options!

  1. Stick with the Dropbox and wait for them to support a new device.
  2. Start looking for Dropbox alternatives.

A business person does not wait for anyone because they have a competition to fight on a daily basis. We are going to explore options that meet the Dropbox competition, and I will go through in-depth information.

What is pCloud?

pCloud is a cloud storage company similar to Dropbox and the innovation of the cloud storage describes pCloud. The cloud storage company designed the entire packages and features for the business people. One-time payment packages allow the new customers to start storing data online without worrying about monthly payments.

The number of features available in the pCloud company enables the customers to start storing files comfortably and is the best Dropbox alternatives. The management of the pCloud eliminated the concept of limitations through their lifetime solutions, and you cannot find such remarkable solutions.

pCloud Features:

What makes pCloud unique and different compared to others?

No one can derive it until or unless, we take an in-depth look at the number of functions and features. Now, I am going to list down important aspects of the cloud storage company, so you can make final decision.

Free Package & Smart-Sync:

You might be wondering about Dropbox free package, which makes popular cloud solution superior in several aspects. The free account gets the new customers 10GB of free storage with smart-sync on all devices.


I can find millions of people, who cannot afford expensive solutions and the official strategic team understands it. The packages were designed for Individuals on tight budget, small enterprises, and big brands in the market today. There are four packages available for the masses, 1) Premium 500 GB, 2) Premium Plus 2 TB, 3) Premium 500 GB (lifetime) and 4) Premium Plus 2 TB (lifetime). The base package of Premium 500 GB starts from $ 3.99 per month. The base package of Dropbox starts from $9.99 per month, and you don’t get any discounts as well.

Up to 2 TB Download Link Traffic:

Let us assume that you want to share a specific file to the public, and then you can create a temporary or permanent link. The masses can download it without getting an error of busy servers because you got 500 GB to 2 TB download link traffic.

30 Days Trash History:

Accidents can happen at any time and we often delete a file or a folder accidently. After a few days, we realize that a deleted is required for presentation. The panic moment begins and the cloud storage customers start to look for an alternative solution. However, it isn’t the case in pCloud because you can recover or restore 30-days old deleted files.


One account for all devices and it is a concept that started a trend around the world. You can download & start using pCloud on Android, iOS, Windows PC, macOS, Linux, Browser extension (Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera) and Lightroom plug-in. Name the device and machine, and pCloud delivers it.

The lifetime packages add greater value to the small enterprises because it eliminates annual cost and saves plenty of money.

How to use pCloud Drive?

I am not going to confuse the new customers with complicated instructions. In this small demonstration, I will lay down important points only and it will be a quick one.

Step 1: Sign up for a new pCloud account from the official or within the application.

Step 2: Download the application for Windows PC, Smartphones, Browser add-on, or Linux PC.

Step 3: The installation process does not require special instruction because the traditional wizard used in the process. In one instance, a small pop-up shows up for driver installation and then click on “Install.” EldoS System Devices is a driver that allows communication between computers to pCloud servers.

Step 4: I have used free account that provides 10GB storage, and you can create a new account for free.

Step 5: In Windows, Linux PC and macOS, you can a dedicated driver that resemblances Dropbox.

Step 6: Drop a file or a folder in the dedicated pCloud drive and it will be uploaded in the account.

Step 7: I have gone through the account using web browser, and you can find the uploaded file in it.

The entire uploading and download process doesn’t create complications because the official developers made it user-friendly for the new customers.

Bottom Line

pCloud offers 10GB cloud storage account for new users, so do not worry about using the latest edition of app or computer software. Let us know what do you think about best Dropbox alternatives in the comment section below.

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