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VideoProc Review: Best Video Editor to Cut, Merge, Process Videos


Video editing has become a day to day phenomenon for almost everyone these days. To edit videos you need not have the best of skills anymore to be a decent it video producer. Over the years there has been release of many video editing services that allow beginners to explore other options. VideoProc is an application that is meant for all kinds of video editing enthusiasts. It is an easy to use editing application that would allow you to cut, split, crop, merge and render high quality videos on your PC devices. The best part about VideoProc is that, it is one of the very few 4K editing softwares for both Mac as well as Windows devices.

VideoProc is a paid service but the developers i.e. Digiarty are hosting a generous giveaway which could allow you to get a free licence of the software. All you have to do is download the free trial from the following link and make your own account – https://www.videoproc.com/


Social media as well as entertainment business require you to have decent video editing in order to be successful as well as seen as someone attractive. Recently the demand has increased for the people over the year for an easy to understand and user friendly video editor. The VideoProc service would help you all out with just that. Using this application you can easily Cut out the unnecessary bit of a video, crop out unwanted people from the video frame, Merge many videos to create a Montage. Converting videos two different qualities and formats is also made easy with VideoProc service.


This video editor supports processing any types of videos and is especially skilled at editing 4K videos, large-sized videos and slow-motion videos from any devices, e.g. videos shot from

  • GoPro
  • Smartphones like iPhone and android
  • DJI
  • Camcorders
  • 4K DSLR and Mirrorless cameras


Most of the video editors that are available in the market it divide the load between the computer processor and the graphics card installed on your PC. For windows devices this usually lead to poor video editing results. With the help of VideoProc’s unique GPU accelerated editing, enthusiasts can make high quality videos in lesser time even with an average processor. The video acceleration is fully supported by major graphics card producers like AMD, Nvidia and Intel. With the help of full hardware acceleration video editing results can be 47 times faster and with better quality.


Before signing up for an account on video crop you should know the many advanced features that are offered by the application. Here they are –

  1. Multiple editing features that are offered by VideoProc are – cutting, cropping, merging etc.
  2. VideoProc is definitely for movie making us that also enables users to make their own subtitles for their videos.
  3. If you have accidentally flipped video then the video frock service can allow you to rotate the dimensions.
  4. Shaky videos are a nightmare, with the help of this editing service you can stabilize your footage. Especially useful for videos recorded in vehicles in rough terrains and camcorder videos.
  5. Videos taken in the night time can have lots of noise, the VideoProc service can easily removed any unwanted noise from the picture frames.
  6. Additional transcoding features are also available in the form of codec flexibility, changing formats of your videos as well as audio quality enhancements.
  7. 4K videos can be quite harsh on the hard drive. With the help of VideoProc you can easily compress your 4K videos to a smaller size without disturbing the quality.
  8. One can easily convert videos without audios to images in the .GIF format.
  9. With the help of the video editor one can easily convert 1080p/720p videos to 4K Ultra HD quality.
  10. Fixing fisheye errors due to lens distortion in action cams like GoPros has never been easier
  11. The VideoProc service is also capable of editing super slow mo videos because of its ability to work with multiple frame rates and bit rates. Ranging from 120 ftps/240 ftps.


The VideoProc service can also act as an external media downloading service. One can download videos as well as music ok from 1000+ global websites. Youtube playlists can also be downloaded in the form of batches.


One can easily record the screen of their Android, iOS and PC devices with the help of the VideoProc editor. This can be really useful for people who are look forward to whom producing tutorials and gameplays.


Users can easily take backup of the DVDs with the help of the VideoProc editor service. You can also re-format the DVDs and save the videos according to your own requirements. Once the video is extracted from the DVD you can easily save them in any file format.



Using the VideoProc editor is quite easy and today we are going to be having a look at the most basic editing type i.e. how to cut a video using VideoProc –

  1. Open up the video editing services of VideoProc.

  1. Drag and drop the video you want to cut of add it manually.

  1. Click on the cut button once the video has loaded.
  2. Select the desired time period that you want to cut from the video.

More details on the same can be found here by clicking this cut video guide.


To split a video follow the given below steps –

  1. Open up the video editing services on the app.
  2. Drag and drop the video you wish to split.
  3. Head over to the toolbox of the VideoProc editor.
  4. Select the split option.
  5. Now simply select the time at which used to split the video into 2 parts.
  6. This process can be also reputed to make multiple parts of a single video.

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