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Technological Enhancements that made Live Dealer Popular


In the past, gambling could only take place in the brick and mortar casinos. While these casinos are still there today and attract numerous gambling enthusiasts, they are quickly being overtaken by online casinos. Online casinos offer gamblers with more advantages than traditional casinos. The biggest advantage is that they offer players with the convenience to play in hundreds of casinos at the comfort of their homes or on their mobile phones, be it Apple or Android, iOS or Windows. But even with the convenience that online casinos offer, many gamblers enjoy the environment of a real-life casino. Live casinos bridge the gap between online and brick and motor casinos by creating the experience of being at an actual casino.

But do you ever wonder how live casinos manage to bring the action to you? What technologies do they use to make everything possible? You no longer have to visit Vegas to get a sense of the action. You can play anywhere it is legal, from the UK to Canada or, even New Zealand. Here is what you can expect when you play at a live casino:

Web Cameras

Cameras play an important role in delivering a live casino experience as they are used to capture all the action. Often, live casinos have three cameras to allow players to view the gameplay from varying angles.

Nowadays, Optical Camera Recognition software is being incorporated in the live casino business. The technology allows players to see all elements of the studio. It also features low latency programs that reduce interruptions from stay networks. Some of the leading game developers like Net Entertainment and Evolution Gaming have taken up the use of Optical Camera Recognition software technology. Evolution Gaming have even taken the technology to the next level with cameras capable of capturing the live casino action recorded at 200 frames per second.

Tables and Wheels

In most cases, live casinos are used to stream table games more than any other games. Therefore, casinos must have a table that corresponds to the game being played. A digital wheel is also a key component as it will be used in playing the roulette variations. The two are fitted with sensors and the corresponding interface of the gambling destination making sure that the results are converted into data for the gamers to see.

Dealer’s Monitor

Live casinos involve human dealers and thus the importance of having monitors. The monitors are put in place to assist the dealer know how many players are playing the game. It also allows them to view what content the players see on their screens. The monitor helps the dealer to know when to make a move when wagers need to be placed or to be closed.

A game Control Unit

A Game Control Unit functions like a computer program. When fed with video feeds from the web camera, it coverts it into data only understood by machines. It decodes this information and sends it to dealers and the players in an understandable manner.

A Human Dealer

The element of live casino is brought to life by human dealers. The use of real dealers boosts the feeling of being in a location-based casino as is the aim of these casinos. Through technology, all moves by the dealer can be tracked making sure that they are following the game rules. The cards dealt by the dealer are decoded into data by an Optical Character Recognition device which conveys the hands to gamers.

While the use of human dealers is common practice with many software providers, there are those that have managed to use automated dealers.

Other Technologies

While Monitors, Game Control Unit and Web cameras form an integral part in facilitating live casinos, there are other technologies that are equally important. Gamers would not play successfully if there are no servers and security systems in place. Most of the gambling sites have cloud-based servers used to temporarily store data as players play.

In addition to the servers, casinos use advanced security solutions that players remain safe as they play. Most cloud-based servers come with security protection, but additional security resources are used to ensure that the whole gaming network is secure.

Final Comments

Despite being a new venture, live casinos are quickly becoming popular among gamblers across the globe. Thanks to the advanced and innovative software providers involved in the gaming process, players can now see the dealing of the cards or the wheel spinning in real time. Gamers are also able to chat with other participants on the table giving them an authentic feeling.

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