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JD.com Recognizes Luxury as Integral Part of Fashion


The battle for control of the luxury brands market in China is heating up. With a new generation of young people who are interested in luxury brands, this is a field that is turning into a multi-billion dollar industry. At the top of this industry is JD.com, the largest retailer in China. This company has cutting edge technology that enhances better e-commerce solutions for marketing and logistics. The company is applying big data analysis, smart supply chain, and smarter logistics to meet the needs of smart consumption.

In recent years, JD has invested heavily in fashion after recognizing it as one of the fastest growing sectors going into the future. It has partnered with many high-end brands in the world to give the Chinese customers a wide variety of options to choose from. JD currently enjoys over 300 million active customers a good percentage of them now open to purchasing a luxury item. The partnerships between JD and other brands will facilitate the expansion of the fashion industry in China. Customers will have access to thousands of luxury items to choose from. Already, JD has entered into a partnership with Farfetch, whereby they have allowed them “level one” entry into the JD.com app. Through this step, JD’s customers can access over 3,000 luxury brands offered to by Farfetch. To have the upper hand in the luxury brands business, JD has established smart warehouses, as well as JD Luxury Express for deliveries.

In 2017, JD appointed Xia Ding as the president of international fashion. For over 20 years, she has been in the fashion industry working with some top brands in America. After completing his MBA at how Wake Frest University in North Carolina, he got an internship with HarnesBrands Inc. marking her entry into the fashion business. Through this organization, he managed to introduce Hernes and Champion brands in China. She has also worked with Nielsen, a market research company from where she understood how to derive important consumer data. At JD.com, Xia Ding is responsible for the fashion department. She has already made two initiatives that have seen JD climb to the top of e-commerce platforms that deals with luxury brands.

JD believes that luxury is an integral component of the fashion business. As the leading e-commerce and platform in China, it is working to deliver luxury brands into the Chinese market as well as offering customers a luxury shopping experience. They are also open to working with all luxury brands from all parts of the world. JD considers the collaboration with these high-end brands as part of becoming the best retailer platform in the world. In recent years, this platform has grown into a leading choice for many people buying the world’s high-end brands.

Since 2015, JingDong has been developing a drone program that allows them to deliver the products to the farthest and remote parts of China. Currently, they have the most advanced delivery and network in China and boasts of availing products within 24 hours of purchase.

Richard Liu, the founder and CEO of JD.com, is determined to make this platform the best in the world. Since starting in 2004, the company has been in a continuous path of growth and even becoming a publicly traded company in the United States. It is a NASDAQ 100 company and a Fortune 500 Global entity.

Recently in an interview at the World Economic Forum, Richard Liu revealed that since the day he created this company, his intention has always been to become the number one e-commerce business owner. Already, the company has initiated plans to expand to Southeast Asia where it has gained government approval to operate drone flights in Indonesia.

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